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How to Avoid Plagiarism
January 23, 2024
Author : Jeffery

Are you also stuck on how to avoid plagiarism while writing your assignments to get a high distinction score? If yes! Don't worry. You are on the right page.

Finding all the precise information you want to include in your assignment takes time and effort. Therefore, many rules and guidelines must be followed. Getting the right information from a source and integrating it into your work can be daunting. However, plagiarism is a serious crime, and the paper can be discarded. No one wants this to happen after hours of research, effort and work. 

Furthermore, plagiarism is the same as theft, without necessarily doing it with intent. Replicating someone's work without mentioning the credit can have disastrous consequences. Hence, there are several steps you can take to escape the problem. Once you understand the requirements to avoid plagiarism, you are more likely to implement the valuable steps that will help you prevent unwanted troubles. 

However, in this write-up, we will discuss the valuable steps for avoiding plagiarism while preparing your assignments. Keep reading till the end to get precise details.

What is Plagiarism?

As per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the act of plagiarising is described as:

"To cunningly appropriate and present (another's notions or expressions) as one's creation: employ (someone else's output) sans acknowledging the origin."

Incorporating the term "steal" in this delineation encompasses situations where one deliberately utilises another's concepts or words without giving due credit. Even the accidental adoption of someone else's ideas or phrasing without proper citation, stemming from negligence, falls within this classification, as it endeavours to deceptively "pass off" someone else's work as one's own.

However, you can also opt for assignment proofreading services to get the assistance of a professional eye on your assignment. Furthermore, in our digitally-driven society, the seemingly innocuous act of copy-and-paste may appear trivial, yet it carries weighty repercussions within scholarly and professional domains.

Why Should You Avoid Plagiarism?

At its essence, plagiarism stands as a moral dilemma. When a writer submits plagiarised content, they engage in stealing, aspiring to reap the rewards from this act of theft. Whether one is submitting a school assignment in pursuit of an "A" grade or functioning as a professional writer anticipating financial gain, it holds.

For a writer to avoid plagiarism is paramount as it risks one's ethical standing. Therefore, beyond risking the esteem of mentors and peers, it has the potential to forfeit valuable professional endorsements and hinder future career progress. If still in an educational setting, plagiarism might lead to the loss of financial aid or opportunities for leadership roles.

Furthermore, plagiarism strips credit or earnings from the original creator, escalating the risk of legal consequences should the source decide to take legal action against you.

Helpful Tips To Avoid Plagiarism While Preparing Assignments

Avoiding plagiarism is crucial when writing assignments. However, here are seven steps you can take to ensure you're producing original work.

1. Understanding What Constitutes Plagiarism

Plagiarism is more than just copying and pasting. Therefore, it's like claiming someone else's hard work or ideas as your own. If it is borrowing your friend's notes without giving them credit. It's important to know the rules – what's okay and what's not – according to your school or college. Likewise, knowing these guidelines will help you steer clear of unintentional slip-ups.

2. Taking Effective Notes

When researching, treat your notes like a professional assignment proofreading services expert. Make it crystal clear which thoughts are yours and which belong to others. If quoting directly from a source, put those words in quotation marks. For paraphrasing or summarising, jot down where you got the info. Organising your notes now will make writing later a breeze and keep you from accidentally using someone else's words without giving a nod to the source.

3. Citing Sources Properly

Citations might seem like a tedious detail, but they're like giving props to the people who influenced your work. Moreover, different subjects have different styles, like dressing for different occasions. Whether it's APA, MLA, or Harvard, follow the rules to avoid plagiarism. Likewise, drop in those in-text citations for quotes or paraphrases, and at the end, create a bibliography like a guest list for a party – everyone invited gets a mention.

4. Using Plagiarism Detection Tools

Think of these tools as your personal plagiarism detectives. Moreover, Turnitin and Grammarly are like your sidekicks, checking your work for any unintended similarities with the vast sea of academic content. Hence, run your assignment through them before the grand submission, and you'll have the chance to tweak things if any red flags pop up.

5. Managing Your Time Effectively

Procrastination – we've all been there. Therefore, it's like trying to bake a cake in 10 minutes. It won't turn out right. Break down your assignment into bite-sized tasks, like making a recipe for avoiding plagiarism. Starting early gives you room to ask for help and ensures you don't rush through. Also, it reduces the chances of accidentally borrowing too much from others.

6. Paraphrasing Effectively

Paraphrasing is like telling someone else's story but in your own words. Furthermore, understand what the source is saying before putting it into your language. Don't just swap out words; add your flavour to it. And, of course, remember to shout out the original storyteller with a proper citation.

7. Seeking Help When Needed

Think of asking for help as raising your hand in class. If you need help with a concept or clarification about how to credit a source, feel free to contact your instructor, a tutor, or the wise librarian to avoid plagiarism. However, they're there to guide you, like the supporting characters in your academic journey. Thus, it's not a sign of weakness. Likewise, it's a move toward producing the best work you can.

Wrapping It Up! 

In the realm of academia, every student must be mindful of the results that accompany plagiarism. Hence, before presenting your assignment, it's imperative to employ plagiarism checkers. Scrutinising your composition meticulously allows you to pinpoint areas where quotation marks may have been overlooked, quotes misplaced, or paraphrases inadvertently mirroring the original text too closely. By adhering to these steps, you can promptly rectify potential plagiarism in your writing and assignments.

However, if you still need professional help avoiding plagiarism, look no further than My Assignment Services. Avail of the prowess of our professional writers, who skillfully navigate the realms of precise research methodologies to move you towards your academic achievements. Don't stay in tension – reach out to us now and embrace the excellence of our invaluable services!

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