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Marketing is an integral subject for Business Management and MBA students. It is not only limited to business management programs, but owing to the rapid advancements in the competition in this industry, marketing has found its way into conventional education and now stands alone as Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Marketing. However, assignments are an integral part of every subject and program. If you have been overwhelmed with the constant pressure of submitting assignments and chasing deadlines, then do not worry. My Assignment Services offers Marketing assignment help UK. Our subject matter experts are Ph.D. scholars in their respective fields and have decades of experience both in the marketing industry and in helping students with their assignment workload. Our scholars and subject matter experts are willing to provide help with marketing assignments. Experts are experienced and well-versed with all the intricacies of the subject. Hence, they are the professionals that you should connect with for marketing assignment help in the UK.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the operation, collection of organisations, and processes that develop, connect, distribute, and share deals that have meaning for consumers, customers, stakeholders, and society at large. Marketing media offers a mix of solutions open to businesses during the promotional marketing process. While traditional media, such as television and newspapers, remain prominent, integrated marketing strategies of the 21st century have emphasized the use of interactive, real-time engagement via the new age of media, i.e., social media.

Our Marketing Assignment Help Experts Cover All the Concepts of the Subject

Marketing ideas are linked to a company's strategy to define and meet its customers' needs, serving both the consumer and the corporation. The same theory can only contribute to some businesses or translate into profit sometimes. Therefore, different companies use different marketing principles (also called theories of marketing management). The 'marketing principle' suggests that a company should predict the expectations and preferences of customers and fulfil them more successfully than rivals in order to achieve corporate goals. marketing dissertation help ideas emerge from the book The Riches of Nations by Adam Smith.

Production Concept

The production concept is based on the belief that customers would choose the products that are cheaper and readily available. The production concept lays the theory that sale increases as production increases to a certain point. Production Concept is a belief that states that the customers would always acquire products that are cheaper and more readily available (or widely available). The production concept advocates that more the products or production more would be sales. During the production concept era, companies were mainly concerned with concerns related to output, manufacturing, and productivity. Companies using the manufacturing model claim consumers want mainly cheap and available goods. Additionally, a company that is oriented towards production primarily believes in economies of scale. The economies of scale suggest that the production cost per unit decreases by ensuring large-scale production as the cost of producing one extra unit becomes marginal.

Selling Concept

Production and product philosophy both concentrate on manufacturing but the selling concept focuses on executing maximum sales of the product. The concept advocates that customers would prefer anything if the companies sold them aggressively enough. This philosophy does not yet include building long-lasting relationships with customers. Hence does not focus on making repeated sales.

Marketing Concept

A marketing-centric company would always place the consumer at the centre of the organisation. The activities are geared towards the consumer, but a business aims to understand the needs and wants of a customer. A company that believes in the marketing concept places the consumer at the centre of the organisation. All activities are geared towards the consumer. A business aims to understand the needs and wants of a customer. It executes the marketing strategy according to market research beginning from product conception to sales. By focusing on the needs and wants of a target market, a company can deliver more value than its competitors. The marketing concept emphasises the “pull” strategy.” This means that a brand is so strong that customers would always prefer your brand to others.

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Societal Marketing Concept

This type of technology is relatively new in the marketing world. While this technique highlights the wants and needs of the target audience or market and advocates the delivery of better and high-value products than its competitors, It also puts an emphasis on the well-being of consumers. The concepts of these types of marketing call other marketers to build social and ethical considerations into their marketing practices. They must often choose between the conflicting criteria of the company profits and consumer satisfaction in the public interest. These concepts are laid down by our experts to help you solve your assignments. If you think that you still need professional help or consultation, you may feel free to call us now and get connected to an expert who will do your assignment for you.

What are the 4Ps of Marketing?

Here are the 4Ps of marketing that every student should know before working on their marketing assignments. 

4ps of marketing

1. Product - Meet the Needs and Desires

Think of the product as something prepared with care and creativity to meet the needs, standards, and desires of real buyers. Thus, it's not just a product on a rack. It's a solution that adds value to someone's life and makes it better, more convenient, or more enjoyable.

2. Price - Fair Value for Real Worth

When setting the price, consider it a fair exchange reflecting the product's or service's real worth. It's not just a number. Furthermore, it recognises the effort, quality, and benefits offered. The goal is to ensure customers feel valued for their hard-earned money.

3. Place - Convenient Access for Everyone

Imagine where your product is available as a welcoming space, ensuring convenient access for everyone. It's not just about distribution logistics. Likewise, it's about ensuring your offering is within reach. It also creates a seamless journey from discovery to purchase.

4. Promotion - Sharing Stories, Not Just Features

Promotion is not just about showcasing features. Moreover, it's about telling stories. It's about connecting emotionally with people, sharing the journey, and highlighting how your product fits into their lives. Furthermore, it's not a sales pitch. Likewise, it's a genuine invitation to be part of an experience.

Other Theories of Marketing That Our Marketing Assignment Writing Experts Can Help You With

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

maslows hierarchy of need

Source: Very Well Mind

This theory was first conceptualised by Abraham Maslow in 1943. He proposed a five-stage model that is divided by our prime needs, including physiological needs, love, safety, self-actualization, and esteem. Maslow argued that everyone first strives to satisfy their lower levels of need before coveting the higher ones in the structure. For example, a person would first ensure basic needs like a roof over his head, food to eat, and a family to live with. After one satisfies the basic needs, one would covet growth-related needs and desires. This applies to the marketing world as well. Marketers have to constantly research innovative methods to generate the need for their products. Marketers should categorise their target audience according to the hierarchy of needs model and then ensure to come up with a marketing strategy that generates the need to fo their products in the minds of their respective targets.

Consistency Theory

This hypothesis notes that we feel warmth and contentment because of our inner structures – made up of convictions, behaviours, and values – that support one another. There is also a possibility of the emergence of frustration or cognitive dissonance due to our need to restore equilibrium if events were to fall out of sync. This theory advocates that writers and marketers should understand that humans are more likely to risk inner dissonance due to the fear of social exclusion. Once this concept is understood, they can leverage this concept to persuade customers or target potential consumers by invoking their desire to fit “in.”

Porter’s Five Force Analysis

Porters five force analysis

Source: Mind Tools

Porter agreed that companies are likely to keep a careful eye on their competition. Still, he urged them to look past their competitors' behaviour to consider whether other considerations could influence the market climate. He has identified five factors in the business world that can erode productivity. Those five factors are mentioned as:

Competitive Rivalry

One has to look beyond evaluating the competitors' numbers and strengths. How many competitors are you up against? Who are they, and how does it equate the price of their goods and services with yours? Where competition is severe, businesses with rapid price cuts and high-impact marketing strategies will draw consumers. Often, the vendors and customers can move elsewhere in markets with lots of competition if they find they don't get a decent price from you. On the other hand, where the market competition is too low or minimal, and no one else can beat you at your own game, you are likely to have power over your pricing and production.

Supplier Power

That is determined by how simple it is to increase the costs for the suppliers. How many vendors theoretically do you have? How special is the good or service they sell, and how expensive will it be to move from one manufacturer to the next? The more that you choose, the easier it is to turn to a cheaper option. But there are fewer vendors, and the more you need their support, the better their position and the greater their ability to charge you. That can have an impact on your business.

Buyer Power

Here, you wonder how easy it is for consumers to push down their costs. How many customers, and how big are their orders? How much does it cost them to turn from a rival's goods and services to the ones? Are your customers big enough to assign requirements to you? You may have less control when working with only a few consumers, but once you have a lot of customers, your grip over the terms and conditions of your trade improves.

The threat of Substitution

This advocates the likelihood that the customers will find a better way to do what you do. For example, if you have a specific software solution that automates an essential process, people will replace it by manually performing the procedure or by outsourcing it. A simple and cheap substitute to make will undermine your position and risk your profitability.

The Threat of New Entry

Your position may be influenced by the willingness of the people to reach your business. So, think about how easily that can be done. How easy is it to gain a foothold in your sector or market? How much does it cost, and how closely controlled your sector is? If it takes little time and energy to come into your business and compete successfully, or if you need security for your main technology, then competitors will invade your market easily and undermine your position. If you have high and stable entry barriers, then you can retain and take equal advantage of an advantageous position.

Marketing Subjects We Cover

Marketing is a wide and diverse field. At My Assignment Services, we offer the best in-house marketing assignment help in the industry. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are all set to provide top-notch assistance to students like you. Thus, get the most out of your education. Some of the marketing areas we cover at My Assignment Services include:

1. Strategic Marketing

It implicates making plans to connect with clients and analysing market trends, consumer behaviour, and competitors. Therefore, it also aims to uniquely position a brand and make sure long-term success through well-thought-out strategies.

2. Industrial Marketing

Industrial marketing, which is focused on B2B relationships, implicates promoting products and services to businesses. Furthermore, it emphasises building strong connections, providing value, and understanding industrial clients' specific requirements and challenges.

3. Integrated Marketing & Communication

Integrated marketing seeks to produce a suitable brand message by coordinating various marketing channels. Moreover, it incorporates advertising, public relations, and digital efforts for a constant and impactful communication approach.

4. Supply Chain Marketing

This approach combines marketing with supply chain activities. Likewise, it optimises product flow from production to end users. Also, it emphasises efficient distribution, reduces costs, and enhances overall supply chain performance.

5. Ethical Marketing

Ethical marketing is ingrained in moral discipline principles. Furthermore, it prioritises clarity, fairness, and social responsibility. Hence, ethical marketing builds trust by advertising products honestly, respecting customer privacy, and engaging in environmentally sustainable practices.

6. Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing emphasises personalised interactions and customer loyalty to focus on long-term customer engagement. Moreover, it aims to build strong emotional connections, fostering repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

7. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing contains a wide range of techniques for leveraging online platforms like SEO, social media, and content creation to reach and engage target audiences effectively in the digital geography.

8. Business Planning

Essential for success, business planning involves outlining goals, strategies, and operational details. Therefore, it provides a roadmap for decision-making, resource allocation, and growth. Also, business planning ensures a clear direction for sustainable business development.

9. Direct Marketing

This approach involves connecting with customers directly through personalised communication via emails, messages, or direct mail. Furthermore, it targets specific audiences and aims for immediate response and measurable results.

10. E-commerce

E-commerce involves buying and selling goods or services over the Internet to Conduct business online. Hence, it offers convenience, a global reach, and diverse revenue streams through online platforms and marketplaces.

11. International Marketing

International marketing considers cultural nuances, regional preferences, and diverse market conditions when tailoring marketing strategies for global markets. Likewise, it aims to expand a brand's presence across borders while adapting to local contexts.

12. Public Relations

Managing a brand's reputation and public relations involves building positive relationships with the media and the public. Further, it focuses on strategic communication, crisis management, and producing a favourable image for the organisation.

13. Advertising

Advertising creates compelling messages to promote products or services and uses various channels like TV, print, and digital media. Moreover, it aims to capture attention, build brand awareness, and persuade consumers to take desired actions.

20+ Marketing Assignment Topics You Can Work on!

  1. Marketing plan development and its efficacy evaluation
  2. Marketing strategies applicable to social media
  3. Performance of market research
  4. Principles of Market Segmentation
  5. Basics of marketing management
  6. Comprehensive marketing campaign
  7. Peculiarities of product development
  8. Decision-making based on SWOT analysis
  9. Up-to-date online marketing strategies
  10. Production orientation influenced by marketers
  11. Marketing planning for small businesses
  12. Deep evaluation of potential customers
  13. Best tools for attracting new customers
  14. The importance of HR in marketing
  15. The modern role of the marketing manager
  16. Research paper on companies' market shares
  17. Differences in retailing (B2C) and business (B2B) marketing strategies
  18. Evaluation of product alternatives: analysis vs experience.
  19. Recognition of needs: what drives consumers in 2022?
  20. Modern data collection method: digital means vs word-of-mouth.

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