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Journalism is basically getting distribution and information in various media channels like Radio, TV, Social media, and newspapers. This is the reason why the field of journalism is very broad. This means you have an endless range of journalism research topics to choose from for your undergraduate projects, master's thesis, or Ph.D. dissertation. It is vital, however, not to choose a topic that is too wide, as this may cause misunderstanding. When thinking about media dissertation topics, focus on a single question. This will help you concentrate and make research easier. Make sure your research topic isn't too narrow, as this will make finding useful material more difficult.

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At My Assignment Services UK, we have 1450+ subject matter experts and 2250+ Ph.D. degree holders dedicated to giving media dissertation topics ideas. Our experts take care of colours, fonts, and images that support the point of your dissertation. Unlike other fields, a media dissertation is considered to be of high quality if the information obtained from the interviewer is of high quality. A journalistic dissertation should be more than a statement of theoretical knowledge; it should also be practical and realistic. When writing a media dissertation, one may choose to focus on one or more of the following topics:

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Research Topics in Media

The most common part of the media is the news. This is essentially the most basic part of journalism. Journalists are essentially required to report the facts as they are. There are several study topics that might be ideal for this type of journalism:

  • Journalism's future prospects. Is honest journalism a thing of the past? Is the future of journalism social media, paparazzi, and blogging?
  • Model for Promotion. Which promotional model does the media industry use? What are the differences between the ways journalism is performed in different countries?
  • Journalism and privacy. A look at the royal family's ties with British journalists. What role has journalism played in Henry and Meghan's lifestyle changes?
  • Journalism and Business. When it comes to journalists, where do they draw the line? Is educating people more essential than making money? What quality concessions do different media firms make in order to attract and retain investors?
  • African countries are experiencing political instability. What role has journalism played in Kenya's political turmoil?
  • Women journalists in the media. What is the status of female journalists around the world? What are the constraints that female journalists face? Is there anywhere in the world where women journalists should not be sent?

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Dissertation on Investigative and Political Reporting Media Dissertation Topic Ideas

Investigative journalism is a type of reporting that seeks to learn the truth about a topic, event, or even a person. The information disseminated must be accurate for investigative and political journalism to be effective.

  • Image and media. What role does the media have in shaping a country's image? How can the media play a role in improving the world's perception of Afghanistan?
  • Power-hungry and Media politicians. What role does the media play in putting such politicians out of business?
  • The Perils of Investigative Reporting. An examination of the numerous journalists who have suffered as a result of their investigative reporting. What methods can news organisations take to ensure the integrity of their investigative reporting?
  • In developing countries, the media plays an important role. What role has politics played in the growth of emerging markets? Why do leaders in developing countries continually make bogus promises that they never follow through on?
  • What factors have contributed to America's status as a global superpower? What role does the media play in the competition between the US and China for the top spot?
  • Politics and corruption. The Kenyan administration and corruption are examined. Why do the two get along so well? How has corruption injured the Kenyan economy?

Here is a Sample for Your Reference:

media dissertation topics sample

media dissertation topics sample 2

media dissertation topics sample 3

media dissertation topics sample 4

Media Dissertation Topics on Animation and Film

Screenwriting, filmmaking, editing, and camera work are all concepts in film and animation. Film and animation are far broader than journalism and are frequently studied individually. There are various subjects from which to choose:

  • The Role of Race and Religion in Hollywood. How are Arab men depicted in Hollywood cinema?
  • Hollywood and Bollywood. What is the best way to compare the two? What impact have they had on the global economy? What impact have they had on the world's cultures?
  • Nollywood's position in the film industry. What are some ways that Nollywood filmmakers might enhance their industry?
  • What has changed in Bollywood throughout time? What impact has it had on the Indian economy?
  • Hollywood and the use of violence. Is there a link between Hollywood and growing violence, particularly among young people?
  • Do you prefer watching TV or going to the movies? Is television overtaking cinema in popularity?

Media Dissertation Topics on Advertising/Corporate Communication

Corporate communication is a crucial component of the media. Every organisation requires a communications department to help manage all internal and external communications. Corporate communication aids in the efficient exchange of information between a company's investors, suppliers, employees, and customers.

Advertising, on the other hand, is the promotion of a product or service through well-known media outlets. It's especially popular among large corporations because it assures that your message gets to the right people.

So what can you cover in your dissertation?

  • What is the significance of media advertising? Is it possible for media to exist without advertising?
  • As a source of revenue, the media is heavily reliant on advertising. Is it compromising its values?
  • Is it possible for large firms that are doing well to survive without advertising?

Research Media Dissertation Topics on Business Reporting

Business reporting aids in the analysis and reporting of economic operations. In most cases, business reporting is more extensive than other parts. It's also extremely factual, and business reporters must make complex business reporting understandable to the general public. When it comes to company reporting, there are numerous themes to pick from. They are as follows:

  • The economy and the pandemic: an examination of the many pandemics that have happened around the world, as well as their economic consequences. What is the economic impact of the coronavirus? How could it be experiencing the worst downturn in history?
  • Chinese economy. How has China's economy expanded so quickly over time? Will COVID-19 be able to put a stop to it?
  • Social Networking and Economy. What impact has social media had on the way you do business? Is e-commerce the way of the future?

Research Topics on Developmental Journalism

Development is a necessary element of our lives. Journalism about development focuses on philosophies, policies, and events that assist people to live better lives. Development journalism is a wide term that encompasses practically everything that may be done to improve people's lives. If you wish to pursue a developmental media dissertation, here are some possibilities for media dissertation topics:

  • For most youngsters in developing countries, education remains a faraway dream. How should the media address the rising rate of illiteracy in developing and poor countries?
  • In many nations, cases of FGM, profanity, and rape, as well as domestic violence, are still on the increase. What role might the media play in reducing these cases?
  • The level of poverty in developing countries is still worrying. How can the media help in finding a solution?

Writing a dissertation about the media may be a lot of fun. It is, therefore, critical to comprehend the nature of media writing. In comparison to other professions, media writing necessitates a more practical approach. As a result, it is critical to collect data through interviews, surveys, and other practical approaches.

FAQs Answered By Our Media Dissertation Topics Experts

Q1. What is a media dissertation?

The goal of a dissertation or thesis is to produce an original piece of study on a certain topic. It's also crucial that the student selects media dissertation topics that pique his or her curiosity and allow him or her to contribute new perspectives to the subject.

Q2. Can you write a dissertation in 2 months?

Writing a Ph.D. dissertation is certainly a long and drawn-out process, it can be done in two months (or less). You have to devote it to research, writing, and discipline and meet the deadline for yourself, but it can be done in the allotted time. You just have to decide when to start and when to stop.

Q3. How long does it take to write an essay of 10000 words?

Professional typists can type at a rate of 65 to 75 words per minute. Let's imagine the average student can type 50 words per minute since they spend so much time typing. As a result, typing the predicted 10,000 words would take only 3.3 hours.

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