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Hagia Sophia Architecture and History Essay Answer

Introduction The Hagia Sophia is very much well known as one of the most famous architectural marbles in Istanbul, Turkey. It was majorly developed as a Christian Basilica around 1500 years ago. Like the other world in places, such as the Eiffel tower in Paris along with the Parthenon in Greece, this Hagia Sophia is very much well known as the symbol of long enduring cosmopolitan City. The structure and history of this famous architecture are ve…

BNV7125 Integrated Project Delivery BIM Assessment Answer

Executive Summary The major contributor to the economic development of a country is the construction industry and the economic impact is dependent on efficient and effective choices of the delivery project sector. This is because it directly affects important performance measures including cost, productivity, quality, and the safety of project execution. To create a framework for the design, procurement, and construction processes, various parti…

Gibbs's Reflection Assessment Answer

Introduction The paper will provide insight into the three reflections which have been carried out, the three reflections are about common healthcare mistakes which have been observed. Gibbs's reflection is highly important as it covers all the aspects of reflections and provides an overview of the clinical incidents which are present. It will allow the healthcare workers a chance to self-introspect and act toward it. REFLECTION 1 Description …

Gender-Based Discrimination Assessment Answer
  • Subject Name: Law

Introduction Through the ages, people all around the globe have had to deal with the effects of discrimination based on their gender. The gender identity of any person is referred to as the person’s inner feelings about his sex, which includes his body which may consist of any sort of bodily modification either done through surgeries, medicines, or any other means. However, gender expression is referred to as the way one feels and expresse…

Mobile Cloud Computing Software Work Assessment Answer

Concepts of SDN, NFV, and CASB in the Context of Mininet Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) are transformative technologies reshaping the landscape of network management and security. In the context of Mininet, a popular software for emulating networks, understanding these concepts becomes pivotal. 1. Software-Defined Networking (SDN): SDN decouples the control plan…

MP 181 Gender Biases and Economic Role Of Women In Agriculture Assessment Answer

Abstract The given research paper discussed the link between gender inequality and women's roles in agriculture within the Indian community. It reflects towards the equitable involvement of women is vital for resource sharing, food security, economic sustainability, knowledge enrichment, and social cohesion, emphasizing the overall community well-being. The paper found that there is a necessity towards achieving gender equality as a potential to…

7036CEM Ethics of Humanisation of Robots in Healthcare Assessment Answer

Executive Summary The main aim of this report is to study the ethical concerns associated with the Humanisation of robots in the healthcare system, along with focusing on the necessity for restricting the boundaries for their rights. The key focused area of this report is assessing the necessity for limiting the robot's rights. The humanisation of robots by imposing human characteristics and giving them equal rights as humans leads to increased …

Advantages and Drawbacks of Artificial intelligence Essay Answer
  • Subject Name: Law

Description My professional route in the United Kingdom has been a challenge that I have been facing each day. I have come across diverse fields to practice law as a legal practitioner in the United Kingdom wherein earlier, being a part of the Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, was altogether a different route than I had been earlier. My intent to learn and practice law as a world-class attorney has always been my dream which has …

Predictive Modelling Assessment Answer

Part A - Linear Regression A multiple regression was run to predict credit card limit from customer’s age, gender, level of education, marital status, Whether or not the customer has left the bank in the last 12 months, income category, type of credit card, number of months as credit card customer, average utilization ratio and whether or not the monthly balance on the credit card paid off. Table 01 shows the output of the regression analy…

CRN 17065 Psychosocial Development in Sport and Exercise Assessment Answer

Introduction For a long time, sports scientists and professionals have been interested in learning more about the variables that contribute to expert performance in sports. A potential field for examining the mechanisms underlying high sporting performance is psychophysiology, the study of the relationship between the mind and body (Scharfen, Memmert, & Raab, 2012). According to Fernandez-Sanchez et al. (2019), psychophysiological measurements c…

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