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An Abstract is a part of an academic paper (including dissertation)which, even though placed at the top, is written only after completing the document. It is a condensed form of the vital information, its analysis, limitations, and recommendation presented in the dissertation. The abstract is the mirror of all the hard work put into the dissertation. It is the readers’ first encounter with your academic paper, which can compel him/her to read further. A well-written abstract tends to impress the reader and increase the readership of your dissertation. Writing abstract of a dissertation is more difficult as compared to other academic paper due the elaborate structure of dissertations. The complex structure of dissertation tends to complicate the summarisation process, thereby forcing students to go for some guidance regarding their respective dissertation abstract contents.

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Follow the Checklist Before Starting Your Abstract

Dissertation Abstract Writing Services

After the culmination of their extensive research, students can often find it very frustrating when unable to write a proper abstract. Here is the list of what should be included.

  • Motivation:

Every academic paper deals with some kind of problem or issue, which is discussed throughout the length of the paper. Therefore, the first question in the mind of a reader (including a professor/academician) is – Why do we care about the problem and the results? To address this question, the problem needs to be presented in an interesting manner enticing its readers.For this, the best line of approach is to provide a motivation for taking up this issue.

You can understand it better by having a look at our sample abstract for thesis in education that is available on our website My Assignment Services.

  • Problem statement:

Every dissertation is trying to solve an issue by making incremental progress that is usually acknowledged as important. Hence, the scope of your work (a generalized approach, or for a specific situation) must be presented in a succinct manner, without getting into the technicalities. It must also include the importance of your work, its complexities, and its impact, if successful.

To get more insight into the formation of problem statement, you can always see our example of abstract in thesis paper, which is prepared our dissertation experts.

  • Approach:

Here, the approach is mentioned in general (prototype construction, analytic models, or analysis of field data for an actual product) without explaining the methodology intricacies. Purpose of abstract is to make it lucid for even a freshman, hence deliberate effort should be made towards achieving it successfully. One important aspect that also needs to be mentioned is the variables which you controlled, ignored, or measured during the research. Numerous thesis abstract sample pdf, available on our website, can further guide you with the correct approach.

  • Results:

This part of the dissertation abstract must be objective. The use of vague term like “very”, “small”, or “significant.” must be avoided as the results are not clear, the significance of the research is diluted. The clear-cut argument in the form of result is the key to getting more readers.

  • Conclusions:

This section of the dissertation abstract briefly specifies impact of the results (if it’s going to change the world) along with some future recommendations. This exhibits the larger worldview of the researcher, which is (should always be) concerned with the society, we live in.

Getting detailed information about each of the sections has obviously made you more informed than earlier. So, now the google searches of “How do you write an abstract?” would be stopped and the real writing can begin.

Additional details

Abstract Details

Dissertation Abstract is an original work and not an excerpt from the academic paper. It must be fully self-supporting and make sense by itself, without additional reference to external sources. It is a well-developed into a single paragraph of approximately 250 words in length. The dissertation abstract structure is indented and single-spaced maintaining appropriate referencing guidelines like APA, Harvard etc.

Such minor details (including the dissertation abstract length) are not easily available in study material; hence, the students can get confused with the guidelines. This is why it is advisable to seek dissertation abstract writing help from specialists.

When is it Necessary to Write Abstracts?

Abstracts are usually required for:

  • Submission of articles to journals
  • Application for research grants
  • Submission of proposals for conference papers
  • Submission of abstract for paper presentation

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