Till now, you must be thinking that generic stuff is sufficient to write A level essays while ignoring the fact that different subjects necessitate diverse skills when it comes to producing good A level essays. To bring out the specific abilities needed to create great essays for each A-level course, My Assignment Services has brought an excellent A-level essay help you need to have to succeed in whatever A-levels you're studying.

Our 1450+ A-level essay help experts assist you in analysing, examining, and evaluating the topic's material and create and defend a viewpoint about it. This goes much beyond what you can learn in class and is one of the few ways we can give you some insights as well. In A-Level essays, we always advise students to take an assertive approach, write a THESIS upfront, and use body paragraphs to support the Thesis with clear reasons. The reasons can be evaluated and rejected counter-claims – forming a strong and persuasive argument and helping them earn 60% of the marks that are dependent on it. Get our A level essay help online now to claim good marks.

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Writing A Good A-Level Essay: Explanation By Our Essay Help Online Providers


What is the demand of the question in the first place? Determine and succinctly explain the topic, as well as essential issues and terminology. End with a THESIS, a concise explanation of your argument, preferably without utilising the personal pronoun "I" or the tired "this essay will argue..."

Para -I

As per our A-level essay, help online experts give your first and most compelling rationale for your position. Declare it in your first line, then explain it with several instances and scholarly references (EVIDENCE), and then connect it to your Thesis by demonstrating how it pertains to your ARGUMENT and CONNECTS to your reasoning.


Your next solid point in favour of your position. Declare it in your first line (POINT), then illustrate it with several instances and scholarly references (EVIDENCE), and then connect it to your Thesis by demonstrating how it pertains to your ARGUMENT and CONNECTS to your reasoning.

Counter Argument

Our A-level essay help experts start asking these questions: Who could possibly disagree with your point of view? Why? Explain their point of view with examples and scholarly references, where appropriate. EVALUATE their objection and decide whether or not you accept it. Also, don’t forget to include the link to back your claim.


Rephrase your thesis and make a list of your primary supporting points. Recognise if there are any limitations or flaws in your argument and what can drive you to rethink your mind.

If you’re still not sure, better to take our essay help online for whatever A-level course you’re pursuing.

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Courses and Their Interpretation For Writing Excellent A-Level Essays


If you’re looking for how experts write A-level essays, you’re in the right place. Here’s what our A-level essay help online experts for English says:

Intelligent interpretation is at the heart of good English literature essays. You might struggle with organising your thoughts into a well-structured essay that flows smoothly; instead, you might be allowing your ideas to run wild and flit aimlessly from one topic to the next. To address this issue, we prefer evaluating the overarching goals and then demonstrate how they were communicated, paragraph by paragraph, with each paragraph devoted to a different style or topic. The following is a decent structure to use:

  • Make a point, for example - "Joly uses the bleakness of the moorland backdrop to mirror Heathcliff's disposition."
  • Explanation- Go into greater depth about the statement. In this case, your explanation would include a discussion of the similarities between Heathcliff and the moors, such as their unpredictability and wildness, as well as the weather's ferocity echoing Heathcliff's violent personality.
  • Provide evidence in the form of quotes from the text to back up your claims -You might use specific terms and phrases from Heathcliff's description and the description of the moorland scenery and weather to illustrate the similarities between the two.
  • Reiterate – finish the paragraph by stating the point and either expanding on it or introducing the notion you'll take over to the next paragraph. “This fits in with a larger concept running through the book as a whole, which is that nature mirrors human emotions,” says one author.

According to our A-level essay help experts, good English essays pay special attention to the details, noting the words, phrasing, and literary devices a writer used and how they were used. They liberally quote from the book to back each point, dissecting the writing and examining the use of language; they consider several interpretations, looking beneath the surface for underlying meaning and connotations.

This is just an example we took to elaborate on the English A-level essays. There’s a specific strategy for other subjects such as history, computer science, all science subjects, and others. To get an overview of them or seek out assistance, just reach out to us for A-level essay help.

Here is a sample attached for your reference

A-Level Essay Help Samples samples of A-Level Essay Help Get A-Level Essay Help Samples

FAQs Answered By Our A-Level Essay Help Experts

How long is an A level essay?

Researchers have discovered the sweet spot for an A-level English literature essay that is neither too short nor too extensive. According to a Cambridge Assessment study, writing more than 1,300 words in the A-level English literature test does not always result in higher results.

How many paragraphs should an A level essay have?

A small essay should have at least three whole paragraphs; a long essay should have much more. Each paragraph represents a point you want to make about the issue.

Can you provide me with A-level essay help online for history?

Yes. We provide assistance for all A-level courses, including Ancient History; Archaeology; Anthropology; Classical Civilisation; Drama; Classics; Economics; English Literature; English Language; Environmental Film; Science; Geography; Health and Social Care; Government and Politics; History; History of Art; Media Studies; Latin; Law; Philosophy are just some of the essay-based subjects.

What website can help me with my essay?

Of course, My Assignment Services is the only one that can help you with writing all your A-level essays. You just need to fill the form and wait for our call back.

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