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Most of us love tea or coffee, the two beverages that we always like to have for calming down our minds. But have you ever thought about what goes into our mind when we decide to make tea or coffee? What utensils to choose? How much water, sugar, or milk to add? How do we know when the drink is ready to be served? A human mind knows how to make all these decisions. We know or can learn by ourselves all the necessary steps to make tea or coffee. But a computer does not understand it. And that is where the algorithm-a specific set of instructions, enters the game. Likewise, when a student needs Algorithms Coursework Help, My Assignment Service comes as the definite place to avail the Algorithms Coursework Help for UK Students.

We can make tea or coffee in a lot of different ways. Even if two people use the same ingredient, the taste can still vary depending on the procedure they follow to make it. In the same way, if two students learn from the same professor, attending the same classes can still have diverse knowledge and understanding of the subject. It can affect how well they do in their Algorithm Coursework.

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Let’s Meet The Algorithm And Get Bit Familiar With It

Algorithm (Noun)-Word used by programmers when they don't want to explain what they did - Source (Twitter)

Jokes apart when you need to deal with Algorithm Coursework for college and university, there is no escaping from explaining all the questions in your coursework or assignment. So before we jump into the final year of why to avail online Algorithms Coursework Help from My Assignment Services, let's understand a little more about the algorithms, their properties, and some famous algorithms that you should learn.

What is the Algorithm?

An algorithm is a definite set of steps carried out to solve any problem, generally a mathematical or programming based problem that takes some inputs and produces an expected output related to input data in a finite amount of time. It is the recipe of cooking programs in the kitchen of computer science.Even if the task seems stupidity as simple as adding lemon and sugar to the water, a programmable machine needs a precise set of instructions to do that. As a programmer, we use algorithms as a mold to shape our program and write the actual application using whatever programming language we want.

Why Do We Need To Learn Algorithms?

“Everybody should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think” - Steve Jobs

Imagine you have all the ingredients your mom uses to bake the perfect finger-licking cake. But you don't know how much eggs to use or how many tablespoons of chocolate to add or how long to keep the cake in the oven. Do you think without this baking knowledge, your cake will come as tasty as your mom? I guess not.

Understanding of algorithms can have the same effect on your program. Even if you are writing a web page that you think has nothing to do with algorithms. Still, knowledge of efficient algorithms will help you write code that uses the least resources and produces the best results without sucking your computer memory.

Knowing algorithms can take you to a step further and teach you to write machine learning algorithms that do all the cool stuff like giving your Facebook friends recommendations or showing content on your Instagram and YouTube feed.

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Some Of The Most Popular Algorithms

Sorting Algorithms

Sorting is one of the features that are visible in most of our digital life. We sort items when browsing for shopping, Google sorts results for us among millions of sites, website likes Sky scanner sorts price of airlines from hundreds of online portals for us.

There is no single sorting algorithm that fits best for all situations. Hence there are many depending on Different use cases. Few of them are as follows:

Merge sort:

Merge sort is one of the handy sorting algorithms that use the approach of divide and conquer. It divides the unsorted array into two, sorts them, and merges them again, such as the resultant merged array is sorted one. Its worst-case time complexity is O(N log N).

Bubble sort:

Bubble sort is also one of the algorithms that work by comparing elements. It takes a pair of items from the given away and swipe them in a sorted manner and keep doing it until the whole array is sorted. The shortcoming is that for every element in the array bubble sort compares it with all rest of the items in the pair. The worst-case time complexity of bubble sort is O(N²), making it one least favorable and inefficient choice.


Quicksort uses the approach of partitioning and recursion for sorting a given array. It works by picking a random element that we call a pivot and then placing all the other elements that are smaller than the picked one on the left side. By doing so, all bigger elements automatically get placed on the right side. The process is recursively repeated until the values are sorted. The worst-case time complexity of Quicksort is O(N²).

Divide and Conquer:

We can take the Divide and Conquer algorithm as the most essential concept to learn and implement in computer science. The approach is simple- divide whatever problem you need to solve or bug you in the code in smaller chunks and solve them separately until the whole is resolved and working as expected.

Dijkstra's Algorithms:

Dijkstra's algorithm is one you can always expect to be part of your algorithms assignment or exam question paper. In simple terms, it is a useful technique of finding the shortest path from a source node to any other destination node in the graph. One important thing to consider while working with Dijkstra's algorithm is that it only works if all the edges or nodes possess positive value.

Greedy Algorithms:

The greedy algorithm finds its applications in optimization problem where instead of focusing on the big picture of the whole, we are more eager to find the most optimal solution for the current problems. And at each step, we take the same decision being the same level of greedy. It is like being lost in a jungle and looking for a mobile network. So you jump on the nearest tree to you that seems the tallest for getting the signal, neglecting the fact that there might be some other trees in the jungle too taller than the one nearest to you which can be proved to be more useful for your problem.

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Why Should I Pay Someone For Algorithms Coursework Writing Help?

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Now, since you have no idea about the whole syllabus, you can either make a plan to solve the easiest questions carrying minimum weightage, or you can try to run horses of your mind and learn the concepts that bring the biggest weightage and address them first.

In both case scenarios, you are risking your goal of the highest mark due to the limited time frame and limited subject knowledge.

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