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Brief History of Animation-

It is safe to assume that the first animation dates back when humans used to live in caves or, in simple terms, the pre-historic era. Sounds interesting, right? Well, it is the truth the first evidence of animation is 5200-year-old pottery that depicts a moving goat. There is a series of images of a goat with different body movements that represent animation, not by today's standard but, it is safe to assume that it gave birth to the idea of modern-day animation.

This is just the idea of animation, but in reality, Phenakistoscope was the first known animation device discovered by Joseph Plateau in 1832.

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As we moved forward in the era of technological advancement, we witnessed the use of 'The Celluloid Shift.' It was a popular technique for animation, used from 1888-1914.

The world was pacing towards the new era of digitalization, and that is when the whole technique changed again. Now we are in the era of Traditional animation technology. In this era, animators used to hand-draw all the animation using Cel Animation. They use to draw the movement of the character on a transparent sheet over the same background. It helped them to use the production time.

Like our experts at My Assignment Services, specifically, write your assignment just for you and deliver you with the lightning-fast speed. This is another reason to trust us for the best animation essay writing service. This traditional method was used from 1914-1967.

The wave of change hit us again, and we entered the era of motion graphics. Although the animation was basic it still changed the world of animation. The idea behind the motion graphics was to generate the 2D animation with the help of a computer. The computer will create motion graphics using the images and motion sequences frame by frame and generate a working animation. This method was widely used in the year 1967-1984.

Now with the advancement in computer technology, animation is also improving. Now we are entering the era of legendary CGI. It is one of the most popular techniques of animation in the modern world. It has changed everything. Not only that, nowadays, technologies like artificial intelligence are also affecting the whole concept of animation.

CGI is the revolutionary technique of modern times that revolutionized the whole entertainment and cinema industry.

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This is the brief history of animation that we have looked at. Let's find out why the students seek professional guidance with their assignments and search for the animation essay writing services.

  • Concepts of the topic are not clear-

It is one of the most common reasons why the students search for animation essay writing help. We understand the concepts of animation are too complex, and sometimes there is a lot to it than simple terminology. Until you are not clear with the key concepts of the topic you will not be able to complete your assignment on-time or before the submission deadline.

  • Too much research

Sometimes students left with no time to write their assignment because they dedicated themselves to conducting research for the particular topic that has been assigned to them. It ultimately results in them start panicking, and hence, the students look for the best animation essay writing help.

  • Time-management-

Time-management is one of the biggest reasons why students search for animation essay writing help. We understand the plight of the students as they have a lot to do in a little time and sometimes they indulge themselves in the activities in which they spend too much time and hence they forget about the deadline.

  • Procrastination-

The king of all reasons. Procrastination is one of the biggest problems with the students. We know that sometimes we do not want to do anything. We want to sit back and relax, we know the feeling. But to break the chain of procrastination is the hardest task, and this is another reason why students seek professional academic help.

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animation essay writing help in the UK

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