If you want to be a serious art scholar, your dissertation can help you stand out. It should be something unique that demonstrates your abilities to perform an original and independent art research project. As a result, the art dissertation topic ideas are crucial in determining your success. It must be able to reflect your thoughts and innovations in your subject of study, whether it would be visual arts design, acting, painting, music, or fine arts.

At My Assignment Services, we have 1450+ subject matter experts and 2250+ PhD scholars dedicated to offering students with all the support for preparing high-quality art dissertations based on their chosen topics. We understand that reviewing suitable art dissertation samples will give you a better ideation to frame your dissertation. So below are nine interesting art dissertation topic ideas that can help you narrow down your research area.

Here’s a List of Some of Best Art Dissertation Examples Compiled by Our Experts

Infection from symbols to Buddha's images in the initial Indian art

Subject Description: This dissertation was a research project that looked at the evolution of the Buddha image that was first used to symbolise it. The nature of symbols like trees, footprints, stupas, and wheels has essentially shown its spectacular presence, which is explored compared to representations like Mathura and Piddaran. Apart from that, how are these early modifications recognised now, and what are the reasons for these evolutionary shifts? For these art dissertation examples, the facts and data are collected by comprehensive research of the available literature about the initial period of India.

The View and American Septuagenarians' Perspectives on Pop Art

Subject Description: Pop art in the United States can be traced back to the 1950s. By the early 1960s, however, it had been identified as 'pop' art. American pop art differed significantly from British pop art in terms of tone and subject matter. This dissertation investigates American septuagenarians' perceptions of pop art based on how they recognise it. The dissertation data was gathered through interviews with 20 American septuagenarians when they were in their twenties, at a time when American pop art was gaining traction and saw the rise of great pop artists such as Tom Wesselman and Andy Warhol.

The Legacy of Art Philanthropy: A Case Study of Baron of Preston Candover, John Devon Sainsbury

Subject Description: The Sainsbury family's philanthropic contributions to the arts are explored in depth in this research. Eighteen family members have formed 19 trusts over the last three decades, setting a precedent for UK giving. The Sainsbury family had made significant contributions to the art's restoration and maintenance. Lord Sainsbury has given substantial donations to the British Museum and the National Gallery, which are examined in this study. Many factors that motivate altruistic behaviour, such as tax benefits, self-pride, and a desire to aid social growth, are discussed in this work. As a result, the Sainsbury family's philanthropic approach is highlighted.

Balletic effect in the pose of figures of Jean-Antoine Watteau

Subject Description: The works of Jean-Antoine Watteau show a strong influence of opera, theatre, music, and ballet. The extent to which his paintings depict ballet postures is the subject of this paper. His paintings are said to depict fleeting pictures of many facets of opera, including costumes, dance, singing, and decorations. This dissertation details his efforts to pay tribute to various kinds of art, including music, poetry, ballet, painting, and dance, by transferring one form of art to another. In addition, the research examines how dead objects, such as trees, are arranged in his famous works of art.

Is there a negative impact on cinematic art as a result of the transition to digital films? Is it true that they are robbing us of the pleasure of watching movies?

Subject Description: With the advent of digital media technology, the cinematic business has undergone a complete transformation. For the storage and dissemination of material, this research addresses developing HDTV, digital video, new technologies, and satellite streaming. Not only have this, but the dramatisation, editing, and visualising processes in cinema all changed significantly. In this context, the growth of artistic expressions has been examined, as well as its impact on the audience in this article. This art dissertation samples are written by our experts and have been submitted by research scholars. The data is gathered through surveys of people of all ages, and their perspectives on the changing media sector are documented.

Is it possible to consider video games to be a form of fine art?

Subject Description: Are Video Games Art?' Over the years, it has been a hot issue of discussion among art reviewers. While some perceive video games as both a primary source of knowledge and an artistic medium, other critics say that video games lack an official vision and thus are not regarded as an art form. This art dissertation example investigates video games using historical, aesthetic, institutional, expressive, and symbolic art concepts to image the situation. Finally, it offers a critical assessment of the findings.

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Counterintelligence: Embracing and Opposing Globalization in Contemporary Public Art

Subject Description: Globalization has impacted many parts of society, including business, academia, politics, and even the arts. Although the economic side of globalisation receives the greatest attention, its impact on public art is frequently underestimated. Using case studies of public art projects from around the world, this paper offers an investigation into, in terms of distribution, consumption, and creation, globalisation has impacted modern public art. In addition, art dissertation topic ideas highlight the potential benefits of such an impact on public art in terms of content, meaning, and purpose changes.

In current Japanese visual culture, there is a portrait of a lovely young woman

Subject Description: This dissertation looks at the changes in contemporary Japanese art. The Pacific War and the pain it caused have been portrayed in modern art on occasion. Takashi Murakami's artworks, for example, frequently show anxiousness. She focused on Japanese customs and culture, with little mention of otaku culture or feminine domains. Recent paintings by contemporary Japanese artists, on the other hand, include images of beautiful young women who are seen as role models in modern society and who appear to be devoid of worry and dread. Artists often use kawaii to depict the empowerment of both male and female characters.

Art in the service of environmental protection

Subject Description: The purpose of this study is to see if the following hypothesis is correct: Is it possible for artists to save the world? Sustainable development is a significant issue in today's society. It has been seen that artists, writers, architects, actors, and musicians from all over the world have become involved in the last five years. Artist-led environmental awareness has exploded in popularity. This article investigates the actions done by various artists in various parts of the world to determine the extent to which their contributions can raise awareness of global warming, climate change, and sustainable development challenges.

FAQs Answered By Our Arts Dissertation Writing Experts

What is the meaning of the dissertation?

A dissertation is a research assignment performed as part of a bachelor's or master's degree programme. It's also known as a thesis (in some countries, the name is reserved for the final assignment of a PhD programme, whereas in others, the terms 'dissertation' and 'thesis' are equivalent).

Is a dissertation complex?

A dissertation or thesis is likely to be the most time-consuming and demanding assignment a student has ever undertaken. It can, nevertheless, be a highly gratifying profession because, unlike essays and other projects, the student can choose a topic of particular interest and work independently.

What is a Design Essay?

The dissertation is, above all, an opportunity for you to reflect on and develop your creative process as a designer. At the end of the day, it's up to you to make your work relevant and believable, and the dissertation will teach you how to do it.

What is the difference between dissertation and thesis?

A doctorate thesis is a focused piece of original study completed to earn a PhD. A dissertation is part of a more comprehensive postgraduate research project. Therefore, a thesis will contain extensive references and citations to earlier work, although the focus remains on the original work that emerges from it.

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