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What are Some of the Business Fundamentals that Every Student Should Know?

What is an Enterprise or a Business?

Business is an entity that sells goods or services for a fee.

Whereas, an enterprise is a legally registered business. All businesses have some input of services or goods and output of some services or products.

What are the types of sectors in business?

Primarily, there are three types of industry. These sectors interact with each other to form a chain of producing a finished product from raw materials.

Primary production:

This sector primarily revolves around acquiring raw materials. For example, metals and coal are mined, oil is drilled and pumped out, rubber is extracted from the trees and food grains are cultivated. Thus this sector is limited to the processes of extraction and acquisition of materials.

Secondary production:

This sector revolves around the manufacturing, processing and assembly of different types of goods. Raw materials are turned into usable components. For example, developing plastics from oil, and building bridges from concrete.

Primary production:

This sector primarily revolves around acquiring raw materials. For example, metals and coal are mined, oil is drilled and pumped out, rubber is extracted from the trees and food grains are cultivated. Thus this sector is limited to the processes of extraction and acquisition of materials.

Tertiary Sector:

This sector provides the commercial services that revolve around the distribution process and supports production. For example, advertising, marketing, warehousing and transporting. Health care and teaching also come under the section.

Children that seek business GCSE coursework writing help, often ask questions related to the expansion of the businesses. Here are some fundamental techniques to expand a business. However, there is a lot more to it. If you are looking for business GCSE coursework help, then you could connect to our experts at My Assignment Services.

What Are The Typical Ways to Grow a Business?

types of expansion

Investing and Gathering More Resources:

An intuitive way to grow a business is to invest more and gather more resources to increase the output. The increase in output would lead to an increase in revenue that could be re-invested in the business to expand further.

External Growth

Businesses expand by acquiring other businesses. This type of growth is external growth. Combining two organisations facilitates better management and technology transfer amongst organisations.


Franchising is like leasing out your technology and intellectual rights to independent owners. It allows individual owners to take small shares in the company and expand it across the country or globally.

A Franchise is like a joint venture between, Franchise owner and the Franchisee. For example, Domino's, Mcdonalds and more.

Setting up a Franchise minimizes risks for business owners as the individual investors get to cash on the earned name and fame of an established organisation in the business. Thus, adopting a proven business model minimizes the risk for investors.

What Are The Different Forms of Business Ownership?

types of business ownership

Individual Ownership of a Business

Businesses owned by a single person fall under this category. Most of the small and local businesses are individual ownership or sole traders. Freelancers like plumbers, special service providers like hairdressers also come under this category of business ownership.

Individual business owners do not have any separate legal identification from the business. Law would see the business owner and the business as a single entity. Thus, the owner is responsible for the taxes, debts or losses.


Partnerships are businesses that are owned by two or more business owners. Surgeons, doctors and venture capitalists are the kinds of professionals that may choose to do business in partnership. Partners can invest together and reap the profits together as per a fixed ratio. However, partnerships are also a risky affair as disputes between partners may make the business go down.

Limited Companies

Limited organisations are specially recognized by the law. These organisations are incorporated, that means that these companies are identified as the separate identity from their owners. The organisation can buy assets and invest in their names. Organisations are divided up into parts known as shares. A person holding more than one share is known as a shareholder of the company. As these organisations have a legal identity, the owner's do not solely bear the responsibility of the organisation's debts. The liabilities are distributed amongst shareholders.

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