Cinema and media are one of the oldest forms of entertainment and information. It played a crucial role in the development of a civilized society. On the one hand, cinema inspires society, and on the other hand, through media, people get informed. But in theory, when students study all about it, they face a whole new level of difficulties while completing their assignments. For such students, My Assignment Services offering the best cinema and media studies assignment help!

Since the beginning, cinema and media are two of the most intriguing concepts for the common man. It was a jaw-dropping experience for the people because, at that time, it was like magic. To decode the magic, people started taking interest to understand the concept behind the working of the cinema, to understand the aesthetic beauty of the output, etc. Since then, it has evolved many times. There are several groundbreaking theories that have been introduced in the field of cinema and media studies. To understand every concept and philosophy, students pursue a beautiful field that played a crucial role in the development of society. While studying the inside out of the academic discipline, students face many hardships while completing their assignments. For such students, our cinema and media studies homework help experts work as saviors.

But why is it these students seek cinema and media studies assignment help? To know more, continue reading.

Theories of cinema

With time everything evolved, and cinema is among those things. With time there are a lot of different theories that emerged. All these different theories focus on the various aspects of the overall film. There are almost 20+ types of theories in cinema. Some of the most popular ones are-

film theories

Aesthetics and films-

The late 20th century is the time when the theory got popularized. In this period, aesthetically pleasing artwork started involved in the cinema. Directors started focusing more and more to entertain the audience by inducing the concepts of aesthetics into the film with the help of art direction, sound designing, cinematography, etc.

Marxist Film Theory-

Marxist film theory is said to be the oldest film theories. The core concept of it was to implement the ideas of Marxism and propagate it through the medium of cinema. It was popularized in the year 1917 after the Lenin government came into power after overthrowing the monarchy through the violent revolution. Many filmmakers like Sergei Eisenstein, Vsevolod Pudovkin, Dziga Vertov, etc. developed and promoted the theory. According to Marxist theory, every shot in the film has a specific meaning, and it also promotes editing as one of the important elements. There is a lot more to it than just the simple definition, and it is the most common reason why students seek cinema and media studies assignment help.

Humanist Approach-

The humanist approach is also known as Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Maslow pointed out five models to explain the hierarchy, and those five models are psychological needs, safety, social, esteem, self-actualization, etc. the main characteristics of the humanist approach is that it is documentary-styled that provoke an emotional response in the audience. It was popular during wartime, so directors and filmmakers see cinema as a tool to hit a note so people would understand the pain and suffering.

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Now, it is just the overview. When these students study in-depth about all these theories, then they feel a lot more complexities when it comes to completing the assignments. Therefore, they seek cinema and media studies assignment help. Just like the theories of cinema, media as the academic field has its own theories that are equally complex. Some of the most popular media theories are-

Media theories-

media theories

Hypodermic needle theory-

Hypodermic needle theory is commonly known as the magic bullet theory. It is one of the most crucial theories in media studies. According to this theory, it affects the mass majority of people almost instantly.

Authoritarian Theory-

It is another example of media theories. In this theory, media is controlled by the authority, and that authority put certain types of restrictions on the media outlets. It is one of the most popular theories in the era of world war and largely used by Hitler's regime.

Social responsibility theory-

It is one of the best kinds of press. It gives the media outlets, complete freedom without any censorship. But that doesn't mean one can put anything in the media. Every content goes through a rigorous public panel discussion before it comes out.

To understand all these complex theories, students must have to go through intense study sessions. It covers a variety of topics, and when both of these academic fields meet, then the complications would increase exponentially.

Media is an umbrella under which cinema falls. So combining both of these fields may sometimes create difficulties because a lot of different theories overlap with each other. To understand one theory, students need to go through various studies and concepts. Therefore, they seek cinema and media studies assignment help.

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