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What is Climate Change and How Did it Start?

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Climate change includes both the changes due to global human activity and the large-scale changes in the weather patterns. Greenhouse emissions due to human activities like the industrial revolution, vehicular emissions, and cattle farming lead to the global rise in temperature as it contributes towards and increases in greenhouse gases.

Since climate change was first reported as a result of the industrial revolution in 1967 when the world had become warmer by 1-degree Celsius in a decade, Climate Change has remained a puzzling issue for the governments. Though a treaty was signed on Earth Day, back in 2016, the mere nonbinding and unenforceable nature of the treaty made it nothing more than paper talks between the countries. The odds of all of us avoiding climate change by a two-degree is less than one in 20 at this rate.

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What Are The Consequences of Climate Change?

Climate Change can be disastrous. Even crossing the Two degrees mark of warming would call for worldwide disasters and destruction of tropical reefs anywhere in the world. A two-degree rise in temperature would be a prescription for long-term natural disasters. Warming by Three degrees would call for a lot of short-term disasters. For example; the loss of the Arctic, and many coastal land masses like Manhattan, Japan, Sri-Lanka, and India. A four-degree rise in temperature would put Europe into drought-like situations permanently, huge areas of China, Bangladesh, and India would be turned to permanent desserts. Sea levels would rise by several meters.

What Causes Climate Change?

Climate Change is a consequence of sporadic changes in the earth's orbit and reckless exploitation of fossil fuels for energy and cattle farming for beef. Changes in the earth's orbit are natural and beyond human intervention. However, activities like industrial activities, vehicular emissions, and cattle farming release greenhouse gasses like CO2 and Methane in the atmosphere and contribute toward Global Warming.

Thus, the world needs to shift to a greener and cleaner way of deriving energy from sources. For example, renewable energy sources like Hydropower, Solar Power, and Tidal Power! This takes us to our next topic, Green Energy!

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What is Clean Energy?

Clean Energy Comes from clean sources like rivers, oceans, algae, biogas, and geothermal heat. The energy sources are labeled as green or clean because they do not add up to rising levels of greenhouse emissions in the process of producing energy. Additionally, these resources are considered renewable because they are naturally replenished by natural resources. Unlike Fossil fuels that emit Greenhouse gasses on combustion and take Billions of years to replenish. Fossil fuels also produce pollutants like sulfur dioxide and PM2.5 particles that further feed to the greenhouse effect.

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Mining and drilling for Fossil Fuels have also been harmful to certain Geological locations. Mining activities render land useless for any other activity and make the area inhabitable. Thus, using Fossil Fuels as a source of energy is detrimental to not only the environment on a global level but also to the local geography.

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