The word Cold War invokes many emotions, from deceit, intrigue, war, and détente, planning, strategy, groups, proxy wars, and others. The Cold War was a game played by two superpowers USA and Russia, over a 50 year period, where these two superpowers engaged every trick at their disposal to reduce the power of the other and increase their strength.

Since the Cold War, which essentially means war without actually going into war, has so many incidents, so much secret, and dynamics, that it has become an extensive subject. This makes the subject difficult for you.

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What are the facts about the Cold War?

The Cold War Started in 1946 as a result of (U.S. The policy of Soviet Containment ended with the collapse of the USSR, the Conflict players were the United States (NATO) and the Soviet Union (Warsaw Pact). However, the United States can be called the winner of the Cold War. There were many Military and Civilian Deaths during various ProxyWars. Cold War dissertation experts will guide you through the various nuances of the cold war and give you reasoning of the incident on the subject.

What questions were at the center of the Cold War?

Historians have identified severalcausesthat led to the outbreak of theCold War, including tensions between the two nations at the end of WorldWarII, the ideological conflict between both the United States and the Soviet Union, the emergence of nuclear weapons, and the fear of communism in the United States.

Who was to blame for the Cold War?

Russian historians blamed Churchill (the British Prime Minister) and Truman (the American president, 1945-1953). They said Truman and Churchill wanted to destroy the USSR, which was just defending itself.

, Cold War assignment help, will guide you through the various theories on the subject, including

The Traditional View: At first, western writers blamed Russia. They said Stalin was trying to build up a Soviet empire.

The Revisionist View: Later, however, some western historians blamed America. They said Truman had not understood how much Russia had suffered in the Second World War.

The Post-Revisionists: Later still, historians think both sides were to blame – that there were hatreds on both sides.

Most recently, historians agree that the Cold War was primarily a clash of beliefs – Communism versus Capitalism.

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Cold War Dissertation writers

Let’s understand the causes of the Cold War

History dissertation expert, is your ready reckoner, for the subject, A lot of experts agree that The Soviet Union wanted to spread its ideology of communism worldwide, which alarmed the Americans who followed democracy. Other reasons include the acquisition of atomic weapons by America caused fear in the Soviets, Both countries feared an attack from each other.

The Soviet Union’s action of taking control over Eastern Europe was a major factor for US suspicions. The US President had a personal dislike of the Soviet leader Josef Stalin. America was annoyed by the Soviet Union’s actions in the part of Germany it had occupied. The Soviets feared that America would use Western Europe as a base to attack it. Get all the facts of the subject well to do well in your dissertation.

What were the deep causes of the Cold War

Our Dissertation experts will guide you through the deep reasons for the Cold War coming into existence firstly

Ideological Differences:

The United States and the Soviet Union represented two opposing systems of government. In the United States, the government was elected by free elections, unlike the Soviet Union. The people could form political parties to voice their political opinions.

Economic Interests:

The United States wanted to encourage free trade throughout the world. The Soviet Union wanted to shield off its sphere from international commerce. These differences led to much ill-feeling between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Power Rivalry:

After the Second World War, with the decline of Europe, power was largely shared between the Soviet Union and the United States. As one wanted ‘to dominate the other, conflicts were inevitable.

You need to grasp the various deep reasons for the Cold War, in terms of your dissertation.

cold war

Immediate Causes Leading to the Cold War – Get all the facts from us

Cold War assignment help is your complete guide to get the real story of the Cold War. The conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States began at the peace-time conferences. Their conflict was intensified after President Truman declared the Truman Doctrine and launched the Marshall Plan in 1947.

Extension of Russian influence in Europe: Even before the end of the war, the Soviet Union had gradually extended its influence in Europe. As the war was drawing to a close in May 1945, the Soviet Union quickly consolidated its control of Eastern Europe.

The Red Army began by influencing the post-war elections. Although the non-communists could still gain some votes, most of the votes went to the communists. In late 1946, the French and Italian Communists were becoming the most powerful parties in France and Italy. You need to grasp all these incidents well about the Cold War in terms of your assignments.

Nuclear Weapons extended the cold war intensity - find out how from us

Cold War Dissertation Help will guide you through the strategic role played by nuclear weapons collection by both the USA and the Soviet Union in accelerating the Cold War. Both the Soviet Union and the United States knew how to make nuclear weapons. This knowledge made the consequences of their actions much more cautious.

This helped to cause the war during the Cuban Missile Crisis where the Soviet Union planted nuclear missiles at the United States from Cuba for a time. You will do well to get the nuances of the Cold War and the role of nuclear weapons in terms of your dissertation.

The Cold War was brought about by many factors caused at the end of World War II. The ideological differences, economic barriers, political and military alliances, and nuclear weapons all contributed to creating the Cold War. These differences caused mounting tension between the Soviet Union and the west at the end of World War II. The important thing for you is to understand the Cold War comprehensively, to ace your assignments

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