The study which involves experimentation, engineering and theory which is designed for computers is known as computer science. The study of computer science is an approach to computation while solving real-life problems along with the involvement of understanding mechanism and structural expression. Hence, to understand more about computer science and write a related dissertation, it is wise to acquire computer science dissertation help which can contribute to academic excellence. It involves the procedure of algorithms and understanding of facts which can be implemented to construct application and software which relates to the hardware of the computer. Hence, to understand more about computer science and write a related dissertation, it is wise to acquire dissertation help which can contribute to academic excellence. The study of computer science creates computer scientists. The computer science program is designed to understand the procedure and structural input of programming language. The computer science study contributes to the improvement of understanding algorithmic applications and their usage. However, it also caters for a wide scope of the study to explore the areas of applications and software. The creating of software is an output of the human interface which is developed with the study of computer science. The study of computer science also involves an understanding of the complex problem and the theoretical discipline of computing. It is necessary to understand the principle of theory involved in computer science.

History of Computer Science

The word computer is created to relate to the machine rather than a human. In the year 1940, a powerful computer with the ability to solve mechanical calculation came into existence.Since then it is understood by users about the ability of the computer to solve many mathematical problems with the understanding of the complex algorithm. The study of computer science has broadened various aspects of programming and progressed with the evolution of software development and it has contributed to the overall progress of the modern age of computer technology. In early 1950 and 1960s, computer science came into the practice for the study of computer and their related technologies. The first computer degree program was introduced with the name of Cambridge Diploma in Computer Science by the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. It was first introduced in the year 1953. The digital computer of modern times relates to the early study of computer science. Computer science is involved for ages when an understanding of numerical abacus has existed. Computer science involves itself to an understanding of basic calculation along with manipulations of the numbers and their usage. Since then the practical computers came into use and usage of the computer has rapidly increased since then. However, many applications of the computer have come into practice since the development of the degree and the use of the practical computer. However, there were doubts initially among the people to believe that computer could actually solve a problem related to real-life or mathematical factual. However, the use of computer has added an advantage to the overall study of technology and also contributed to the academic curriculum and advancement. IBM contributed to the formation of computer science during the evolution of IBM 704 and later IBM 709 computers. International Business Machines is the full form of IBM. IBM made computers were widely accepted and used during the era of the evolution of computer science. However, it was very slow in terms of processing input in comparison to modern-day computers. It was frustrating for the user to input an instruction to the computers. In the late 1950s, the development of the study of computer science was actually noticed. In the year 1623, the first mechanical calculator was invented by Wilhelm Schickard. Later in 1673, it was further evolved to a digital mechanical calculator with the name of stepped reckoner by Gottfried Leibniz. However, we have eventually noticed the development of computer science and its implementation with the advancement of modern-day computers. The understanding of computer language is well described with the study of computer science and its relevant studies. The development of study has contributed to developing various applications and software which are used in our day to day life. However, the computer science study holds the proximity to understand various growth factor related to the development of the usage of the computer. It is also important to understand some of the facts related to the study of computer science which may better contribute to the success of computer science dissertation. Some of the facts of computer science are:

  • The Philosophy of Computer Science.
  • The Areas or Outline of Computer Science.
  • The Algorithms and Data Structures.
  • The Artificial Intelligence.

The study of computer science has certain attributes which further relates to the use of a modern-day computer. Computer science is a scientific study of language and the scope of algorithms and facts related study which contributes to the overall success of the technology.

Philosophy of the Computer Science

There are various discussions related to the philosophy of computer science. However, some of the discussion also contribute to paradigms of computer sciences such as technology, science and mathematics of computer. Some of the arguments state that the computer is a combination of theory, abstraction, and design. While some define it as the “ rationalist paradigm” contributing to the understanding of mathematics and it is connected with a relation of theoretical science. However, computer technology is equipped with a philosophy to provide a mathematical solution along with algorithm study and development of programs contributing to the scope of implementing the new study. The study of computer science has contributed to the evolution of new technology based on the use of a computer. The computer has the ability to perform multiple tasks in comparison to a human. It is equipped with the ability to understand the command and the instructions made by the human interface. The computer is one of the scientific techniques used to enhance the intellectual requirement to perform multiple tasks based on modern-day technology.

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The Areas of Computer Science

The areas of computer science and its utilization require an extensive study. It has a wide range of topic from theoretical studies of algorithms to limits of computation. However, the vast areas of computer science are researched and it provides evidence of its implementation. The areas of computer science also involve an understanding of the role of hardware along with the role of software. Computing Scene Accreditation Board, also known as CSAB, is made up of the representatives of ACM formerly known as the Association for Computing Machinery. The CSAB identifies some areas of computer science that are considered to be a crucial part of a study of the computation and they are:

  • Theory of Computation
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Programming Methodology
  • Languages
  • Computer Elements
  • Computer Architecture

While some of the areas of computer science which is considered to be an important fact of studies are:

  • Software Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Database Systems
  • Parallel Computation
  • Distributed Computation
  • Computer Graphics
  • Operating Systems.
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Theoretical View of Computer Science

The mathematics and abstract frame the theoretical computer science. Theoretical computer science is constructed mainly for everyday computation. It experiments with the understanding of the use of computation and provides a solution for methodologies and the advancement of usage of computation. The theoretical view of information conveyed for the use of computation is a strategy to implement ideas to the contribution of the development of a computing system. It is based on answering the key questions related to computing to determine the number of questions that can be solved with the use of computation. It also stands with the possibility of solving complex numeral problems along with mechanical calculations. It is a known fact to everyone that the renowned problem of P = NP? Is yet one of the open problems involved in the study of computation.

The Algorithms and Data Structures

The algorithms and data structures of computing are the basic fundamentals of the computer. However, it is also considered as one of the major components without which the computation would not have existed. Most of the programming languages of computation are based on the data structures and the algorithm which deals with the design, input method, analysis along characterization and classification of the programming languages. It is implemented with the intention of creating applications and increasing the scope of its usage. However, it affects positively the scope of software engineering, solving mathematical problems and linguistics.

The Artificial Intelligence of Computer Science

The AI, which is known as the Artificial Intelligence of the computation, aims at the skill of problem-solving, decision-making, adoption of ideas from the environment and understanding of human interpretation. Artificial Intelligence originated from two sources namely cybernetics and the warmouth conference in the year 1956. Since the inception of AI, it is being researched on the applied mathematics, symbolic logic, semiotics, electrical engineering and the philosophy of the development of computing. It also contributes to the development of robotic computing and the use of such intelligence expanded over the years. However, it is still the question of users whether the computer can think and it has less feasibility for the positive answer of the question.


The drafting of the computer science dissertation involves the understanding of language and must be represented in an ethical and decent manner. The language of content must reveal the authenticity of the content and relate to the topic. While you write a computer science dissertation and conduct an in-depth study of the topic, it is necessary to understand the scope of study along with information that can be contributed to the study of computation.

Considerations While Writing a Computer Science Dissertation Assignment

There are numerous factors involved while writing a computer science dissertation. However, it is important to fathom those facts while writing a dissertation. It is also required to understand the scope of study and aspects of the computer science dissertation.

We have mentioned here a few factors which can contribute to a better dissertation and they are:-

  • The topic and content must be related to each other.
  • The references should be in relation to the topic and should have the ability to contribute numerous information.
  • There should be the availability of resources and guidelines to contribute to the research.
  • The topic should cater to useful information with facts and findings related to the research.

The computer science dissertation is composed of references, in-depth study and understanding of the subject. It is also important that students must understand the scope of the topic to deliver an outstanding dissertation. The computer science dissertation involves a comparison of information and implementation of skills and hard work along with analytical research. An extensive study and writing contribute to the facts and findings to be represented in a theoretical manner. However, we have mentioned here a few points that may contribute to writing a computer science dissertation and they are:-

  • Interact to know more about the topic.
  • Understand the analytical scope of the subject along with the topic.
  • Acquire information from the resources provided by the university and also from other sources.
  • While writing the computer science dissertation, use your talent and implement your skills.
  • Consult the subject with experts for the pertaining information.

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