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Dissertation Research Question Help from Our PhD Experts from Renowned UK Universities

Dissertation questions are the questions that you need to answer through your research project. Such questions highlight the relevant difficulties through intensive analysis and data interpretation. The dissertation questions also outline the key aspect of your study, dynamic and based on intensive research. Your entire dissertation writing project can be based on a single research question or even feature multiple questions based on the type of study.

Coming to the significance of the dissertation question, we can say that framing the same confines the large topic into a distinctive field of study (Creswell, 2014). It also functions as a thorough guiding structure for extensive research, discloses the limit of your study, and guarantees consistency. Last but not least, a detailed and relevant research question influences key factors in a dissertation paper, such as research methodology, data collection, and analysis (Lipowski, 2008).

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Types of Dissertation Research Questions Discussed by our Dissertation Experts

We can classify research questions based on the type of research, such as quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods.

Quantitative Research Questions

Quantitative research questions are detailed and feature both independent & dependent research design. Such questions eliminate the usage of words like "is & "are" and "do" & "does." Quantitative questions are necessary for understanding social and educational experiences instigated in a special context. Quantitative research questions can be categorized into descriptive, comparative, and relationship. Descriptive research questions describe variables suitable for measurement and mostly start with "What." The comparative questions aim to find key differences between two or more entities. Last but not least, relationship research questions study and define various developments and associations between two or more variables. You can avail yourself of good guidance on quantitative research questions by availing ourdissertation question help online.

Qualitative Research Questions

Qualitative research questions are associated with research design and are mostly flexible and non-directional. An extensive study on qualitative questions makes every effort to "discover," "explain," or "explore."

Different Criteria Used for Finding the Quality of Dissertation Research Questions

We include different criteria for assessing the quality and significance of good research questions. One among them is the FINER Criteria.


A good dissertation research question is feasible if it comes under the territory of a researcher's examination ability. They must be realistic about their capability in data collection and effective research following theirs underneath skills and resources.


The research question should be interesting to both the researchers and their peers. It also helps the researchers with the right motivation to go ahead.


The research question you bring in must showcase new insights on your field of study and extend the data received from previous research.


The research question you develop must follow the criteria and guidelines of the review board and the right authorities.


Your research question should also be relevant to the individuals associated with your area of study.

Let’s Understand Some Dissertation Frameworks

The research questions you develop must follow a definite structure for better clarity. There are several frameworks available which you can use for the same. Let's discuss the crucial ones below discussed in our dissertation help.

PICOT Framework

The PICOT framework was presented in 1995, and using this, you can address crucial elements of your research study. You can access key aspects like population, expected results, and total time required for the same. PICOT framework is commonly used in clinical & evidence-based studies. The PICOT framework defines

P- Population, Patients, or Problem

I – Intervention or Indicator

C – comparison Group

O – Outcome of Interest

T – Total timeframe of the study

PEO Framework

Like the PICOT framework, the PEO framework is also used in clinical studies, but it effectively uses qualitative research questions instead of quantitative questions. The framework includes

P – Population

E – Exposure to previous conditions

O – Outcome of Interest

Which Criteria Do I Have to Follow for Developing Good and Strong Dissertation Questions?

A good and strong dissertation question is essential for writing the long-form paper diligently. It offers a clear meaning and insight into your academic work. Hence to come to develop the same, you must be focused on a specific issue. The question you ascertain must be researchable by both primary and secondary resources and appropriate to answer within the given timeframe.

What Are the Key Tips to Follow in Coming Up with Good Dissertation Questions?

Finding the right dissertation question is a daunting task; however, you can't overcome the process as it is the most integral part of your dissertation writing journey. So with some proven tips, you can overcome the intricacies and look forward to developing the best dissertation questions. First of all, find the best topic that interests you but remember it must be unique. Secondly, read extensively and keep yourself updated with current developments and ongoing issues. Last but not least, be objective, and if you face any kind of difficulties, never constraint yourself to consider the best dissertation question help around you.

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