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In any given year, our world experiences more than 18 earthquakes of 7.0 magnitude or greater. 80% of these earthquakes will likely to happen on the so-called Ring of Fire. This Ring of Fire depicts the pacific plate along with a section of the coast of California. The magnitudes of these earthquakes can cause devastating damage if took place in a populous region.

Earthquake engineering deals with the study of earthquakes and its hazards along with the possible measures to downsize the risk factor. It draws on the disciplines of various studies such as structural engineering, structural dynamics, seismology, geotechnical engineering, and many more. With the help of these disciplines engineers and scientists holistically address the performance of infrastructure in an uncertain seismic future.

Seismologists expect major earthquakes in San Francisco, Tokyo, and Istanbul. Why including these names in a particular order? These three cities are the most densely populous regions. These cities may suffer the inevitable waves similarly but when it comes to the structures, they may have different tolls.

Objective of earthquake Engineering

Get earthquake engineering assignment help from our top experts to find out more such examples for scoring maximum marks. The reasons are the buildings and bridges of these cities and their designs.

What is the most damage we associate with seismic activities? The entrapment of people by collapsed building, or no water and electricity supply for a certain amount of time. The effect of the quake depends on the people of the city, its residents, and how the government has engineered various structures and pipelines.

Ground shaking is a complex phenomenon, and engineering a seismic safe structure involves the design, construction, and location.

Have you ever wondered why a skyscraper is considered safe than a small building office? Although, the opposite can be true as well.

Because when the earth shakes beneath a structure, it makes the structure above it sway, as the earthquake energy moves through these waves. The taller the building, the more flexible it is, and the more flexible it is, it requires less energy to avoid the structure from toppling. You can feel these same phenomena on a bus. The more you stand stiff; it is easier for you to fall while riding a bus. It takes less effort to remain standing if you flex. Also, the shorter structures are stiffer than the taller ones. A thirty-story apartment is considered more prone to collapse because of an earthquake than a thirty-story skyscraper. So, to make shorter buildings seismic safe, structural engineers must design the support elements to withstand greater forces.

Furthermore, the materials of the structure do impact the strength, and flexibility, greatly. In seismic zones, unreinforced concrete and masonry are favoured for the construction. Engineers keep in mind to design structures to absorb the energy-waves through the height of the structure. So, construction of floors and walls are done to transfer the energy downwards back to the Earth along with this the joints between the supportive parts can be reinforced for tolerating any bending and misshape by the inevitable forces.

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Perhaps truss is the most visually seismic safety feature for tall structures. Know more about more such measures from our experts in earthquake engineering assignment help. Writing about the various measures used in known projects is favourable for your assignment for example the Transamerica Pyramid situated in San Francisco. It is recognised worldwide for its famous architecture, a wide base that gradually narrows vertically when going up. This unique structure stabilizes the pyramid. The base is supported by a network of diagonal trusses. This safeguards the building against horizontal and vertical forces.

To strengthen a building against seismic activities, reducing the force of the structure it is subjected to, helps. Engineers install base isolators; these isolators isolate the building’s base from any movement of the Earth. Most of these isolators come in two forms. Some isolators are similar to giant honey pucks. These squish and deform as the structure sways above them, absorbing the earthquake energy. Other isolators come in a set of two horizontal surfaces; they slide past each other as the plates make them frictionless. The structure is situated on the top of the plate, and the bottom plate is situated on the ground. When there is any movement, only the bottom plate lurches and slides back and forth the top plates.

Know about the devastation caused in Mexico City in the year 1985. Our experts will elucidate examples of various such incidences in detail to help you grasp more knowledge for your earthquake engineering assignment help.

Sometimes, the resonant frequency of a building matches that of the earthquake wave. This amplifies the effects, making the wave a very destructive force. The same happened in the year 1985 in Mexico. Mid-range, 10-14 stories buildings were in resonance with the waves of the earthquake. This caused more damage to those buildings than the taller ones. Moreover, the effect of earthquake differs in varied soils as it passes through the Earth. Mexico is based on a mud plain and far from the seismic zone but, due to the resonance phenomena, the city suffered the most from those situated in the epicentre.

So, the ground beneath the structure plays an important role in considering its safety. It is known that bedrock absorbs more seismic waves than sandy soils, and if the sandy soils contain water in them, it acts as quicksand during the Earthquake. During an earthquake, the saturated soils get strongly squeezed. It makes them lose their strength and prompts them to behave like a liquid. This process is called liquefaction. More often the buildings situated over such soils get sunk or toppled.

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