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How To Choose a Topic For An Extended Essay?

The subject must be related to one of the six subjects required for the diploma, or it can be an interdisciplinary 'world studies' issue related to two of their subjects. This necessitates viewing a global issue through a local lens, such as cultural, terrorism, or how broader climate change, health, or technology trends manifest in a specific context or location. If you are unable to choose a topic, seek our extended essay help. It is usually best for students to choose a topic they are interested in, not least because they will be working on it for a year! One option is to choose something they've recently questioned.


For example, a physics student who saw the film The Martian, shot in Namibia's desert, might have found it surprising that Earth is so similar to Mars. They see some similarities as well as differences between the two. You might want to look into Planets. An English student may want to compare how different authors use a particular literary style in their poems. In economics, a student may compare the dynamics of a particular market (such as shoes, cars, finance, or a food type) to a specific theory. A student of history can see how the rules of two different dictatorships can be viewed through the lens of a particular ideology.

It's normal to feel overwhelmed when there are too many options for a topic. Brainstorming about a topic they enjoy or are good at, as well as thinking about why they want it, can help generate ideas. He or she is interested in two related things (technologies, historical events, books, poems, inventions, markets, experiments, planets, geographic regions, etc.). Comparing them with a related concept can be an excellent starting point. The IBO must approve the subject, which the school will assist with.

How To Choose a Research Question for an Extended Essay?

After deciding on a topic, students must formulate a research question. A poorly phrased research question will make this learning experience stressful. The question must be relevant and focused, with an answer that is more than just a simple yes or no. It must also be answerable. It is unnecessary to justify the research question; it is perfectly acceptable to disagree with the initial hypothesis. The questions will be divided into two categories. Either way, their goal will be to solve a problem, for example, by experimenting. Alternatively, they will conduct research or studies on the subject. If you're stuck on a topic, turn to our extended essay help online for assistance. If you are confused about the topic, then seek our extended essay help online to get done with your essay.

The question should not begin with words like 'does,' 'will,' or 'is.' Simply saying 'Yes, it is true or 'No, it is not true' is insufficient. As a result, the highest-scoring essays typically include a research question beginning with 'to what extent,' 'a study,' 'an analysis,' or 'how far,' or even asking to be analysed. A statement can also be made for.

Students frequently pose a question without considering their ability to answer it. It is critical to consider how relevant data can be gathered, as an essay that incorporates both primary and secondary research will be well supported. However, it should be noted that in some cases, only secondary data can be used. That's fine, but you should explain why. If you've been thinking about the question for a long time, or if there are too many constraints to collecting data, it might be best to change it with the help of a supervisor before getting bogged down in it.

However, our extended essay help experts remain available to assist other students with their tasks.

Body of the Essay: Investigation, Analysis, and Writing

As per our extended essay help experts, once the research questions have been established and tested, it is time to collect primary and secondary data. It's a good idea to keep a data log. The research findings may be included in an appendix and, where appropriate, referred to in the text. Charts and tables can be used to summarise the data in the essay.

Once all of the data has been gathered, it can be analysed. Its outcomes should be evaluated using relevant concepts and reading in the chosen subject. Before you begin writing, write down the arguments, structure, and headings so that the essay can be presented clearly and logically, using any terminology correctly.

Introduction And Conclusion

At this stage, a rough draft of the introduction can be written. The opening can be adjusted to fit the essay once the data has been collected, analysed, and evaluated. The introduction should explain why the research question is essential and how it relates to the topic. To put it another way, it should establish the academic context for the essay.

The conclusion should come at the end of the paper and not include any additional research or analysis. It should be a summary of what has already been saying. The examiner thoroughly examined it.

Abstract And Final Section Of The Extended Essay

The student must write the abstract, which is a 300-word summary of the essay, at the end of the writing process. The research question, an overview of the analysis, and an answer to the research question should all be included.

A title page, a content page, a reference and bibliography, and any appendices are also required for students (for example, containing any data). All of these considerations should be factored into the word limit. Feeling confused? With our essay writing help, you can get A grades.

Here is a Sample for Your Reference:

Extended Essay Sample Extended Essay Sample Framework Extended Essay Sample

FAQs Answered By Our Extended Essay Help Experts

Is the extended essay argumentative?

The extended essay is your chance to go beyond disassembling things and figure out how to put them back together. Essays are explanatory or argumentative pieces of writing.

Do universities look at the extended dissertation?

In most cases, they do not. During the application process, your potential university will not ask for your extended dissertation or require you to provide any information about it.

How do you end an extended essay?

Your conclusion should never introduce new material and should only restate your essay. Please keep in mind that the conclusion in an IB Extended Dissertation must first answer the research question stated in the introduction.

How long is the IB Extended Dissertation?

The extended dissertation is a self-directed thesis that culminates in a 4,000-word paper. The Extended Dissertation is a required component of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program (DP) core for all students.

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