Simply writing GAMSAT essays is not enough; you must do so in a systematic manner in order to get the most out of your preparation. From understanding the theme and brainstorming ideas to creating a thesis and choosing a structure, it is all difficult to deal with. Your GAMSAT essay requires clear and succinct and a good revision before submission. As ACER does not give any sort of guidelines regarding the structure, word count, and length, it might become difficult for you to manage it. Wait! All your worries can come to an end! Want to know how? My Assignment Services has come up with GAMSAT essay help to provide you top-notch GAMSAT essays that will take care of every section.

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What is the Correct GAMSAT Essay Structure?

Our GAMSAT essay help experts say that because the quality of what you write is far more essential than the quantity; hence you should concentrate on what you write about as well as how you communicate and organise your thoughts. The following is a basic guideline for your GAMSAT Essay Structure:

  • An introduction
  • Three-body paras
  • A conclusion

This recommended structure, however, is not always relevant to all types of essays. The format of your GAMSAT essay might potentially be more flexible if you were writing a creative one. The most important consideration is how to organise your thoughts so that your arguments are presented rationally and coherently.

A frequent simple tip is to aim for around 500 words, but the most essential thing to remember is to concentrate on the quality of your essay instead of the number of words. Do it if you can explain an idea clearly and effectively with fewer words.

Relevant GAMSAT Essay Topics For You

Section 2 of the GAMSAT Essay is made up of two essays, which are commonly referred to as Task A and Task B. These are each written in response to a separate set of stimuli. These prompts are given as a collection of quotes, most probably five with a common topic or theme.

Here are the themes of section A task A:

  • Crime
  • Humour
  • Poverty
  • Mutual understanding
  • War
  • Punishment
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Language
  • Freedom

Here are the themes of section A task B:

  • Ageing
  • Wisdom
  • Intellect
  • Suffering
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Youth
  • Beauty
  • Genuineness
  • Originality
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Here is a GAMSAT essay sample for your reference:

GAMSAT essay sample sample of GAMSAT conclusion and reference of GAMSAT GAMSAT essay sample for your reference

GAMSAT Essay Example And Feedback Of Our Experts

Here you can find GAMSAT essay example and feedback written by our GAMSAT essay help online experts:

People are convinced that their votes determine authority, but those who count the votes have the true power. People have almost no say as to whether power is gained through corruption or manipulation, even if they try to mount a backlash. Corruption is common, but the vexing case of Robert Mugabe stands out as a particularly egregious example. Even in a simulated broken pre-election constituency, pledges are used to deceive the people. Throughout history, tyrants have appeared to demonstrate how corrupted the voting process may be.

Robert Mugabe's series of poor judgments have wreaked havoc on Zimbabwe while enriching him and his family. Farmland ownership by whites was abolished by President Mugabe in 200. His idea was to offer the land to the native Zimbabweans in order to help them become more successful and therefore get more power. This was a significant pledge, and it helped him gain popularity among his compatriots. Mugabe's family ended up owning 39 farms during the crossover era, with the remainder going to inexperienced Zimbabweans. As a result, food production has plummeted, and Zimbabwe's economy has suffered as a result, leading the country to ditch its currency in 2009.

The white farmers, however, had been quite successful in their farming and had helped to stimulate economic growth. Despite widespread disapproval among Zimbabweans, Robert Mugabe was re-elected in 2010 with a massive 60 percent of the vote. Given the conditions, it appears improbable that he will be re-elected. The voting authorities under Mugabe's supervision are suspected of corruption, but few are ready to oppose his power.

In the 2013 election in Western Australia, an estimated 1800 persons allegedly voted several times at different polling booths. Previously, thousands of votes were thought to have merely vanished, necessitating a fresh election; now, in light of this new information, a new inquiry is underway. This is an example of people attempting to reclaim power. Despite the fact that it is illegal, most people would not consider it less ethically bad than corruption or control, particularly on such large dimensions as Robert Mugabe and the Labor Party. Voting is a human construct, and like any other human innovation, it can be readily controlled.

What Do Our GAMSAT Essay Writing Experts Say?

As per our GAMSAT essay help experts, this essay is well-written and seems to make a strong case by using well-researched examples. There are no serious flaws in this essay's written expression. While statements could be condensed and stated in a more direct manner in some circumstances, this is not a major flaw in the essay.

The essay's structure is similarly fundamental argumentative essay structure; nonetheless, the first major flaw in this essay that stops it from receiving a high grade is that the quote chosen by the writer is incompatible with the second example presented. Although this example discusses a political party shifting its tune after an election, it is unclear how it contributes to the notion that the election system is in some way tainted.

FAQs Answered By Our GAMSAT Essay Help Experts

How long is a GAMSAT essay?

The total time allotted to applicants for writing these GAMSAT essays is 65 minutes. This period is divided into five minutes of reading followed by 60 minutes of writing.

What is the point of GAMSAT?

GAMSAT is designed to evaluate your ability to comprehend and analyse content, think critically about issues, and, in the instance of the Written Communication portion, organise and articulate your ideas in a logical and effective manner. Questions on the GAMSAT are derived from a variety of sources.

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