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Geoscience is also known as ‘Earth Science’. It’s an umbrella term for any science concerning planetary processes. It includes the planet’s physical structure, its various atmospheres, short-term variations in the weather to long-term climate change, the volcanoes, the tectonics and its movement, the formation of mountains and hills. The scope of geoscience is very vast and so it is divided into four broad areas:

Astronomy- Astronomy is the perusal of extraterrestrial bodies, the universe-its impact, and effect on various areas of geoscience- ecology, geology, and meteorology, for instance, the moon has various effects on the earth and so, in this subject we study its impact on terrestrial tides, asteroids, and bolide strikes.

Meteorology- In this, we study the planet’s chemistry, its physical characteristics, its purpose, the procedures resulting in the current changes, and atmospheric dynamics- weather, climate, etc.

Geology- This field is concerned with the solid components that make the structures of the planet. It comprises the core, the mantle, the phenomena of erosion and its procedures, soil science, and sedimentology.

Oceanography- This study is concerned with the oceans and their environment. It comprises the deep-sea processes, life surviving in the oceans, etc.

Geoscience or Earth Science furthermore includes the areas of natural history such as palaeontology and its various sub-disciplines like archaeology and anthropology.

Archaeology and anthropology- Archaeologists and anthropologists are interested in the perusal of the environmental past and its various impacts on agricultural practices, resource gathering, mining of minerals, etc.

Our geoscience assignment help experts cover a wide range of topics for you to score the highest score in the subject such as the disciplines of geoscience, climate change and its impact on various areas of geoscience, etc.

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With the recent worsening state of our planet, it has become crucial now, more than ever that we understand the natural world and the dependency we have on our environment. It is saddening and worrying that geoscience as an academic study is not heavily emphasised upon as the other subjects such as chemistry, physics, biology, etc.

Climate change is a hot topic in this day and age, and there is a valid reason behind it. According to the annual report on the impacts of global warming, released by the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC) in the year 2018, the global temperature has risen 1 degree Celsius and is predicted to be gradually rising to 1.5 degree Celsius by 2030. This enormous change will lead to massive heat waves, droughts, sea-level rise, decrease in biodiversity, change in climate, etc.

Furthermore, as the temperature continues to rise, ice from glaciers will melt. This will result in the sea level rise, the rise in ocean temperature, an increase in the acidity level of the ocean, and the lowering of oxygen level in oceans. What do we expect from these changes? We will witness more coastal flooding, loss, and immense damage of coats, a decrease in the production of fisheries and aquaculture, and this will further cause irreversible damage to the marine and coastal ecosystems.

Know more about the changes and its results from our geoscience assignment help experts. They have helped many students with these topics and they look forward to doing the same for you. Know about various research and studies going in this field and the measures are taken by our geoscientists or environmentalist to protect our environment.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) further states that there will be a loss of 70-90% coral reef systems. These coral reefs are the most diverse and important ecosystems on our planet. The loss of these reefs means the loss of thousands of species as many species live in these coral reefs. Moreover, not only their disappearance will cause thousands of species to disappear but it would also cause a loss of millions of dollars they bring through tourism and fisheries. Furthermore, in the medicinal fields, these coral reefs are used, and they provide the land with structural protection from wave action and erosion.

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Our geoscience assignment help experts will further brief you about how the increase in temperature will affect the cyclones, shortly. Temperature rise and coastal flooding are the perfect components to intensify tropical cyclones. They will increase the number of categories of 4 and 5 hurricanes in these regions.

Similarly, there are many more issues with climatic change such as inland flooding, heavy rainfall, etc. Know more about these from our geoscience assignment help experts.

Geoscience helps in understanding all such phenomena which help in finding out the measures to protect our environment. The larger organisation and the government don’t have to state the obvious. As an individual, we need to perform due diligence for our environment’s sake. Ask our geoscience assignment help experts for various measures.

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