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Constituents & Elucidation of Homeostasis


The capacity of the human body regarding the maintenance of the stability of diverse internal variables is illustrated as homeostasis. The variables that are maintained by the process named homeostasis include temperature, acidity and the level of water. This is mainly a self-regulating process and this concept involves how any organism can maintain its internal conditions. Homeostasis helps an organism to adapt and to survive in a changing and hostile environment.

The mechanism of homeostasis brings about a natural resistance to change when the body is in optimal conditions and other regulatory mechanisms lead to the maintenance of equilibrium. The three interdependent components of homeostasis are-

  • Receptor - The sensing component that monitors and responds to the internal or external environmental changes is called a receptor. The receptors can be bifurcated into two different types namely mechanoreceptor and thermoreceptors. It also contains the nuclear receptors that bring about an alteration in the mechanism of gene expression via the up and the down-regulation.

  • Control center - Control system mainly comprises two elements namely the respiratory center and the other one is the renin-angiotensin system.

  • Effector - Effectors are the component that is mainly targeted to bring down the change back to the change to the normal state.

Homeostasis is a subject that comes under the subject of human anatomy and human systems physiology and this subject has now evolved with greater research after the advancements of different kinds of molecular techniques. This topic is vast as it covers all the human body systems and also involves metabolic networks and cell signaling concepts.

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Feedback Regulation: Blazon and Classification of Homeostasis

The feedback system is illustrated as the closed-loop in which inputs are fed from the last actions which mean changes in the internal environment to control the future actions.

Feedback mechanisms in homeostasis can be bifurcated into two types-

  • Negative feedback- maintain a stable range of values

  • Positive feedback – a growth cycle
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Negative feedback

It is the most common mechanism which is used to maintain homeostasis. It indulges the response which is the reverse of the detected change. This negative feedback functions to reduce the change. The mechanism is such that the receptor detects the change and the effectors then functionally induce an opposite effect and this promotes equilibrium. The understanding of the negative feedback mechanism is a basic fundamental requirement in understanding the concepts of human physiology.

Example of the body processes that inculcates the negative feedback loop including the homeostasis systems are –

  • Thermoregulation- It is the process that if the change in body temperature is there, then a negative feedback mechanism is induced to restore normal levels.
  • Regulation of the blood sugar – By the negative feedback mechanism, if the blood sugar level is high, insulin lowers it and when the blood glucose level is low, glucagon raises it.
  • Osmoregulation – ADH is secreted to balance the condition of dehydration and when the body is hydrated then its secretion is inhibited by a negative feedback mechanism.

Positive feedback

This feedback mechanism intensifies the changes in the body irrespective of making any alterations or changes. It reinforces the changes detected. The process is such that the changes are detected or sensitised by the receptor and the effector is activated to induce the same effect. The loops of the positive feedback continue the amplification of the changes till the stimulus gets eliminated.

Some of the commonly known processes of the positive feedback mechanism includes-

  • Childbirth – Conducts the stretching of the endometrial wall
  • Lactation – Stimulation of the milk production
  • Ovulation – Follicular cells release the hormone oestrogen that causes stimulation of LH and FSH in promoting follicular growth.
  • Blood clotting – Agglomeration of the platelets at the injury site due to the release of clotting factors.

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Homeostasis Assignment

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