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Human development emerged as a crucial concept of development in the 1990s. It comprises the economic, political, social, and cultural freedom to enjoy. It depicts the psychological and biological growth of a human throughout his life span. These biological, psychological, and cognitive variations affect nutritional status along with nutrient needs.

The importance of theories in human development assignment help:

The evolution in thinking and behavioural patterns occurs throughout a human’s life. The various theories of human development help in shedding light on these constantly changing patterns. Psychologists, sociologists, and others have done many studies on this subject and divided the lifespan of humans into primarily 3 developmental domains these include the physical, cognitive, and social domain. In the physical developmental phase, major changes occur in body parts like the skeleton, organ size, etc. The cognitive stage deals with the development of motor skills, and the social developmental domain deals with the processes through which relationships are built.

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Different theories of human development:

Freud’s psychosexual development theory

Freud stated that a human is always conflicted by his three different sections of the human psyche. He named these psyche as the id, the ego, and the superego. The first psyche known as the id is known to be bad which makes us commit something selfish and foul. In the second psyche, the ego is our inner self which makes us analyse things to do or not. The last, superego acts as the monitor and the evaluator of the ego. The superego evaluates every act by values and standards.

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Sigmund Freud also mentioned the five stages of psychosexual stages in human development these are: the oral stage, the anal stage, the phallic stage, the latency stage, and the genital stage. The oral stage lasts from the birth of a child to almost a year. In this stage, the sensory area of the mouth of a child provides him sensual satisfaction like sucking, chewing, biting, etc. The second stage lasts from 1 year of age to 3 years. In this developmental phase, sensual satisfaction is obtained from the anal and urethral area. In this phase, training to defecate starts for a child. The third stage lasts from 3 years of age to 6 years, and in this phase, a child gets more intrigued about his genitalia and sensitive zones. They now get curious about the dissimilarities in the sexes. The latency phase lasts from 6 years of age to puberty; in this phase, the child elaborates on the learned traits, previously. The genital stage lasts from puberty to death. This phase brings maturation in the reproductive systems and sex hormones.

Erikson’s psychosocial development theory

During adolescence, dramatic physiological changes occur, and it brings various psychosocial developments like heightened sexual awareness and preoccupation with body image.

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Piaget’s intellectual/cognitive development theory

The early age of adolescence, also brings with it some cognitive changes. At the starting phase of adolescence our cognitive development is dominated by egocentrism, concrete thinking, and impulsive behaviours. Jean Piaget’s work is the most significant in the field of cognitive development and its studies. According to Jean Piaget’s theory, there are four major emotional development stages these are sensorimotor, pre-operational, Intuitive phase, concrete operation, and Formal operation.

Human Development Assignment Help

Kohlberg’s moral development theory

Kohlberg’s moral theory is a bit controversial because he places morality under a scientific lens. By doing so, he stated that morality is based on social and biological aspects.

Fowler’s spiritual development theory

According to Fowler faith is universal and is showcased in the form of beliefs, rituals, and signs of a particular religion. Spirituality affects a human’s body, mind, and soul.

Language development

Language is an important aspect of learning, and to communicate effectively to develop a child’s intellect emotionally and socially. Language is a complex system incorporating grammatical and semantic properties. Children understand language before when they start speaking it.

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Human Development


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