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What Is Programming?

Computer programming has gained huge popularity in the past 3 decades. So many students want to opt for this course in order to get a job at their dream techs company such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Apple, and whatnot. In simpler terms ‘programming’ is a way to instruct the computer to perform various tasks, whereas, instructing the computer means that you provide a set of instructions to the computer that is written in a language that the computer can decipher. The instructions could be of various types:

  • Adding 2 numbers
  • Rounding off a number, etc.

Understand these as, just like we understand various languages such as English, French, Spanish, etc. so does the computer; it contemplates specific languages. Computers understand instructions that are encoded in a specific syntactical form known as the programming language. So, programming is a way to give commands to computers to perform a specific task.

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What Is A Programming Language?

It is a notation designed to connect instructions to a machine or a computer. Different programming languages are used to control and navigate the performances of a machine or to express algorithms. At present, there are a thousand programming languages. In the field of computers, various languages need to be stated in an imperative form, while other programming languages utilize declarative form. The program can be categorized into two forms i.e. syntax and semantics. Some languages are defined by an SO standard like the C language.

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Types Of Programming Languages

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Procedural Programming Language

It is used to execute a sequence of statements that lead us to a result. Typically, this kind of programming language uses multiple variables, heavy loops, and other elements, separating them from functional programming languages.

Functional Programming Language

It typically uses stored data frequently avoiding loops in favour of recursive functions. The main focus of this language is to return values of functions, and side effects, and different suggests that storing state is strongly discouraged.

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Object-oriented Programming Language

This language’s perspective about the world is a group of objects that possess internal data and external accessing parts of that data. The aim is to think about the fault by separating it into a collection of objects that provide services that can be utilized to solve a specific issue.

Scripting Programming Language

These languages are often procedural and may include object-oriented language elements, but they do not fall into this category because they are not full-fledged programming languages with support for the development of large systems.

Logic Programming Language

These kinds of languages let programmers make declarative statements and then allow the machine to reason about the results of those statements.

Nevertheless, let us come to the various levels of programming languages. Programming languages can be broadly classified into three categories (i.e. levels of programming languages).

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Levels of Programming Languages

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Machine Languages

These can also be called the “native tongue” of the computers, the language closest to the hardware itself. A computer comprises a unique machine language, and each language program is made up of a series of binary patterns, for example, 01011100, which means simple operations that can be done by the computer. These programs are executable; it means that they can run directly. It requires memorization of the binary codes.

Assembly Languages

They represent an effort to make programming an easier task for us. The machine language instructions are replaced with simple pneumonic abbreviations such as ADD, MOV, and thus these languages are unique to a specific computer. Before the execution, this language program needs a translation to machine language. This task is accomplished by a computer program called an Assembler.

High-Level Languages

These include C, JAVA, C++, etc. These languages are similar to the English language and are, therefore easier for programmers to think in the programming language. Moreover, it requires translation to machine language before the execution. Compilers or interpreter accomplishes the task of translation. Compilers translate the entire source code program before execution, for example, JAVA, C++, etc. On the other hand, interpreters translate source code programs one line at a time, for example, python. Interpreters are more interactive than compilers.

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