The term marketing is related to the market for buying or selling of goods or services. It is a process of exchange that is interconnected with various other factors of the business. Marketing is a process where the business is carried out either by buying or selling of good or services which in turn represents the capability of a product or venture. It is an important part of the business without which business would not come into existence. It is wise to take essay writing help from experts to fetch an in-depth information and study about marketing. An expert can further guide you with a thorough analysis of the subject. Business growth is directly responsible for the actual operations of the marketing strategy. Marketing is a planned strategy to execute or generalize a product or a business to the public in large. It is the process of communicating and delivering information or the products or exchange of commodity with currency. Marketing is a kind of research and implementation of its own. It has various approaches and has the capability to showcase different products in a unique method. The process of marketing involves various personnel and a management team to operate the entire concept. It is a key fundamental to business. Marketing can also be stated as the part of communication to promote services or products of a business which in general relates to the overall growth of the venture. Marketing structure involves the creativity of different roles. It includes advertising, distribution along selling.


It is the part of marketing that is responsible for the promotion of services or products or the objectives of any organization. It is generally considered to be the prime way to promote a service or product to the public.


It is the role of marketing that involves a chain of a business that actually caters for a single or multiple products of any organization. It is the system that flows any product or services through a network to ultimately deliver it to the public.


The selling of a service or product is one of the main criteria of the product or services of a company. It involves the work of a salesman, management team or manager to actually figure outgrowth of the company through sales. It is considered to be a skill of personnel involved in it or the promotional activity which actually sells the product or services. Selling is directly related to the growth of the company or an organization. Without selling there won't be any existence of business or organization.

According to the American Marketing Association, it is defined as "the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large". The study of marketing across the college or universities also involves social sciences, psychology, sociology, mathematics, economics and much more. The profession of marketing inputs skills and knowledge of the organization. Marketing involves the creation of the approach to selling the products or services.

Scope of Marketing

Marketing is a major segment involved in any business. It has a wide scope of engaging with practical scenarios. For ages, marketing has played a major role in the growth of each and every industry. It has the potential to deliver excellence of sale to personnel. The department of marketing has always expanded for ages. It has involved and enhanced the lives of the working professional and contributed to the development of society. Marketing involves the team of professionals who ensures to cater the responsibility of promoting and delivering the goods or services to the people as a whole. A typical marketing strategy of a product involves the following parameters such as
  • Manufacturing Unit
  • Warehouse Unit
  • Clearing and Forwarding Agent
  • Wholesaler
  • Distributor
  • Retailer
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Manufacturing Unit-

A manufacturing unit is a place where all the products of the company are produced. It involves manufacturing, refurbishing or maintaining the quality of a product. The manufacturing unit generally occupies a larger space and it also appoints huge employees. It is generally equipped with machinery and packing and transporting goods.

Warehouse Unit-

This is the unit of an organization where all the manufactured or processed goods are stored before dispatching. It is the unit of the organization that acts to store and dispatch goods to a different location based on the requirement. It generally requires a large infrastructure and transport facility.

Clearing and Forwarding Agent-

The Clearing and Forwarding Agent(C&F) validates its role to stock and ship the product to a wholesaler or distributor. It is generally appointed as one party of one state. C&F is responsible for the stock to be delivered to a wholesaler and collect payment from the same. Company awards C&F a certain percentage of an overall value of the stock dispatched further from the C&F.


The role of a wholesaler is one of the safest yet profitable roles. The wholesaler generally indulges to supply goods in bulk to the distributor or sometimes directly to a retailer. The wholesaler sells the product to the distributor at a much-discounted price. Wholesaler keeps less margin but as a whole earn a big profit by selling in bulk.


Distributor is a key person between a wholesaler and a retailer. Distributor indulges to distribute products to various retailers on a cash or credit basis. The distributor has the key capability to promote the product to a retailer and show the retailer's benefit of selling a product. It is also the responsibility of the distributor to collect payment from a retailer whom the distributor has served on a credit basis.


It is a retailer who is involved in promoting or selling any product to an end customer. The retailer further converts some benefit of any product to its customers. Retailer plays a role that is very important and is linked to the overall growth of sales.

There is a wide scope in marketing to enhance the sale of any product or promote any services of any organization. Marketing has the potential of creating an impact on any product or services which are further responsible for a compound annual growth rate of the product.

Alignment of Marketing

Marketing is aligned to be the concept of modern promotion and marketing. The alignment of marketing lies in a competitive environment for promoting the products or services of the organization. It is designed to meet the requirement and need of customers along with the competition. The concept of marketing and its practical implementation is directly linked to each other. An alignment of marketing is based on the services and products of a company or an organization. The motivational factor of any organization towards its own products and services also act as a primary role for successful marketing. An organization involved in producing its own product must be focused on the alignment of its quality. The alignment of product directly depends on quality production and satisfying result. It is the strategy that is a driving factor in creating an outstanding product. The product alignment must be in coordination with a marketing strategy to create and deliver excellence in terms of product. The alignment of sales is focused on selling and promoting products or services. Promotional techniques act as a weapon to boost sales of a product. The precise alignment of sale can sometimes keep the stock dry from the warehouse. However, it is considered to be the positive fact of the alignment. The alignment of production is the driving factor of overall production. It plays the role of efficient production to cater to the need of the market. Production of a product is the first step to aligning other criteria's of marketing. Production precisely holds the capacity to meet the requirement and supply of the market to generate revenue. Marketing alignment is one of the most important criteria's of an organization. Different organizations cateran ability of marketing in a very significant manner. Marketing strategy must be aligned and equipped with a comprehensive plan which can enhance a better sale. The marketing strategy of a company is tailored to meet customer tastes and the requirement of a product. The marketing strategy of a product implies the need for a product across the market. The general capability of marketing strategy is inclined toward the growth of revenue. It is the link between sales and revenue generation. The organization must also procure initiatives to align customer by providing quality products and services. It is the customer who creates a brand value or face value of a company or an organization. The future of a product depends on the reviews of customers. The alignment of an organization is related to the marketing sense of an organization which in turn relates to an overall alignment of the organization. Marketing strategy is linked to revenue generation which is directly linked to the growth of an organization. The organization is primarily responsible for marketing strategy and sales growth which is responsible for an organization itself. Sales, production and distribution are the key fundamental which acts as a backbone of an organization.

Marketing Essay

A marketing essay is written with the aim to convey facts and findings and the individual understanding of an author. An essay is constructed with the help of resources which is further compared with the old facts.
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The comparison is conducted with the intention to find facts that can be implemented to create a new marketing strategy. Marketing strategy is a vital point of the revenue generation of the company. An essay can be descriptive to state the ideas and understanding of an author. It is important for the author to consider facts that can be derived from utilizing resources. An essay can also be argumentative in nature which shall object to its own view then further conclude with new facts in a positive way. The primary role of an essay is to convey the concept and purpose of writing. There should be a distinct purpose in writing an essay. There should be a proper conclusion of the study which shall reveal the scope and facts of marketing. Marketing andmanagement essayis one of the most important assignments undertaken by students to express their individual conclusion on the subject. It is important to consider a specific topic related to marketing in writing an essay. Topic of an essay is the fundamental of writing and concluding better aspects. It must hold the strength to provide wide areas to research and proximity to find better facts.

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