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An overview of Mining

The process of extracting valuable minerals from the earth's surface is known as mining. It is the official definition of the process. But in reality, mining is a broader academic discipline under which a lot of scientific discipline is involved. All these resources are so valuable because you cannot make them in an artificial environment. Extracting fossils, minerals, and other non-renewable resources from the depths of the earth is the key focus of mining.

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Importance of mining-

Mining is said to be the fastest-growing industry. If you look at it from the economic point of view, then it is safe to say that it provides a lot of benefits to the common man as well as the government. Let's have a look at the economic benefits of mining.

Four Economic Benefits of Mining-


  • Livelihood

Mining is a complicated task and cannot be complete with the efforts of one person. For mining, we need a lot of individuals. Hence, it creates a lot of livelihood opportunities for local communities. From labors to engineers, we need different people with different skill sets to successfully complete the task of mining.

  • Revenue Generation

Why do you need fossils and other non-renewable resources? One answer is to improvise the quality of living, and another one is to trade. When you trade these resources, local government and the national government generate revenue that would help them to manage things. For example, initiating the developmental programs.

  • Promoting efficient use of energy

One can promote efficient use of energy by implementing different programs that would tell people the importance of the use of energy resources. With this people can save a lot of money.

  • Promoting the use of renewable resources

We know that all the fossils and petroleum we are using are here for us for a limited amount. It is the reason why these resources are called non-renewable resources. With mining, we can emphasize the use of renewable resources because we cannot run out of sunlight, but apparently, we can run out of fossil fuels.

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We have talked about the economical benefits, but when we are talking about the benefits, we sometimes drift away from another aspect of it. The aspect is the environmental devastation followed by mining.

Disadvantages of mining

Students who are studying the science of mining know better than anyone the after-effects of mining. Every good thing in the access is poisonous. Here are the top disadvantages of mining-

  • Contamination

Mining leads to a lot of contamination. Sometimes it occurs way too much that it is not possible to control it.

  • Destruction of the ecosystem

Sometimes the after-effect of excessive mining results in the destruction of an entire ecosystem. Excessive mining results in denaturalization and erosion, which would eventually destroy an ecosystem.

  • It affects the lives of the local people

Chemicals which we use in the process of mining is sometimes way too harmful to humans. The levels of these chemicals increase in the air or in the soil or in the water resources with the time that would destroy the healthy living of the local people.

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