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Nanotechnology or “nanotech” is one of the most sought-after subjects in this contemporary age. It is the study of the science of manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and super-molecular range of 1 to 100 nanometres. This study of science, technology, and engineering happens at the Nanoscale.

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Importance of Nano Technology

Have you ever wondered, ‘is Nanotechnology important’? We say, with each passing day, the importance of Nano technology is surging. The sunscreen you use is the simplest example of it. From golf clubs to cellular phones to clothing, the use of this technology is everywhere, and it is evolving with time.

Fundamentals of Nanotechnology

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  • 1 Nanometre – billionth of a meter

  • 1 inch- 25,400,000 Nanometres

  • A newspaper sheet- 100,000 Nanometres thick

So for example, if we consider a marble a single unit of a Nanometre then the whole world’s size will constitute to be 1 metre.

With the aid of Nanotechnology, we can engineer individual atoms and molecules. Do you know that everything on this globe is constituted of atoms? The food we consume, the clothes we wear, the structure we see and live in, our bodies, and so more. But, atoms cannot be seen through naked eyes and even high school laboratories microscope. It is that small! Are you aware that the microscopes to see such Nanoparticles were recently invented? Approx., 30 years ago. For the perusal of such small particles, one needs the right equipment such as a scanning tunnelling microscope, an atomic force microscope, etc.

Some significant developments are going on in the field, and it is expected to benefit us soon, a big time. We associate Nanotechnologies with the alien concept because it is associated with the word ‘technologies’ but our body is the best example of it; the proteins, bacteria, etc. they work on a Nanoscope range.

We use Nanotechnology for various purposes such as Nanomaterials, Nanochips, and Nanomachines

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The Nano materials we use, for example, clothes, medicines, etc. are all covered by Nano whiskers. Their surface fibres are tiny, and nothing can penetrate it. So, it remains clean and clear. The aforementioned example of sunscreen, it comprises Nano scope titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to protect our skin from harmful sunlight or UV rays. These components cover our skin to make a protective layer on it. The other example of this technology is scratch-resistant car bumpers; this uses Nano coating to safeguard that bumper. There are endless examples of Nanomaterials being used in our daily lives like anti-slip steps, corrosion-resistant paints, etc.

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Nanochips are a form of Nanotechnology. The example we all are familiar with is Microelectronics. Do you recall the varying sizes of the computer with time? How did that happen? The simple answer is Nanotechnology. In the 1970s microchips were invented. Since then engineers have found various methods of packing massive transistor switches into IC’s that have transformed the way computers look. The new devices such as laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc. are not only faster but efficient. Know about various such examples in your Nanotechnologies assignment help to understand the practical usage of Nanotechnologies.

The probability of producing Nanomachines such as small gears, switches, pumps, etc. has tremendously increased in the new era. These Nanomachines can be further transformed into Nanorobots; these can be used to inject in our bodies for medical research purposes and health issues. The making of these Nanomachines is called Molecular Manufacturing and Molecular Nanotechnology (MNT).

Furthermore, Nanotechnology has a vast range of applications in our daily life such as medicines, electronics, food, better air quality index, fuel, etc.

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