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Being a management student, you know that there are multiple stages of a project life cycle, and so does your assignment. All you have to do is plan every stage of your assignment carefully, and you won’t even realise when it’s done. And our project life cycle assignment help expert will teach you how to do it over a guided learning session.

When we talk about a project life cycle, understand it as a series of events that a project goes through from commencement to its end. It is a cluster of logically interconnected project workouts culminating in one or more deliverables. And this is commonly called Project Phase. Our Project life cycle assignment help expert will explain this in detail in the latter part of the blog, so keep reading. At My Assignment Services, we have an army of academic writing experts having in-depth knowledge about specific topics. You can count on them for solving any academic query of yours. As you continue to read this, you’ll get to know about your assignment topic along with the project life cycle examples.

phases of project life cycle

Acquire Detailed Knowledge of Project Life Cycle via our Assignment Help Guided Sessions

Structure your assignment in such a way that it covers all the important aspects of the subject matter of your project, and your reader understands an overview of the project life cycle by having a glance at it. When you’re writing about the project life cycle, you can’t miss out on explaining its features. Project Life Cycle Assignment help expert has listed a few character traits of a project life cycle for your assignment.

  1. The cost and staffing curves: Since very few project members are on board and the project utilises fewer resources, costs and personnel for a forecasted project life cycle are minimal during the initial Process Groups—Initiating and the first pass at Planning. Costs rise fast during the Executing, Monitoring, and Controlling Process Groups when most project work is completed. As deliverables are accomplished, and resources are freed, costs begin to fall near the conclusion of Executing, Monitoring and Controlling. During the last Process Group, Closing, costs dropped more quickly.
    You need to remember all these marketing standards if you want a flourishing career ahead. Our Project Life Assignment Help expert will make you aware of every such terminology and application via the one-on-one learning session.
  2. The risk/uncertainty curve: A graph depicts the relationship between risk and uncertainty. Apprehension regarding a project's ability to achieve its goals decreases during the project life cycle. This is reasonable. All threats lie in the future at the beginning of any initiative. Determinations are made as to the scheme advances, ability and expertise growth may take measures to control risk better. A predictive undertaking is always intended to produce a new type of manufacturing equipment; for example, faces higher risk all through originating and Preparing becomes the most important thing because the project team remains unsure on how plans are implemented in the proposed structure and if the models can be interpreted into manufacturing inside of purview, spending plan, and timescales. There is no more danger after the customer has accepted a project.
    Speaking of risks, do you know what could be the riskiest element in your assignment? PLAGIARISM! Project Life Cycle Assignment Help experts at My Assignment Services prepare 100% original content for your assignment as they spend hours on research and write every word carefully so you can score good grades in your assignment.
  3. The cost of changes curve: Early on a predefined project, subsidised resources are the least pricey moment to modify scope or product qualities before work has been finished. As the project proceeds, the capacity to make adjustments without materially influencing cost and time (and maybe other metrics like quality of the task group motivation) declines. Changing direction might entail squandering expenditures arising as a consequence of previous decisions. Work-based on a blunder or incorporating a fault must be redone. Modifications may have a "domino effect" on a previously finished project.
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Write Perfect Assignment Answers on the Five Phases of a Project Life Cycle

As we have discussed earlier, A Project Life Cycle is a sequence of events known as Phases, and all of them are interconnected and dependent on each other. Our Project life cycle assignment help expert has explained the 5 phases of a Project life cycle below:

  1. The Initiation Phase: This plan aims to determine your project's notion, document what you want to accomplish, and obtain permission from verified stakeholders. The below mentioned are the few crucial aspects of the initiation phase.
    • The objective of the Project
    • Work packages
    • Goals
    • Schedule and target plan
    • Estimated costs
    • Issues and risks
    • Requirements
      Project Life Cycle Assignment Help expert will explain all these points in detail for your project, and if you want to know something on an urgent basis, you can call or email request to get in touch with them as they are available 24*7 to assist you.
  1. The Planning Phase: Every project begins with a planning transition period, scope view, performance breakage system etc. and ends with the approximate stake assessments and addresses the risk—the project designing procedure seems to be where you focus on functioning on tasks that will help to accomplish your objective in the given time and budget limitations. Consider this as your step-by-step roadmap towards achieving your goals. And when you complete the task of this stage, your teammates will not only comprehend the assignment’s intent, but they'll also learn the exact outcomes from themselves in the given budget and time.
    And just like this, you have to plan your assignment before starting it, and you have to prepare the aim and objective of the assignment, its outline, references etc. But since you’re here, we are happy to inform you that our project life cycle assignment help expert will do it for you.
  1. The Execution Phase: The execution phase is where the actual work starts. Most of the funding is expended at this stage, and the assignment outcomes are successful. You put your project strategy into action, and it doesn’t matter how much time it takes. According to Villanova University, the motive of this phase is to "operate units effectively while meeting the schedule expectations and accomplishing standard preys." The implementing stage generally involves unit formation, shareholder involvement, and high-grade activities assurance on a standard or casual basis.
  1. The Oversight and Superintendence Phase: This project life cycle phase includes keeping a trail of the ongoing project’s genuine improvement in comparison to the strategy along with handling curative activity as needed. And no share of a particular trial can preserve you from the condition of holding proceeding vigilance when it reaches the reporting and tracking stage. Lastly, you know the utterance regarding an adequate strategy.
  1. The Conclusion Phase: Any project life cycle's closure stage includes only one operation, as it necessitates more than just stating the project as finished. It is essential to properly conclude the project and get the client, investors, and project corporate backer sign-off or approval.

Along with all the above mentioned pointers, our experts are going to explain to you multiple project life cycle examples for your assignment help.

Can you share some sample assignments prepared by your expert?

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