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Financial Modeling – A tool for tracking the Ups and Downs in the Capital Market

Quantitative finance modeling can be used to analyse the impact of macro-economic factors such as government policy, political decisions, and global foreign exchange trade on the domestic economy, financial market or even a particular industry or individual company. Theoutcome of fundamental analysis of the economy is not always accuratedue to the complexity of various macro-economic factors involved in the project.

The job of fundamental economic analysis can be undertaken by the academic experts or working in the position of an advisor. Academic experts working in an advisory role are involved in writing PhD research papers, academic books, articles, and research work for NGO companies and financial institutions.

Real-time financial modeling can be used to analyse a company’s financial performance in the light of its competitor companies working in the economy. Analysing the factors such as earning per share, balance sheet profit/loss, Mergers & Acquisition, and value of projects undertaken by the company is the job of experts working in the quantitative finance modeling industry. The future performance prediction and finance model made for a single company can be more accurate because the reliance on macro-economic factors is almost none.

Quantitative Finance industry experts play various roles such as:

  • Financial risk modeling
  • Catastrophe risk modeling
  • Capital Market Analyst
  • IPO Analyst
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Mutual Fund Manager
  • Project Finance Analyst
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Credit Rating

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