Who doesn't want to achieve ‘A’ grades this semester and emerge out with flying colours? Ratio Analysis has given you a brief in mind. But, let us get to know what Ratio Analysis is exactly and how it helps. Ratio Analysis is a quantity-based procedure of getting to know about a company's operational efficiency, liquidity, solvency, and productivity by evaluating its financial reports like the balance sheet and the income statement. Ratio Analysis analyses several parts of financial information in the statements of a business. It is the major part of basic equity analysis. Investors and Analysts make use of ratio analysis.

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Ratios Analysis assignment help

What does Ratio Analysis have to say?

  • Comparative data can show how a company is performing over time and also focuses on future performance.
  • Ratio Analysis can compare industry wages with a company's financial position.
  • Analysts and Investors use ratio analysis to study companies’ financial status by past and present financial statements.
  • Ratios are comparison criteria to assess stocks in an industry.
  • Ratios are used in combination with other companies.
  • Ratio Analysis gives a detailed view of the company from various angles.

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Examples Of Ratio Analysis Classes:

Liquidity Ratios:

As per our Ratio Analysis Assignment Help experts, Ratio Analysis evaluates a company's ability to pay off its short term debts as thefts due by utilising its present or quick assets.

Solvency Ratios:

Solvency Ratios are known as financial leverage ratios.

Solvency compares debt stages with its assets, earnings and equity to examine the benefits of the company—for example, debt-equity ratios, interest coverage ratios and debts assets ratios.

Market Prospect Ratios:

These ratios are utilised to analyse finance. It comprises PIE Ratio, dividend, earnings per share(EPS), yield and dividend payout ratio.

Coverage Ratios

These ratios evaluate a company's ability to generate interest payments and other requirements with the debts.

For instance, the debt- service coverage ratio and the time's interest earned ratio.

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Applications Of Ratio Analysis:


Contrast a company's financial presentation to an equivalent firm in the business and get to know the company's place in the marketplace.

Getting to know about financial ratios like price learning's, from famous competitors and comparing the company's ratios.

Trend Line

Companies can determine the trend in financial performance through comparison. Trend determined can be utilised to calculate the way of future financial presentation, and recognise any estimated financial trouble.

Equipped Effectiveness

The supervision of a company can also utilise efficiency performance in managing liabilities and assets.

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Advantages Of Ratio Analysis:

  • Ratio Analysis is an influential tool of financial statement analysis.
  • It builds the quantitative and numerical relationship between two forms of a financial statement to make sure about the strengths and weaknesses of a firm based on historical presentations and present financial position.
  • It assists several interested parties to assess some aspects of a firm's performance.

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Disadvantages Of Ratio Analysis:

  • Usage of Ratio Analysis can be wrong when comparing outcomes of businesses across different industries.
  • Ratio affects the utility which will be different from the software industry.
  • Utilities are for a huge fixed asset base.
  • Software companies invest in fewer assets.
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Basic Ratio Analysis Terms You Should Be Aware Of

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payableis the payment carried by an association to others for goods or servicesestablished. Purchasing from suppliers on credit will create accountspayable.

Accounts Payable Turnover

Sales cost per Accounts payable (either the last balance or averagebalance).

Accounts Receivable Turnover

This ratio deduces how practical the company’s credit and compilation policies are.

Administration Cost Ratio

This ratio conducts costs / Sales. This margin shows the widespread overheadcost for every dollar earned through sales.


The cumulative reduction of a monetary quantity over time.


Assetsare resources owned and selected by an organisation thatlooks after futurefinancial advantages.

Asset Turnover Ratio

This ratio shows how useful the company is ingenerating sales from its assets.

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Current / Working Capital Ratio

Current capitalmeans the abundance of current assets compared to current liabilities. The ratio that links current assets to current liabilities is thecurrent ratio. The working ratio implies the proficiency of a company to pay its current liabilities from current assets, and thus specifies the stability of the company’s working role.

Objectives Of Ratio Analysis:

Determination Of productivity

Profit is the decisive purpose of every organisation. So if the PQR firm received an income of 5 lakhs last year, how will you presume if that is a good or bad picture? Context is employed to assess profitability, which is given by ratio analysis.

Assessment Of Operational effectiveness

Certain ratios bring out the degree of efficiency of a company in the supervision of its assets and other resources.

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FAQs Answered By Our Ratio Analysis Assignment Help Experts

Is the current ratio good or bad?

Anenterprise with an operating ratio of less than one is almost always measured incorrectly. A current ratio of less than one means that with every dollar of current debt, the company does not have enough current assets to satisfy the liability. As part of Liquid Assets, supply is included in the current ratio.

What is the Ratio Analysis formula?

RatioAnalysisFormula: The return-on-assets ratio is calculated by dividing net profits by the total of all assets (the number of assets at the beginning and end of the year, divided by two).

What is the aim of a Ratio Analysis?

Ratio Analysis is a kind of Financial Statement Analysis used to get a rapid sign of a company’s financial presentation in key areas. Ratio analysis evaluates several aspects of a company’s operating and financial performance like its effectiveness, liquidity, profitability, and solvency, etc.

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