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The retail sector of India is one of the primary sectors which contributes a huge amount of money to the overall economy. Promotion is the primary strategy that helps the organisation to get a clear idea about the brand along with their service offerings. As opined by Rather et al. (2018), the application of different promotional strategies can help the organisation to generate a good amount of revenue and profitability. Branding is the most crucial strategy which helps the organisation to gather a good amount of data about the overall findings of the research. In today's world, most retailers are gathering a higher rate of differentiation which brings more profitability to the organisation. The application of a better differentiation strategy can assist the organisation to get a good amount of support in managing the overall work progress. Promoting the brand is not just advertising and selling the products to the consumers. It is also known as one of the complex processes which offer the organisation to generate a better amount of revenue in the international market.

Evaluating the overall retail growth rate of the organisation, the Indian retail market will reach around 2 trillion US dollars within 2032 by gathering around 690 billion US dollars in the year 2021 (Kalia, 2022). Within the retail sector, the clothing industry is the biggest contributor towards revenue. The clothing industry in India has been valued at 96.47 billion US dollars and is expected to grow with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.37% (Statista, 2023). India is also known among the major countries for investing in the retail space. Due to the largest population of more than 1.4 billion people, the retail industry can generate a good amount of revenue which offers them the support to expand their market into different countries. India also ranked among the 2nd highest countries in the Global retail development index in the year 2021 (Kalia, 2022). Due to the higher rate of covid-19, many clothing retailers needed to shut down their stores which affected a huge loss in the retail industry. Therefore, during the post-pandemic situation, it is very much essential to regain the brand image again in the Indian clothing market. Therefore, the application of promotion can offer the clothing retail market to gather a good amount of revenue. Hence, the researcher has chosen this topic to conduct this research to realise the importance and strategies to be used for promoting their brand in India.

Research Aim and Objective

This research aims to identify the major importance and strategies used for promoting the brand in the clothing retail sector of India. The major objectives of this research are described below.

  1. To analyse the importance of promoting a brand in the clothing industry in India.
  2. To evaluate the changes in Indian consumers’ perception towards brand value in the clothing sector after the pandemic.
  3. To identify major strategies that can be used to promote the brands of clothing retailers in India.

Research Questions

  1. What is the importance of promoting a brand in the clothing industry in India?
  2. What changes were observed in the perception of Indian consumers towards the brand value of clothing firms after the pandemic?
  3. What strategies can be used by clothing retailers in India to promote their brand in the Indian market?

Literature Review

A literature review is very well known as among the major chapters where different pieces of literature are collected from several databases. As analysed by Lou and Chen (2019), promoting the brand can be effective for the organisation to reach their customer in the highly competitive market. Analysing the overall literature sources, various data related to the promotion of brands are collected to get the findings. In this literature review, the importance of promotional strategies along with the various promotional issues is analysed by collecting various pieces of literature. This chapter also includes various promotional strategies used by retail organisations in India.

Importance of Promoting the Brand in the Highly Competitive Environment

Promotions of retailers are playing a major role in getting revenue and reaching customers to get better profitability. As depicted by Huang et al. (2019), retail branding is not just an advertisement, it helps the organisation to influence the customers to purchase their products. It is not an easy process. It majorly includes the expertise for getting success. The application of promoting the brands can also help to increase the lead of the organisation for improving the brand matrices and encourage the customers to have a positive perception of the company. Similarly, it can also assist in getting a good amount of customer acquisition. The major importance of using promotional strategies is described below.

Customer Recognition

In the world of advertising, providing a proper idea about the brand's colour logo theme helps customers to get better recognition in the international market. As depicted by Iglesias, O. and Ind (2020), based on the logo colour and theme, Many customers still like that to choose the product over all others. This majorly helps the organisation to get familiar with the customer and find the brand for that. Application of proper branding can help the customer to get a better brand overview of the organisation and their products which help the management to get better recognition in the international market.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is also very much essential for the organisation to find out and recognize the product or service. As opined by Razak et al. (2020), the proper development of good branding can help the organisation to generate a good amount of revenue. A good company with great products is providing proper support to effective branding that hates all the right notes of the customer. Due to these kinds of factors, banding can help to increase customer loyalty in the long run which organisations to have a better opportunity in the highly competitive marketplace.


Most good brands are setting different types of foundations for a business. As illustrated by Cheung et al. (2019), maintaining consistency is one of the social factors which help the company philosophy and colours to be modelled around it. All future marketing efforts easily branch off this type of foundation that creates a huge amount of consistency among the brand. This type of factor also helps the customers to relate all their operations in a better way. Imagining the company changing its logo every other month can create some difficulties and customers also get confused about their services and product from inconsistent brands in the competitive market.

On the other hand, improvement of company values, staying head of computer band liquidity and attraction among talent are also playing one of the primary reasons which signify that promotion of a brand can help them to get good support.

Identification of Different Issues Faced by Indian Retailers

In the retail industry, many organisations are planning to increase their growing demand by reducing operational costs. However, as opined by Naseri (2021), at the time of doing this operation, managers are facing so many difficulties in doing their operations in the Indian market. Currently, operational managers are now concentrating on various factors that create a huge difficulty for retailers to generate a good amount of money in the competitive market. In the current scenario, retailers are always preferring to choose multichannel buying experiences. However, most of the retailers are not preferring all the functions due to the higher rate of the cost that affected them to choose the proper operations. Similarly, as depicted by Flides et al. (2022), in the advanced scenario, customers are expecting a better seamless experience during their purchase rate. Two types of retailers are now operating in the Indian market including the brick and mortar and online retailers which help customers to have a better experience.

Customer experience is also playing a major role that assists the organisation to generate a good amount of revenue. This is the primary factor that contributes a huge amount of support towards customer loyalty. A higher rate of negative experiences can also create a huge amount of issues among the customers that affect the overall brand image of the retailers during their operations in India. Getting ideas about the customer's previous experience creates a major amount of negative impact on the organisation that affects the overall revenue generation of the customers. As opined by Arrigo (2020), the pandemic situation is also creating a huge amount of impact on retailers to shut down their operations that affected the overall productivity of the organisation Similarly, many organisations are also transforming their operations from brick-and-mortar to online platforms which assist the management to gather a good amount of support by fulfilling the demand of the customers.

Literature Gap

The literature gap is one of the primary factors that created a huge amount of support for the researcher for getting the major reason for completing the work within the proper time. Analysing the literature, it is found that promoting the brand is one of the crucial factors which help the management to get a brand image in the highly competitive market. However, several issues such as improper customer perception, negative experiences from the organisation, the pandemic situation of Covid-19 and improper analysis of customer demand create a major amount of issues in the management of work. However, very little literature is being found about the strategies and process of promoting the brand in the international market. Along with that, very fewer data was gathered about the usage of various strategies used by Indian firms,


Research methodology is also playing a major role in offering better opportunities for the researcher to conduct this research in a better way. For completing a particular research, different methods of the research such as philosophy, approach, design and others will play a major role in the research.

Research philosophy is a primary factor that helps the researcher to formulate the process of conducting this research. Among the major process of philosophies, the researcher can use the positivism philosophy as it majorly helps the researcher to link the variable and science in the research (Marsonet, 2019). For finding out the overall functionalities of the promotion-related factors, this philosophy helps the researcher to gain a better advantage. Along with that, aligning with the positivism philosophy, the researcher will be using the deductive approach that offers the researcher better support in managing different operations. This approach helps to develop better themes by identifying the major patterns of collected data.

The research will use a secondary data collection method in order to obtain information about the consumer perception and promotion of clothing retailer brands in India. As illustrated by Mazhar et al. (2021), the secondary data will be better for managing the project within a short amount of time and deadline. The researcher plans to take the literature and data from different sources of databases, such as ProQuest and Google Scholar, for identifying major strategies used for promoting the brand. The application of purposive sampling with specific keywords will be used to gather relevant data about the research topic.

Furthermore, for analysing the data about the research process, the application of thematic analysis will be used based on the collected journals. A total of 5 themes will be developed to analyse major findings about the importance of promoting the brand in the Indian retail sector.


Proper maintenance of ethics will be also essential for the researcher to continue their research process. Management of ethics can help the researcher to successfully develop the findings of the research. The researcher needs to maintain all the acts and legislation of the country to formulate the research. Along with that, the researcher also needs to follow all the copyright issues and plagiarism issues at the time of conducting this research. The researcher also needs to maintain the confidentiality of the research paper and need to manage to secure the collected data.


Timetable for completing this research

Figure 1: Timetable for completing this research

(Source: developed by the researcher)


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