Derived from the Latin word “status”, which symbolises a wide range of numbers or figures, ‘Statistics’ is a type of mathematical analysis that helps students in studying a wide range of quantified model synopses concerning experimental or real-life data. Studying these enables them to collate, review, analyse and decipher conclusions from the given set of data. Nowadays, statistics has become one of those subjects that are being pursued by 4 out of every 10 students worldwide. Due to the extensive scope of the subject and the frequent assignments being rolled out to them, students are getting drawn towards our business statistics assignment help. My Assignment Services has always been a constant source of support to all the students who wander here and there in search of high-quality reference assignment solutions.

Our Online Statistics Assignment Help Experts Explain The 5 Important Elements of Statistics

Statistics is a broad term that contains several important models. This is something that has become the main challenge for students. Realising this, our statistics assignment writers have always been available with the answers to all the queries of students. There are different models that the broad umbrella of statistics encompasses. “Can you provide assignment help statistics problems explain to me the 5 types of statistics”? To answer this most frequently asked question, we are here with a discussion on the six types of statistics.

1. Mean

Mathematically expressed, the mean is an average of two or more numerals. There might be different methods to compute the mean of different sets of numerals. Some of them include the arithmetic mean and the geometric mean.

2. Regression analysis

With the help of regression analysis, students determine how rates of specific factors influence the price fluctuations of an asset. Mathematically, this is expressed in the form of a straight line, which is also known as linear regression.

3. Variance

When students are asked to measure the span of a number within a given set of data, it is known as variance statistics. It calculates the distance of each of the numbers from the mean value of the set of data. With the help of these statistics, an investor can easily get an idea of the risk when planning to buy an investment. In other words, our online statistics assignment help experts use variance to calculate the effect of independent variables on dependent variables.

4. Skewness

It is the degree of variation from the standard distribution within a given data set. It has been observed that commodity returns and stock prices and other similar data sets demonstrate various skews such as a positive skew, curved skew left of average data, negative skew or a curved skew right of average data.

5. Kurtosis

It is a model in statistics that gives the answers to whether the data is light-tailed or heavy-tailed in the context of normal distribution. Those data sets that depict a high kurtosis have great investment risk, and those that show light tails signify less risk in investment.

These are the 5 types of statistics that students mostly get confused with. Using these, it becomes easier to draft statistics assignment solutions. Do you want to know how we do it? So, here’s a statistics assignment sample for your reference.

Statistics Assignment Topics We Cover

Here are some top statistics assignment topics we cover:

statistics topics we cover

1. Game theory and network scheduling

Game theory studies strategic interactions. Network scheduling plans tasks efficiently for optimal project completion, considering dependencies and constraints.

2. Frequency distribution

Frequency distribution is a statistical representation of how often different values occur in a dataset. It organises data into categories or intervals, displaying each category's frequency or count of occurrences. It helps analyse patterns, central tendencies, and variations within the data, aiding in statistical analysis and interpretation.

3. Skewness and Kurtosis

Skewness measures the asymmetry of a probability distribution. Positive skewness indicates a longer right tail, while negative skewness suggests a longer left tail. Kurtosis quantifies the shape and thickness of the tails in a distribution. High kurtosis implies heavy tails and a more peaked distribution, while low kurtosis indicates lighter tails.

4. Measures of dispersion

Measures of dispersion quantify the spread or variability of data in a dataset. Common measures include range, variance, and standard deviation. They provide insights into the distribution of values, helping assess the extent to which data points deviate from the central tendency, such as the mean or median.

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5. Sampling theory

Sampling theory is a statistical concept that deals with selecting a subset or sample from a larger population. It aims to make inferences about the population based on the analysis of the sample, ensuring representative and reliable results in various fields such as research and quality control.

6. Multiple and curvilinear regression

Multiple regression involves multiple predictors, while curvilinear regression accommodates non-linear relationships between variables for more complex statistical modelling.

7. Max-type and unbalanced T.P

Max-type refers to a Pokémon's primary stat growth. Unbalanced T.P. may suggest uneven power distribution in a game's design.

8. Probability and random variables

Probability measures the likelihood of outcomes. Random variables take on unpredictable values, capturing uncertainty in mathematical models and statistics.

9. Linear programming and queuing theory

Linear programming optimises resource allocation while queuing theory models waiting lines for efficient system performance analysis and improvement.

10. Inventory control and simulation

Inventory control manages stock levels efficiently. Simulation models mimic real-world scenarios to optimise inventory management and predict outcomes.

11. Variance and stochastic process

Variance measures data spread. Stochastic process models random changes over time. Both are essential in probability theory and statistics.

Furthermore, this is not it. The list goes on. 

List of Statistics Topics Students can Prepare Assignments Easily 

  1. Caffeine consumption among students, as well as its effect on performance
  2. Popular movie genre among students in college
  3. Choosing aspects of a subject in college
  4. If given the opportunity, are college students more likely to develop drug addictions?
  5. Students in college choose common subjects
  6. Time spent by customers in the United States on online shopping
  7. Bivariate distributions and their components
  8. Importance of statistics for civil engineering and medical students
  9. Statistical investigation on the link between students’ ethical behaviour and misconduct in an examination
  10. Significance of online education for physically impaired students
  11. Revenue versus explanation study in the business
  12. Statistical Analysis of Peak Times in the UK
  13. Study of the road accidents in the rural areas of the city
  14. Statistical analysis of the volume of coal production in Nigeria (from 1990 to 1999)
  15. The impacts of the Israel-Palestine conflict on the Middle East nations: A statistical review of the main strategies adopted to address it so far
  16. Influence of social media on business sales
  17. Accessibility of businesses to bank benefits
  18. Is consumption of alcohol higher among employees with a lower pay scale?
  19. Sexual harassment amongst female employees in a workplace
  20. Effect of social media on the performance of an employee
  21. Impact of cost estimation on business management
  22. Consideration of occupational schedules provided by secretaries
  23. Factors contributing to low productivity in a workplace
  24. Relationship between the leaders of a company as well as its employees
  25. Trends of death management in business entities
  26. Importance of internal communication in a workplace
  27. Assessment analysis significance
  28. Can business tools improve the performance of employees?
  29. Effect of modern communication on the management of a company
  30. The utilisation of modern tools in any organisation
  31. Impact of social media on a company’s sales and its employees’ performance
  32. Statistical investigation of the link between employees’ health and organisations’ health and safety practices
  33. Access to the advantages provided by banks for companies and factors that contribute to low labour productivity
  34. Impact of diversity and inclusion on companies’ overall performance
  35. Relationship between companies’ process safety mechanisms and workplace health and safety of employees
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Statistical Software We Use While Preparing Statistics Assignments

  1. SAS
  3. Statgraphics
  4. Tableau
  5. GAUSS
  6. NCSS
  7. GenStat
  9. SPSS
  10. Num XL
  11. RATS
  12. NLOGIT
  13. SHAZAM
  14. OpenEpi
  15. Sigma XL
  16. Unistat
  17. GraphPad

A Statistics Assignment Sample For Making Concepts Clearer

Students have sent us several questions for guidance. Over ten years, our management assignment help experts have catered to a variety of assignment problems and helped students to walk through them towards comprehensive assignment solutions. Let us discuss a few questions that we have received recurrently from students. developing a frequency distribution As you can see in the image above, students are given data that shows the population by state in millions in the form of an Excel sheet attached to the assignment. Based on the data, students ask us, “Can you help with my assignment problems and solve the questions for me”? To answer the questions, our statistics assignment writer touches upon several concepts, including developing a frequency distribution, skewness in the distribution, etc. Another important type of question that we have solved mostly in recent times is answering the questions based on the given data in the table. Let us give you an example: design a joint probability table For this question, our statistics assignment helps UK experts design a joint probability table and find the probability for a respondent to be a female. Other than these, several other concepts like conditional probability and independent events are also considered while writing the solution for this statistics assignment question. There are several other questions that we have covered for students. Having handled all of them with precision for over ten years, our experts who help with statistics assignments have become proficient enough to solve all of the questions that you bring to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the usual price for analytical-based statistics paper homework?

Statistics paper homework costs generally start from $20. However, a standard 5-6 page paper with statistical study may cost a little more than the regular one. 

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We have Statistical Package for Social Sciences(SPSS) pro homework solver, and they write long dissertations or assignments requiring complete SPSS analysis. Therefore, you should hire any of My Assignment Services writers for top-notch SPSS homework. Furthermore, we can do your assignment within the given submission deadline without any trouble. Our success rate for meeting submission deadlines is perfect. 

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Our statistics assignment writing services cover almost all topics. However, not only this, My Assignment Services covers more than 200+ subjects. Hence, statistics coursework is just the tip of the iceberg. Likewise, you can hire us for math homework assignments, law assignments, engineering assignments, and much more. 

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