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It will be a colossal academic blunder if your well-researched thesis; although with a brilliant thesis-statement, abstract, and conclusion, is still evaluated with low grades only because of grammatical and spelling errors. The advantages of hiring a top-rated thesis proofreading service go well beyond impressing the examiner. You have studied hard to establish your expertise in the very complex topic of your choice and whether your thesis statement relates to Data Science, Bio-Technology, or Health and Medicine; not being an English scholar will not stall your career progress. Some of the brightest brains of the scientific community are admittedly bad with spellings; it’s a fact. “You have profound knowledge in your field of academic research and are easily allowed a few grammar spoofs. Not everybody is a Shakespeare; some are researchers and the world needs you NOW; more than EVER.” thesis proofreading

Do I need Thesis Proofreading Services?

Doubt is good, but so is to embrace the facts. Let us give you some scientific evidence that why you need an expert to atone your Ph.D. thesis? Read the para given below: As per the findngis of a Hararvd Uinervtisy, even if the oredr of the ltteers in a wrod is icnoccert, you wlil siltl be albe to raed as lnog as frist and lsat ltteers are pcaled crercotly. Or try to read the colours given in the following image – Proofreading errors While you were able to read the paragraph with ease, did you find reading the colours a bit harder? Most of us do and it is due to the “Stroop-effect”. Our brains are in-fact so hard-wired to ignore common mistakes in writing that it is almost cheating us, every time we read something. The University of Michigan researched Stroop Effect and one of the findings of the study was to emphasise on the acute need of proofreading academic documents because even after reading a few times, the errors remain. The detailed study is on the University’s Deep Blue Archive. An academic expert, however, does not miss out on such minuscule or common errors in writing. Why? Because they follow a method and have prowess in the English Language as a discipline, not to mention the vast experience in proofreading Ph.D. Thesis, academic papers, and dissertations. essay writing help

How Will a Ph.D. Expert Proofread My Thesis?

Short Answer to your query is, with his vast experience. Proofreading experts at My Assignment Services have mastered the art of proofreading as they do it every day for hundreds of students like you. They are astute English scholars and fully capable of identifying even the minutest of error in grammar, spelling or even spacing. Here’s our methodic approach to proofreading a thesis report.
  • 3 Step Quality Check - Our experts follow a proven methodology by first disassociating with the content and then scan for simple syntax errors such as spacing, formatting, and spellings. The next step is to carefully examine all the grammar aspects whether it is the punctuations or verb forms or the correct usage of modalities and prepositions.
  • Multiple experts for one thesis - To eliminate any scope of language mishaps, we perform a multiple-step quality check where once your thesis is checked by an expert, it is then forwarded to another expert who repeats the process and all this while the errors are tagged to prevent any duality or complacency in your thesis content.
  • Sticking to the format: We stick to the standard format of a thesis report which mainly consists of four parts:
  1. Thesis Statement
  2. Abstract
  3. Research
  4. Conclusion
Proofreading professionals at My Assignment Services have academic sensitivity to treat each part of the thesis with required finesse and even advise if they assess that editing to a certain part is required. We follow a simple formula to ensure that your thesis is your best foot forward and it is P = R, S, E & U. Where P = An academic paper (your thesis), R = Research, S =Subject, E = Expression and U = Understanding. We understand that your vocational goals depend on your thesis, thus along with the comprehensive language centric proofreading, we go that extra-mile in consulting you about research, its evidence, and most importantly about the references and citations part of your Ph.D. Thesis.

Why Should I Pay To Proofread My Thesis When There Are Free Software Available For It?

It is a legitimate question and most students ask it before availing the thesis proofreading help from us. Take a note that your thesis can be anywhere between 25000 to 60000 words. Are you sure that every apostrophe, article, and conjunction is where it should be? What about the spaces and spellings? A small error can change the entire meaning of a sentence and we are sure that you have seen common English errors, multiple times on product labels and signboards that cause major embarrassment to the brands. Auto check software often tends to miss out on the context used in academic writing and err majorly with the spelling of complex subject terminology. Remember, these applications are created for masses to correct their emails and resumes. On most occasions, auto checkers fail to deliver results in case of a complex task such as a Ph.D. thesis proofreading. Auto-spell checkers

Where Can I Hire An Expert Online to Proofread My Thesis?

Be mindful that hiring a professional for your Ph.D. Thesis proofreading is not cheating. Moreover, It is recommended that you let the thesis writing experts in the UK take care of the language nitty-gritty while you focus singularly on your core subject research. My Assignment Services is one of the most trusted and completely legit thesis proofreading services in the United Kingdom where you can hire a Ph.D. expert online to inject language proficiency in your thesis report; its formatting and even consult him to improvise on your thesis statements if need be.

How Much Will It Cost To Proofread My Thesis?

An error-free thesis makes the very basis of how much leverage you may acquire in asking for further funding for your research and entitles you to a scholastic stature that will jump-start your career. As trusted partners in your academic journey, My Assignment Services offers the best thesis proofreading services in the UK at student-friendly prices. Along with our enviable record which is well justified with our near five star ratings on Google reviews and Trust Pilot, students get a bundle of value-added services free of cost. Here’s what you get, when you place an order for our PhD thesis proofreading services.
  • Peace of Mind – Knowing that your academic paper is being checked by a legitimate five-star rated service which is one of the oldest assignment help companies in the world.
  • Free Plagiarism Report – To double-check for plagiarism errors.
  • One on One Expert consultations – For any doubt clearance that may hinder your grades.
  • Dedicated Student Portal – As a service provider, we offer web and mobile application based student portal tour for customers, where you can request support, chat with experts, and live track your order on the go.
Let’s get started and complete your thesis paper. Contact us today or request a call back to discover exciting offers and discounts on thesis proofreading services. Order now

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