20+ Uncommon Essay Question Words

20+ Uncommon Essay Question Words
November 11, 2021
Author : Kristy Gardner

There might be so many essay questions that you feel confident writing an essay on. However, they will be among the most common ones. Naturally, they won’t be enough to fetch you desirable grades for your professors might have got bored reading the same essay prompts over and again!

If you know different types of essay question words, it would probably become much easier for you to formulate the same essay questions in different ways. Even if you don’t, there is no reason to worry about it. Our essay writing help experts will make this task a lot simpler for you in this blog.

how do you answer an essay question critically

Essay Question Words To Look For In Different Essays

We all might be pros in writing an essay, but when it comes to handling essay question words, most of us would admit that we are blank! After conducting extensive research to find out a copious amount of information for our work, it often becomes a tedious job to get our hands on question words for different types of essays.

When you understand these words, then half of your work would get done as understanding the requirement becomes one of the most crucial steps for every assignment. Hence, before working upon some uncommon essay questions, let us quickly hover over a list of a few question words that we can use in our essays.

Essay Question Words - What Are They?

Lacking the ability to understand the requirements of an essay is a pitfall that most of the students fall into while writing an essay.

Words like describe, analyse, explain, etc set the requirement of the essay. These indicate how your essay must begin and be structured. With the help of these words, you get to know whether you need to give a critical response or just a simple descriptive answer for the question.

Essay question words have a key role in essay writing and must be followed accurately. And yet, most of the students often overlook their importance, and as a result, give incorrect answers to the question and score low.

Even if you have all the expertise in the topic of the essay, if you do not understand what the question is saying to answer, the essay will be irrelevant and futile.

Essay Question Instruction Words

Instruction or essay command words signal what the professors want you to do in the essay. Therefore, it becomes quite imperative that you decipher these words well so that you can understand each of the sections of the essay and provide a complete response.

Here’s the list of essay question instruction words/ command words that you will find in many of the essays.

  1. Describe
  2. Work out
  3. Outline
  4. Specify
  5. Explain/ interpret/ account for
  6. Review
  7. Common on/ assess/ criticise/ critically evaluate
  8. Report on
  9. discuss/ consider
  10. Plan
  11. How far/ to what extent/ how true
  12. List
  13. Illustrate
  14. Indicate
  15. Summarise
  16. Apply to
  17. Trace
  18. Identify
  19. Devise
  20. Report on

Now that you know these essay question words, our essay writing help experts will proceed with giving you some examples for the same so that you understand them better.

Understand Essay Question Words With Examples

As you can see from the image below, in the question, students are asked to “compare”. So, first, we need to understand what all needs to be done when we are asked to compare two objects.

Essay Question Words With Examples

These are the points that our essay writers carry out when they compare two or more entities. Now, to answer this question below is an excerpt from the solution that we have produced for this question.

Essay Question Words With Examples in UK

Let us discuss one more example so that you understand how to go about answering such questions that have different essay question instruction words.

Examples of Essay Question Words

Here, the task is to ‘explain’. So, the points that you see in the above image are what our essay writing help experts do for this question. The answer to this question is as follows.

Examples of Essay Question Words at My Assignment Services UK

Hopefully, you have understood how to understand these essay question instruction words now. If there is something else that we can help you with, do let us know. We will be happy to come up with instant solutions for all your queries.

Our essay writing help experts are available all throughout the day and night to cater to all your academic needs. Now, you can even reach out to us via interactive live one-on-one sessions whenever you get stuck in your work. We are all ears to your queries and would solve them at the earliest.

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