How to write a literature-based dissertation?

literature-based dissertation
July 08, 2021
Author : Jessy

Have you been asked to write a dissertation on contemporary literature? It may not be as easy as you think. Writing a dissertation on any topic requires performing a deep study into the variegated aspects of the topic. You need to conduct a rigorous study and evaluation of the literature in question. A good literature-based dissertation has a detailed explanation of the literature itself as well as the author and the narrative that the author intends to put forth. A literature-based dissertation discusses all aspects of the literature, the theme, the style of narration that the author has adopted as well as the cultural context and background against which a particular plot is set. This is the case with fictional literature.

Literature-based Dissertation

In this blog, we shall discuss the important aspects of a literature-based dissertation. The two most important types of literature reviews are empirical literature dissertations and literature long essays. Let's take a look at some of the most important differences between the two.

Researchers have highlighted that the correct literature review methodology consists of performing a detailed non-structural analysis of the qualitative aspects of the structure of the literature review. A literature-based dissertation is centred around the selection of small samples or characteristics of topics. The specific requirements of the research are taken into account when it comes to writing a detailed literature review.

What is a systematic review? How does a systematic review provide a clear interpretation of literature?

A systematic review is a widely accepted academic practice for reviewing the literature. For example, in a dissertation on the topic “differentiating between white-collar crimes and blue-collar crimes”, it is important to discuss the important underlying factors such as corruption, crime rate. A systematic review entails addressing the problem in question from diverse perspectives. A review provides a detailed definition of the problems associated with the problematic aspects of literature. 

A literature-based dissertation also makes use of secondary data. This is because secondary data comes in handy while writing a full-fledged review of a problem. Therefore this means that it can only use evidence that has already been published and therefore validated. The basic point of differentiation between a literature-based dissertation and other forms of dissertations is that it is not done to discover new aspects of a subject. Its objective is to elucidate and add to the existing body of literature available on a particular topic. 

A literature based dissertation is never 100% Empirical

This also implies that a literature-based dissertation can never be completely empirical as it is largely founded on the groundwork performed by prior researchers. The research is not evidence-based. It is based more on the theory of literature. A literature-based dissertation does not concern itself with the new development on a subject or new research, rather with the existing research findings that are already available on a particular subject. Therefore, it is a significant way to determine the efficacy and depth of the research.

When is a literature-based dissertation useful?

A literature-based dissertation is more useful where a descriptive account of the existing facts and the material statements is required. It might not be so useful where the requirement is exploring new branches of an old discipline. To reiterate what we have already discussed above, it is safe to say that it simply validates or negates what has already been established or stated through previous work. It is important to clearly define and describe the methodology adopted to go about the research for a particular subject. In a literature-based dissertation, it is also equally important for the dissertation writers to articulate and justify the methods that have been used in reviewing particular literature.

Here are two abstracts of the literature dissertations recently written by our team

Literature-based Dissertation sample

Below is a description of the most widely accepted methodology and structure for a literature-based dissertation

Methodology- this describes the exact approach which has been adopted by the author in putting together the literature-based dissertation. The methodology must discuss all the aspects of the topic that the author has chosen to elaborate upon. The methodology also entails the depth of research that the writer has undertaken to put together a dissertation.

Extended Literature Review - Extended literature reviews are written to write an elucidate description of the piece of literature in question.

Addressing the particular issues: the literature-based dissertation is also founded on the particular issues or the inherent debate that is central to the dissertation topic. Over the years, there have been several developments and significant evolution in the widely accepted norms for the contents of a literature-based review. However, there is a consensus on the issues around a dissertation.

Conclusion: The conclusion also consists of a summary of the most rudimentary findings of the existing data available on the topic. The conclusion is written to forge a functional relationship between the different types of evaluation available in the dissertation. 

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