Nursing case study tips
December 28, 2020
Author : Jeffery

As you might have heard, “the grass is always greener on the other side”, the profession of nursing is just like that. People usually get disillusioned with the lucrative prospects that it promises to students. In the process, they overlook the trials and tribulations that nursing students have to undergo for reaching those bright opportunities, one of them being overburdened with a variety of back-breaking assignments.

A nursing case study on a patient is one of those assessments that most of the students feel overwhelmed about. Combating with the intricacies of such a case study is not an easy task for a majority of students. Do you find this relatable? Then, why not get in touch with our case study writing help experts today? Over the years, we have always triumphed over the queries that students have sent us by successfully curating reference assignment solutions that enable students to approach these assessments with ease. 

In the UK, case studies are one of the most popular forms of assessment which are rolled out to students. Be it Nursing, economics, management, law or any other subject, students get a lot of case studies to complete. The primary reason for rolling out case studies to students is that these test well the command on crucial concepts and how they are able to implement those concepts in real-life situations. 

Realising this, our organisation has stood strong in this dynamic academic environment by providing students with unmatchable assignment help in the UK. Our experts have guided students through a variety of case studies, solving all their queries and making them possible to reach appropriate solutions. We being from scratch and that’s how to write a case study on a patient! Let’s get started. 

Important parts of nursing case study

4 Types Of Nursing Case Studies On Patients That Have Been Curated By Our Nursing Case Study Writing Help Experts

Before we help you write a case study on a patient in nursing, it is imperative to brief you on the four major types of nursing case studies that you will come across in your entire university lives. When you are clear with the aspects that are to be included in each of these, you will write perfect assignments just like our case study writing help experts do. 

Over the last decade, we have covered these 4 types of nursing case studies and helped students mitigate their challenges in each of them. 

These are:

Illustrative nursing case studies

All the patient case studies in nursing that require a descriptive approach come under this category. Referring to one or two events from the given case, the nurses predict the situation of the entire clinical setting. The basic purpose of writing an illustrative case study is to elucidate the unfamiliar aspects of the case forth the readers/audience. 

Pilot case studies

Also known as the exploratory nursing case studies, pilot case studies are condensed form of case studies. Before implementing an important investigation, nurses perform the analysis of such case studies. As per our nursing case study writing help experts, the main reason why students use this form of assessment is that it aids them in recognising the questions and find the methodologies to answer them appropriately.

However, there is a drawback of using this case study. In these case studies, the findings that students decipher in the initial stage might sometimes seem like the most convincing observations and can also take place in the conclusion. 

Cumulative case studies

These are the case studies that aggregate data from different sites that have been garnered at different points of time. Here, information from the past is useful in generalising the facts without any extra investment. 

Critical instance case studies

There are two main purposes of writing these case studies, which are to challenge a universal assertion and investigating an area of interest. If the questions posed are the cause and effect questions, then writing these case studies is the best way to answer them. 

Now that our case study writing help experts are done with briefing you about the types of nursing case studies, it is time that we provide you with the answer to how to write a case study on a patient.

Write An Effective Case Study On A Patient In Just 4 Easy Steps!

A nursing case study is a long procedure that is based on several stages. From conducting thorough research on the imperative concepts involved in them to deciphering the essence of the case given, there’s a lot to look at while writing the case study on a patient in nursing. The main purpose of writing a nursing case study is to equip the audience with an abundant number of possible solutions for the hypothetical problem that the patient is suffering in the case. 

If you have been looking for the answers to how to write a case study on a patient, then we have got the perfect thing for you! These are the following steps that are followed by our medical case study writing help experts for writing a nursing case study. 

Research, research and research! 

There’s no shortcut to extensive research when it comes to writing a case study in nursing. There has to be an inclusion of the vocabulary that is enriched with the important concepts of nursing. For that, you cannot fall short on information and relevant data. Thus, the primary step of drafting a nursing case study is to be strong over the researching skills. 

Go for credible peer-reviewed articles, journal articles, newspapers, books etc be sure that there are no loopholes in the theoretical part in your case studies. 

Understand the requirements and choose the format wisely

The case studies on patients revolve around the conditions of patients who are suffering from different diseases. As per our case study writing help experts, there are three categories in which these formats can be categorised. These are elaborating upon the patient’s medical history, highlighting the demographics of the concerned patient and finding the most appropriate diagnosis of the disease and looking for its possible treatments and interventions. 

nursing facts

Do not compromise with the structure of the case study

“How to write a case study on a patient within the given deadline”, ask several students from our writers. The primary reason why students require the guidance of experts is that they are not able to deal with the pressing deadlines and secure top-notch grades in their work. 

For this, our case study writing help experts suggest them to pay attention to the intricacies in the structure of a case study. Every professor would like their student to prepare a case study that is accepted by the university standards. Therefore, you must pay extra attention to the structure of a nursing case study. 

Generally, the following is the structure that is adhered to by our experts while drafting a case study on a patient in nursing. 

  • The introductory paragraph

  • History of the patient and medical conditions

  • Existing medications of the patient

  • Diagnosis

  • Patient case discussion

  • Elaborating upon the symptoms, causes and disease

  • Interventions

  • Conclusion

Cite your work properly

There is a lot that you can extract from other reliable sources for your case study. However, if you do not give due credits to the authors/writers whose work you are referring to, then that would fall under the category of plagiarism. To avoid this, our case study writing help experts always advise students to reference the work as per the given guidelines. 

Generally, a nursing case study on a patient is referenced in APA style, unless it is mentioned to reference in some other referencing style. 

Have A Look At The Sample Curated By Our Nursing Case Study Writing Help Experts For A Clearer Picture! 

Below is a case study on a patient in nursing that we received from students. It is on a patient named Ruby. 

nursing case study sample

As you can see in the image above, the patient history of the patient is given. The main objective of this nursing case study is to analyse the patient conditions and answer the questions that are given. Other than this, the task also includes finding the treatment of the general anxiety disorder (GAD) that she is suffering from. 

This case study has been done in adherence to the steps that have been discussed by our case study writing help experts above. If you have any of the case studies with you and want us to guide you through them, then simply hand it over to us. We will do all our bit to furnish you with a comprehensive case study on a patient instantly. 

What Bring Students To Our Case Study Writing Help Experts?

In the last decade, My Assignment Services has been known as the best assignment help organisation in UK. With a vast repository of relevant reference material for students, we have also maintained a large population of over 2,500 professional nursing experts who master in their respective fields. 

Being PhD experts, they have produced immaculate assignment solutions for students for over ten years now. This makes them thorough with all the technicalities that are faced by students while writing them. Naturally, the work that they do in just a few hours would otherwise take more than several days! 

Other than helping students with high-quality work, our case study writing help experts are all geared towards providing the best experience to students by fulfilling all their expectations. This we do by introducing new benefits for our clients. Some of these include hassle-free unlimited revisions, multiple quality checks, free Plagiarism reports with each assignment, an interactive mobile application and more. To know more about our services, just get in touch with us now.

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