business analytics dissertation topics
April 30, 2024
Author : Jess Healy

Before you look into the best business analytics dissertation topics, let’s analyse business analytics. In the passionate world of modern business, data analytics has become essential for organisations to thrive. Business analytics, iterative investigation, and exploration of past business performance to achieve insight and drive business planning have been cornerstones of decision-making procedures. Moreover, for students like you indulging in the field of business, picking the right dissertation topics is imperative if you want your desired grades in your final results. Furthermore, it showcases their learning and understanding of the subject and allows them to contribute meaningfully to the domain. However, in this web blog, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of potential dissertation topics for business analytics, spanning numerous categories to cater to various academic and interest pursuits.

What is a Business Dissertation?

A business dissertation refers to a substantial and deeper research project carried out by professionals or students in business management, related disciplines, or administration. Therefore, it serves as a culmination of work for those pursuing advanced degrees such as a Master’s or Doctorate in business-related subjects. The main objective of a business dissertation is to the existing body of knowledge in the field by studying a particular research question, topic or problem with great detail. The ultimate goal is to establish an understanding of the selected business analytics dissertation topics or subjects and potentially offer practical insights or recommendations that can be beneficial to businesses, academia or industries.

Business Analytics

Check Out the Unique Dissertation Topics in Business Analytics

In this blog post, we will look into an array of valuable business analytics topics that are suitable for aspiring students at the master’s or doctoral levels. Preparing a well-outlined dissertation topic is an academic rite of passage. Hence, it serves as the pinnacle of one’s educational journey. The choice of dissertation topics on business analytics is imperative to the success of this scholarly work. It provides a solid base for exploration and study.

Topics Related To Customer Analysis and Behaviour Dissertation

Here are the shortlisted customers and behaviour analysis dissertation topics that help you structure your entire dissertation.

  1. Predictive Analytics in Financial Forecasting: A Comparative Study.
  2. Utilising Big Data Analytics for Customer Segmentation in the Retail Industry.
  3. Machine Learning Algorithms for Credit Risk Assessment in Banking.
  4. Optimising Supply Chain Management through Data Analytics.
  5. Exploring the Impact of Social Media Analytics on Brand Perception.
  6. Predictive Maintenance: A Case Study in Manufacturing Industry.
  7. Data-driven Decision Making in Healthcare: Case of Hospital Management.
  8. Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis: A Study of Online Reviews.
  9. Fraud Detection in E-commerce: An Application of Machine Learning.
  10. Predicting Stock Market Trends using Time Series Analysis.
  11. Optimising Marketing Campaigns through A/B Testing and Analytics.
  12. Customer Lifetime Value Prediction using Machine Learning Models.
  13. Application of Data Analytics in Human Resource Management.
  14. Predictive Analytics for Energy Consumption Forecasting.
  15. Data Analytics for Personalised Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities.

Step To Choose The Best Business Dissertation Topics

Predictive Analytics in Various Industries Related Dissertation Topics

If you are looking for business analytics assignment help while finalising your dissertation topic, then you must check out the topics mentioned below.

  1. Anomaly Detection in Network Security using Machine Learning.
  2. Optimising Transportation Networks through Data Analytics.
  3. Data Analytics in Sports: Performance Analysis and Predictive Modeling.
  4. Predictive Analytics in Tourism: Forecasting Tourist Arrivals.
  5. Analysing the Impact of Weather Data on Retail Sales.
  6. Predicting student performance using educational data mining.
  7. Forecasting demand for energy consumption.
  8. Analysing customer engagement metrics for social media marketing.
  9. Predicting loan default risk in banking.
  10. Optimisation of inventory management using predictive analytics.
  11. Analysing clickstream data for website usability improvement.
  12. Predictive modelling for healthcare outcomes.
  13. Analysing customer preferences for product recommendations.
  14. Predicting customer response to marketing campaigns.
  15. Fraud detection in online advertising.

Dissertation topics on Data Analysis for Marketing and Sales

We understand how important it is to find the right business analytics dissertation topics to form your entire dissertation. That is why we have shortlisted some of the unique dissertation topics.

  1. Analysing sentiment in news articles for stock market prediction.
  2. Predictive analytics for hotel room demand forecasting.
  3. Analysing employee sentiment for improving workplace culture.
  4. Predicting flight delays using historical data.
  5. Analysing user behaviour in mobile apps for app optimisation.
  6. Predictive modelling for crop yield forecasting in agriculture.
  7. Analysing customer reviews for restaurant recommendations.
  8. Predicting equipment failure in industrial machinery.
  9. Analysing customer churn in subscription-based businesses.
  10. Predictive analytics for traffic congestion prediction.
  11. Analysing sentiment in customer reviews for product recommendation.
  12. Predicting customer preferences for personalised marketing.
  13. Analysing customer lifetime value for loyalty program optimisation.
  14. Predictive modelling for patient readmission in healthcare.
  15. Analysing user engagement metrics for mobile app optimisation.

Topics on Text and Sentiment Analysis Dissertation

Here is the exclusive list of dissertation topics for business analytics.

  1. Predicting customer satisfaction using sentiment analysis.
  2. Analysing social media data for brand reputation management.
  3. Predictive analytics for sales forecasting.
  4. Analysing customer behaviour for targeted advertising.
  5. Predicting equipment downtime using predictive maintenance.
  6. Analysing sentiment in customer service interactions for improvement.
  7. Predictive modelling for customer churn prediction.
  8. Analysing web traffic data for website optimisation.
  9. Predicting consumer trends using market basket analysis.
  10. Analysing sentiment in employee feedback for HR improvement.
  11. Predictive analytics for demand forecasting in retail.
  12. Analysing customer feedback for product feature prioritisation.
  13. Predicting equipment failure in the oil and gas industry.
  14. Analysing user behaviour for app engagement optimisation.
  15. Predictive modelling for patient diagnosis in healthcare.

Shortlisted Dissertation Topics on Predictive Modeling and Forecasting

Let’s check out the best and trendy business analytics dissertation topics.

  1. Analysing sentiment in customer surveys for service improvement.
  2. Predicting customer preferences for product recommendation.
  3. Analysing social media data for influencer marketing.
  4. Predictive analytics for supply chain optimisation.
  5. Analysing customer journey data for marketing attribution.
  6. Predicting customer churn in subscription-based businesses.
  7. Analysing sentiment in customer reviews for sentiment analysis.
  8. Predictive modelling for energy consumption forecasting.
  9. Analysing web traffic data for website optimisation.
  10. Predicting consumer trends using market basket analysis.

Wrapping It Up!

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