Academia Vs Industry: Which One Offers a Happier Life?

Academia Vs Industry
September 20, 2022
Author : Bill Williams

Well! What does a happier life mean to you? The meaning of a happier life depends as per individual, as per their perspective, and their choices. So, the definition of a happier life invariably varies from person to person. Those having an interest in academics will find happiness in Academia, while for some, the industry life will seek more happiness.

Choosing whether to pursue Academia or Industry is a significant decision. Apart from that, there are specific features based on which people generally choose their genre to lead a happy life. Also, while picking one from these two could be an easier task for some, this can get challenging for many. And, often, the fresher graduates get stuck deciding between these two. So, do not stress out if your situation is the same.

Here, in this blog, we will be talking about some of the paramount characteristics in detail that will help you make your commitment. Although there are a number of fundamental distinctions between performing in Industry vs Academia, it is necessary to comprehend the variations and take the knacks, capabilities, qualities, or employment objectives and further ambitions into consideration while deciding what path to choose.

Now, before knowing the differences between the two, let's first see the factors you must consider to choose your career path.

Academia Vs Industry

What Are the Factors that Will Help You Decide the Right Choice of Field?

Eventually, based on an individual's preferences, the choice is made to choose your best fit. Read the factors mentioned below while thinking over to decide on your path between academia and industry.

1. Decide over your preferences

Evaluate your priorities. What matters the most to you -- is it the salary, creativity, freedom or versatility?

2. Consider your time management with interest 

Know and assume how you would like to manage and spend your time every day after selecting your path whether you will be more interested in teaching or other academics-related work, collaborating or fundraising, and other industry-related works.

3. Understand and learn about your strengths and skills

Learning about your strengths is an important factor. This will help you prefer a path that will raise your ways of succeeding in your career. So, know about your strength while planning your future.

4. What working ways excite you more?

It is also important to know which working ways work for you or instil a sort of excitement in you. Be it being your own boss, working independently, or being more comfortable working with your team and others.

5. Think about taking the next step while ensuring your further plans

Remember, the choice is not final. You are free to change your field if you wish to. So, currently, think about making your next-step decision, but back it up with your alternate plans if that does not work out for you.

6. Stay honest, and consider your passion

Above all, staying true to yourself is the most important thing. Think about passion, and consider that while making your decision. By following your passion, you will definitely enjoy doing it and eventually get a successful career.

Now, after knowing about the factors, let's come to the differences.

choosing between Academia Vs Industry

Academia and Industry - Which One Has Better Perks for You?

While talking about Academia vs Industry, both encompass their benefits and drawbacks. One has a higher salary wage, while the other could have a tenure lure in your favour. We will know about a few categories here and the differences below:

1. Research Independence

Check whether the area you choose is making you happy while investigating it. Well! Academia provides you with the freedom to go on with the research you have always wished to do. In addition, there is more to it when it comes to freedom, like forming your own plan, or on what other topics you would want to experiment, etc.

While in Industry, the company you work in decides your research. Although, you cannot say it is not good because it provides you with a particular niche to get involved in that research. And, of course, you can work for industries that fit your choice of doing research. In this way, you can continue researching what you want, along with getting funds from the same.

2. Prospect

While looking for a career in Industry, and with its booming, if you hold a PhD degree, it will be really helpful in finding the right career. Apart from that, you can have other opportunities as well. Know that Industry has various options available and open for you with various corporations and firms.

Academia, too, has several options for you. Tenure is one of them. Although the path to reach here is achievable, it is quite a demanding experience. The writing you did at your university is an essential requirement for several options in Academia that slightly differ from Industry. Remember this as it plays an important role while making your decision.

3. Salary

Undoubtedly, money matters the most. Although many would say that to be happy and successful, you should look for your interest and passion more than salary. And, of course, that is true to a certain point because it is also important to earn well and have a good salary.

Here, you will find an upper hand in the Industry. The companies and corporations- all high-paid jobs only come into the business category. And, no doubt your hard work and skill will promote you throughout with increasing salary. But, that does not mean that Academia falls back in this. It has its own intangible advantages.

4. Impact

Here, Academia has a benefit over Industry. You will acquire recognition for your endeavours in helping with the journal of academic work you wrote. This advancement in reference is one of the major elements encouraging people to join Academia. Working in Academia offers you the opportunity to impact the students. And this is one of the fundamental causes they would opt for a professorship in Academia.

But again, Industry has its own impact. Here the impact is more economic-based. Creating a thriving product or service will drive your business to become more prosperous and profitable. The distinction of this conquest will most likely be calculated in a salary raise or a promotion. However, the credit doesn't usually spread outer of the business itself. So, depending on your level of want for impact and recognition in your career, it is something to remember.

5. Job Security

A prosperous profession is essential for a happy life. Retaining that job is more necessary than ever. Most individuals put job resilience near the base of their checklists of excellent work attributes. However, it is the most vital factor while looking for a brilliant job. Again, your job security is indisputably guaranteed if you have the term in Academia. However, the percentage in this goes very low. And, if you are not tenured, your capacity to ensure pensions for your analysis will determine how secure your position is.

You'll be capable of sustaining funding throughout each process, which will confirm your employment solidity, or else your position might get into danger. Unfortunately, job safety in the Industry is lower. And as mentioned above, a business needs to be a profitable one. So, you have an asset and are not taken as a liability.


So, which one is the best to lead a happy life? It is a bit tough to say which one offers a happier life from academia vs ndustry. It totally depends on individuals and what one would like to pick for their career. Whichever choice you prefer, this blog will clarify by making you aware of both advantages and disadvantages and eventually help you lead a happier life. If you want any assistance for your Academia or Industry-related courses, contact the experts at My Assignment Services. Fill out the form here, and get your queries resolved instantly.

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