Brilliant Nursing Doctoral Dissertation Topics
February 05, 2023
Author : Rick Frederick

The first step to a perfect dissertation is the right topic selection. How are you going to do that? No hard and fast rules can land you on the most appropriate topic and get you all the relevant resources for research! Hard work and smart work has to run in parallel with your knowledge and skills in academic writing.

Although in most cases, students get a specific topic they should research and write on, they are sometimes supposed to find their research topic. Multiple steps help you choose the topic that interests you and corresponds with your ideas. Pursuing a Doctorate in nursing requires you to write a flawless dissertation. Besides the challenges of selecting appropriate and intriguing nursing doctoral dissertation topics, you also encounter numerous paper drafting challenges.

nursing research topic

Steps to Choose the Right Doctoral Dissertation Topic in Nursing

Before you proceed with your dissertation, ensure you are heading forward with the appropriate topic relevant to your study domain. Doing so will keep you motivated while working on your research paper as you will be more aware of the information you come across during research. Also, it is an excellent way to boost your knowledge in your subject. Here are a few ways to help you decide on your nursing dissertation topic:

Scrutinize the Topic List

Go through the topic list carefully and identify the ones you are aware of. Make notes of such topics and then go through them again to determine which is the most appropriate for writing your nursing dissertation.

Explore the Topic

Although you get something impressive, you should still have adequate knowledge and data. Try finding more information about the topic and ensure you get a brief overview before you write on any chosen subject.

If you need help to get relevant information or pick a topic according to your conciseness, consider getting dissertation help in the UK. The dissertation writers of My Assignment Services are highly reliable and can help you with every step of dissertation writing effectively.

Identify a Theoretical Foundation to Support Your Topic

You can research to find relevant theories for your study. You can also use them as supporting statements in your doctorate nursing.

Find a Niche that Can Make a Difference

Ensure you offer something undiscovered to the field you are writing for. You can change the world with a single dissertation. However, you can add something new to a specific area. This won't make a difference in the world but will differentiate you from others.

Make Sure You can Gather Enough Information about the Topic

Remember that you must have sound wisdom on the selected topic to draft your assignment flawlessly. Only try to do something other than experimentation, mainly when you have restricted time. Hence, choose a unique topic that, at the same time, has a broad scope.

These tips will help you pick suitable nursing doctoral dissertation topics. To make it easier, we have also shared below some of the brilliant topic ideas you can work on for your dissertation.

5 chapters of a dissertation

Best Nursing Topics for a Doctorate Dissertation


  • Burnout in the nursing career
  • Mentorship in nursing
  • Steps to take when the geriatric denies taking medicine.
  • What role does a family play in supporting teens with eating disorders
  • What is the impact of laughter therapy on people and healthcare
  • Education on Nutrition
  • How to maintain a good relationship with a patient
  • The role of nurses in the healthcare department
  • Significance of attending a cognitive patient
  • Effective remedies for Alzheimer's care
  • Non-verbal contact in nursing
  • The importance of decision-making capabilities in nursing
  • Resuming work after leave
  • What is the best therapy for elderly
  • How to introduce home nursing in the community setup
  • How to expand the role of community healthcare nurses
  • Why is stress management necessary for nurses

Section 2

  • A comparison of stress experienced by critical care nursing professionals vs stress experienced by nursing professionals from other departments
  • Vital research to identify indicators of stress and depression among critical care nursing workers considering a career in rural hospitals in the United Kingdom
  • Unique research to identify and assess admission barriers in the critical care nursing department
  • An examination of critical care nursing experts' capacity to operate life support systems without the assistance of others.
  • A study of the successful communication skills and patient contact approaches taught to critical care nurses.


  • A critical examination of approaches used by nursing staff in critical care units in the United Kingdom to prevent fatal nursing errors.
  • An innovative approach for predicting the patient-to-critical care nursing staff ratio to forecast the need for critical care nurses over the next decade.
  • Evaluating the efficacy of stress management approaches provided to critical care nursing staff throughout their training.
  • Examine the staffing practices used by hospitals in the United Kingdom to assign nursing workers to critical care units.
  • A study of the Roman Tierney model's efficacy in caring for people with a mental health condition by nursing personnel
  • Compare critical care training offered to nurse practitioners in developing and industrialized nations.
  • Investigate the impact of racial prejudice on patient satisfaction in critical care units.
  • A study of the evolution of critical care procedures and professional nursing training from 2000 to 2020.
  • Identifying the primary causes of stress and mental exhaustion in critical care nursing staff and how to manage it
  • The role of nursing professionals in delivering palliative care to chronic illness patients
  • Analysis of patient wound management analysis is taught to nursing workers to prevent and care for significant wounds at risk of becoming infected.
  • An investigation of the efficacy of nutritional care adequacy of critical care nurse team concerning sick patients
  • Examine the training offered to nurse personnel in critical care wards to cope with sensitive operations such as catheter insertion or patient transfer while ventilating.
  • Analysis of critical care efficiency in rural and urban locations of the United Kingdom
  • The significance of nursing personnel in giving moral and psychological assistance to traumatized patients
  • The efficacy of pain assessment by critical care nursing experts in patients with chronic diseases
  • An examination of nursing practitioners' decision-making abilities in critical care cardiac units


  • The significance of learning the Comfort Theory by nurses
  • What do children expect from Pediatric Nurses
  • Why must pediatric nurses know about pain management?
  • Best practices for pain management for hospitalized patients
  • How to handle verbal abuse for pediatric nurses
  • What are the essentials of pediatric aid
  • An overview of nursing research in the US
  • What are the Adult Cancer Priorities
  • What are some adult nursing research topics
  • What are the new approaches to nursing in the 21st century?
  • What is adult Research Knowledge Utilization among Nurses?
  • Why do nurses matter in adult critical care?
  • What are some moral judgments in nursing predicaments
  • The role of spirituality in nursing
  • Adult intensive care: Essentials and priorities
  • What is the common health issues women face in their life?
  • What common mistakes to avoid when dealing with Maternity and Women's Health?
  • The significance of ethics in nursing
  • How to become a leader: Nursing leadership
  • What are some familiar psychiatric nursing skills for the unit's safety?
  • The impact of social media and eating habits on children
  • How can Hepatitis B and AIDS Impact Pregnant Women?


  • What are some essential Dexterities required by nurses for evidence-based practice?
  • Getting a better understanding of the evidence-based practice
  • Common myths nurses have about EBP
  • The growth and rise of evidence-based practice in the nursing profession
  • What are the relations between Evidence-Based Practice and leadership?
  • What are the common challenges nurses face while getting into the EBP
  • A thorough analysis of Helping the Patient with Acute Psychosis
  • Why is qualitative research essential and qualitative research in nursing
  • List of mixed methods for dealing with people having mental issues
  • Shortcomings of Qualitative Research for Pediatric Nursing
  • Everything about the Gray Gorilla Syndrome
  • What is critical care stress, and how to manage them?
  • What challenges do nurses face in a Critical Care Unit?
  • Why are the essential decision-making skills and why are they essential for nurses in the critical care unit?
  • How do nurses ensure patient safety in the critical care unit?


  • What can a shortcoming to Delivering Effective Pain Management lead to?
  • The pain assessment of nurses during surgery
  • How to help patients with pain management post-surgery
  • Dealing with pain management in the case of elderly patients
  • What is chronic pain and how to manage it effectively
  • How to help cancer survivors with effective pain management techniques
  • How can meditation help nurses handle their profession better?
  • What are some of the best Medication trends in Pain Management the Nurses must be aware of?
  • Case study for Intuition for Emergency Aid Personnel
  • Level of Anxiety in Assistance Personnel in ER
  • Everything about Violence Towards Nursing Personnel in ER
  • Precision in Crisis Nurses When Evaluating the Patients' Pain: Strategies
  • How can Nurses Make emergency department patient flow More Efficient?
  • Patients' Aggression towards Emergency Nurses
  • What is the Future of Emergency Room Assistance

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