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How to Write a Dissertation Result
January 31, 2019
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The result section of a dissertation is that vital part wherein the author ponders over the details or findings oh his own work. When you have already landed on this blog, we assume that you are facing issues with representing and organising the measurements, surveys, isn't it?

How about My Assignment Services UK solve this problem for you by providing you dissertation results writing example? Yes, that’s what our dissertation help experts are for!

Through the example you would understand how to outline the findings of your research in this section, directly displaying various statistical analysis made by you in the research. We would be more than happy to guide you prepare this section in an efficient manner.

Dissertation Results Writing Example

While doing any kind of assignment, you do it in a step-by-step format, right? Similar is the case while writing the result section in any dissertation. The experts of our dissertation writing services say that organising all the useful information which you have gathered is the first step towards writing this section.

Also, this section must be directly connected to the main question which your research is going to address. Thus, the most relevant piece of information must be in the beginning.

As you can see how our experts have organised the information in the dissertation results writing example which they have recently done for the reference purpose of numerous students like you.

dissertation results writing examples

See how crisp, yet effective is this result section from a chemistry dissertation. Here, our dissertation result writing help experts have started the section with the description of the sample and the size of the sample.

Then, the experts include various descriptive statistics such as the range, frequency, and other such details. In addition to this, the results of various statistical tests such as ANOVA and others are also included in the dissertation results writing example written by our experts.

In the end, in case, qualitative information has been included in the dissertation, our experts make sure to back them up with quotes which are vital to authenticate them.

4 Steps Of Writing The Result Section In a Dissertation Results Writing Example

So, as discussed above, our dissertation help experts follow a fixed set of steps for writing the examples and samples for you. Now, let us see and discuss each of them in detail.

So, as per the info-graphic above, following our the steps which the experts of our dissertation writing services have used in the dissertation results writing example discussed previously in this blog.

Introducing the findings

The finding chapter in your dissertation would comprise of 40% of the overall results section. As this section carries the majority of the marks, a logical and organised introduction is what can help you gain command over those marks.

According to our dissertation results writing help experts, this section must include the following components.

  1. Aim
  2. How you would be approaching the aim
  3. Research
  4. Talking about the research instruments (appendix) briefly

Organising the data

After you mentioned the findings of your dissertation in the previous section, the next step according to our dissertation writers is to talk about the presentation of those findings in the most logical way.

However, every dissertation results writing example would vary according to the type of project which has been undertaken. For instance, if you are writing a qualitative dissertation, then in this case, if you highlight the themes, it would be well sufficient. On the contrary, if you are writing a quantitative dissertation, you would be required to relate your findings with the questions of your research.

Presenting the qualitative data

If you have interviews in your dissertation, you would likely be having the transcripts for the same. So, begin with each subsection and mention about the underlining themes. Also, the experts of our dissertation writing services emphasis the use of quotations with relevant information.

Presenting the quantitative data

Presenting numeric data can be quite challenging for you. Thus, you must ensure that all your statistical data is systematically organised. This is how our experts write the dissertation results writing example, using proper tables, graphs, and figures.

What Makes Us Stand Apart?

My Assignment Services UK is an upright firm which marches ahead diligently. Having provided expert guidance in more than 50+ disciplines, we have been successful in helping students with our dissertation results writing example and samples.

In addition to helping students write effective results of dissertations, we have also been efficiently guiding them with other aspects of a dissertation such as the introduction, abstract, appendix, conclusion, and others. In case, you require assistance on any of these, you may easily get in touch with us via the order now form.

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