Dissertation VS Thesis
December 11, 2023
Author : Katie Crawford

Are you searching for accurate details about the dissertation vs thesis? If yes! This write-up is written for you. 

However, regardless of your field or speciality, achieving a graduate degree is one of the most rewarding ways to advance your academic career. In fact, for some students, completing a master’s degree and a doctoral degree is necessary. A graduate degree program professional critical thinking and writing skills and refines particular knowledge. Also, it enables you to enhance your expertise and competence. 

Furthermore, when finishing a graduate degree program, scholars must produce a major research and writing assignment. These assignments include a dissertation in a doctoral program or a thesis in a master’s degree. Likewise, these two projects need proper clarification, so what is the appropriate difference between a dissertation vs thesis UK? Moreover, the two have a few significant differences and similarities essential for any potential graduate student. 

What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a piece of work that is centred around original research. In dissertations, students review existing research but also build on this with exclusive hypotheses and methods. Therefore, a dissertation can discredit an earlier theory or take the mentioned theories and research in a new direction. Furthermore, it is a huge research project usually finished at the end of the academic year. 

Usually, a dissertation begins with a dissertation proposal, which a study supervisor approves. The students then complete the research by taking vital dissertation help from online resources. Likewise, both undergraduate and postgraduate students can undertake dissertations. The word count is set at the undergraduate level around 5000 to 8000, and at the postgraduate level, it is normally 10000 to 15000.

What is a Thesis?

A thesis is a formal academic document that presents a student's research findings and arguments on a specific topic. Likewise, it is submitted as part of a higher education degree. Hence, it includes a master's or doctoral program, and a thesis demonstrates the author's ability to conduct original research, analyse data, and contribute new insights to their field. Moreover, it follows a structured format. Thus, these formats include an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion. The thesis culminates in extensive research, critical thinking, and scholarly writing. Also, it aims to contribute significantly to the existing knowledge within a particular discipline.

What are the Differences between a Dissertation and a Thesis?

In dissertation vs thesis, both are often used interchangeably. However, a dissertation can have different purposes in some contexts. Therefore, the differences between a dissertation and a thesis can change depending on the country and educational institution. Nevertheless, we are here to give you a general overview of the typical differences.

1. Definition

In the United States and some other countries, a dissertation, on the other hand, is typically associated with a doctoral-level degree. Furthermore, it is a longer and more in-depth document needed to finish a doctoral degree.

A thesis is directed to a document drafted by a master's degree candidate. Therefore, it is usually a need and requirement to finish a master's program.

2. Scope and Length

In dissertation vs thesis UK, a more extensive dissertation involves original research and a deeper exploration of the chosen topic. Moreover, it often contributes fresh knowledge or understanding to the field.

A thesis is generally shorter and less extensive than a dissertation. However, it is focused on indicating the candidate's mastery of a precise subject within their field.

3. Purpose

A dissertation seeks to contribute unique knowledge to the field. It often involves original research, data collection, and analysis.

The primary objective of a thesis is to show the student's learning and understanding of the subject matter by taking thesis writing help from online resources and their ability to apply it. 

4. Publication

A dissertation may be more likely to result in publications as separate articles or as a whole work. Also, it contributes to the academic literature in the field.

A thesis is for something other than publication. Likewise, it is an academic requirement for completing a master's program.

5. Structure

In the dissertation vs thesis differences section, a dissertation often has a more complex structure. Likewise, it includes additional chapters such as an abstract, acknowledgements, and multiple literature review sections.

While the specific structure can vary in a thesis, it generally includes an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion.

Similarities between Dissertation and Thesis

Dissertations and thesis share several similarities, as students undertake academic research projects to demonstrate their mastery of a subject. Here are five common similarities between dissertations and thesis.

1. Research Focus


When discussing the similarities between a dissertation and a thesis in the UK, a dissertation involves in-depth, original research on a specific topic within a field. Therefore, it requires formulating a well-defined research question or hypothesis that serves as the focal point of the investigation.


It also entails original research, typically on a narrower scope than dissertations. Moreover, it demands an articulated research question or hypothesis the student seeks to address through their research efforts.

2. Formal Document


When finding similarities in dissertation vs thesis, the dissertation follows a formalised structure comprising an introduction, literature review, methodology, outcomes, discussion, and conclusion. Stick to specific formatting and citation styles dictated by the academic institution or department.


Share a similar formal structure with dissertations, encompassing sections like introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion. Also, coordinate with the academic institution's specified formatting and citation guidelines.

3. Academic Supervision


One of the major similarities between dissertation and thesis is academic supervision. Thus, students collaborate closely with a faculty advisor or supervisor who guides them throughout the research process. Therefore, advisors provide feedback, recommendations, and academic support to ensure the research meets high scholarly standards.


Similarly, it involves a mentoring relationship between students and faculty advisors. Advisors play a crucial role in offering guidance, critiques, and support to ensure the quality and rigour of the research.

4. Original Contribution


It aims to make a significant and original contribution to the academic field by discovering new knowledge. Also, it proposes new theories or applies existing theories to a novel context. Require an extensive literature review to establish the research's context and justify the need for the study.


While finding similarities between thesis and dissertation, a thesis is expected to contribute original insights to the field of study. Furthermore, it may focus on a more specific aspect than dissertations but still requires a thorough literature review to contextualise the research and demonstrate its relevance.

5. Defence Process


It often involves a formal defence before a committee of faculty members. The defence includes a research presentation and a question-and-answer session, where students must showcase a comprehensive understanding of their work.


Similarly, students are required to defend their thesis before a committee. The defence typically includes presenting the research findings and responding to questions posed by the committee members to demonstrate mastery of the subject matter.

Time to Compose Projects without Confusion between Dissertation and Thesis!

We hope this write-up provided you with all the necessary information and cleared all your doubts regarding the dissertation vs thesis UK. Many students seek accurate clarification because they think a dissertation and a thesis are similar. Also, they can put a thesis in place of a dissertation or a dissertation in place of a thesis. However, we all know that they are completely different from each other. The thesis is something students face in their master’s degrees, whereas a dissertation is assigned in student’s PhD doctoral degrees.

Furthermore, if you still need help, look no further than My Assignment Services. We are here to help you from every step of the process. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and avail of all our helpful services customised only for you. 

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