communication in nursing
April 29, 2024
Author : Rick Frederick

Nursing is the cornerstone of the medical industry and healthcare provision. Effective communication in nursing plays a key role in healthcare provision. The profession of nursing requires an immense level of professionalism. Nurses have to deal with the patients to provide better healthcare services. And their domains of services do not only halt at the patients. The KRAs of nursing also expand to the healthcare team related to those nurses. Communication with both patients and the healthcare team allows for the smooth functioning of the work. You can be a nurse at a hospital or be allocated to a specialised location due to war. But your duty never stops at communicating with all the core people of the work process.

Models of communication in nursing vary according to the purpose of the communication. The communication models among nurses are applicable in all situations. If you are a nurse, you are expected to communicate with everyone. Your main responsibility is to communicate and keep things in order. It ensures a well-ordered way of providing healthcare services to the patients. We are going to learn the theories behind these communications. We will also tell you how you can apply all this information to your assignment and dissertation.


Why Effective Communication Is Important In Nursing?

Communication in nursing plays an important role in taking care of the patients. This also allows doctors and healthcare providers to be updated on progress. Most importantly, their profession revolves around the well-being of a patient. The different kinds of patients come under the care of the nurses. An ill patient seeks reassurance about recovery. And a wounded one requires intensive care. Both these tasks are a part of the profession of nursing.

There are nurses from all sorts of backgrounds, and all of them follow the theories & models. Some theories of communication in nursing require a comprehensive understanding of them. In order to understand these theories, one must understand why effective communication is important in nursing practice. Some of the major benefits of communication in nursing are:

  • Aid to the emotional and mental state of the patients
  • Establish trust between healthcare providers and patients’ families
  • Allowing medical procedures to be conducted smoothly
  • Transferring knowledge to the patients for their treatment
  • Enables a common working ground for all professionals involved
  • Prevents errors in medical provisions and assessments
  • Educate the patients about their well-being and the steps of treatment

Models And Theories Of Communication In Nursing

Models of communication in nursing are designed in order to organise the work they do. These models talk about the mode of communication and their application. It elaborates on the kind of communication that has taken place between two people. But it is not only about the “what” but also “how”. This means that these models also reflect on how it is being carried out. Is the sender sending the information to the receiver well? Is receiving the information tough for the receiver to understand? Or does the receiver have a totally different view and have misinterpreted the information?


Communication in nursing can be understood well with the references of some models. These models are of theoretical context and provide some historical information, too. However, we are mainly going to focus on the theoretical significance of these models. These include:

  • Transmission - This model of communication explains that communication is always one way. It consists of a sender (of information) and a receiver (for that information). American mathematicians and scientists Shannon and Weaver introduced this thesis. In 1949, they explained that communication is a linear process. They emphasised the fact that there is no proper clarity in this linear communication. It is unclear whether or not the receiver understood the message that was sent.
  • Interactive - Shannon and Weaver’s theories of communication in nursing led to the introduction of a new model. The interactive model of communication allowed a well-rounded form of communication. It involves a sender and receiver sharing information on an equal basis. In 1997, the American scholar Wilbur Schramm said that communication happens in a circular way. He emphasised that feedback from the receiver allows a proper understanding of the information.
  • Transactional - The process of communication is recurring in nature, and hence it persists as it continues to happen. The transactional model of communication emphasises this phenomenon only. It explains that communication does not rest at a point, rather it is continuously reciprocated. The American communication theorist, Dean Barnlund introduced the model of transactional communication in 1970.


Communication in nursing requires fundamental ways of understanding how to communicate with patients. There are several theories that talk about these in detail. However, one in particular has historical significance. This theory is - Peplau’s Theory of Interpersonal Relations. Hildegard Peplau was a nurse and the first published nursing theorist. Her theory of interpersonal communication revolutionised nursing practice. It explained that the profession of nursing is therapeutic to the patients. Her theory gave a contextual framework for nursing and raised professional standards.

Necessary Skills Nurse Must Possess

There are some necessary sets of skills a nurse must possess. These skills enable the nurse to have effective communication with a patient and the whole team. These skills include:

  • Being an active listener to all the concerns of the patient that they might share with them. It can be a life-crisis or a medical complication. But a nurse should address the concerns positively.
  • Being able to take notice of the non-verbal cues of the patient as they may not always talk expressively. A patient might give clues through their body language, facial expressions, etc.
  • Having patience and understanding is necessary to aid them well in the situation of need. The nurse should always be patient and understanding when a patient is not able to understand. It can be a particular treatment or dose.
  • Having necessary writing and reading skills to make records of the patient. This is a crucial part of the nurse’s job as it also involves doctors. The medical records you maintain will help the whole team to assess the patient’s current health condition.

Scribing All Of It On Paper

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