Hacks For Social Media Essay Writing
December 07, 2020
Author : Sofia

Are your social media essays bland? Do you want your essays to convert well? Are you ready for the secret getting out in the open? In this blog, we will share amazing ticks down our sleeves that will help you in writing a compelling social media essay. 

Social platforms’ algorithms keep constantly changing and it makes it harder to generate engagement without your social media posts. This requires time, and effort to post an appealing social media essay but writing without a social media strategy, which outlines how each platform will aid in accomplishing your goals, many of your efforts will go in vain. So be smart about it. It is important to have a social media strategy plan, based on your goals, resources, and time. Get essay writing help from My Assignment Services

Yet even with a well laid out plan of action, you still need to write a social media post and content that speak to your targeted audience and inspire them to take action. You see, most people do not read through a lengthy essay, and the worst part is that a larger percentage of the population do not even click on a lengthy social media essay. 

You only have 2-3 seconds to create the magic and to grab the attention of the users, convince them to click, and actually read your essay. So, how do you do that? How do you make sure that your efforts do not go in vain? Well, follow these tips and tricks that will help you in writing a compelling social media essay. Know more about it from top experts in your essay writing help at My Assignment Services. 

Know Your Target Audience

Before you even start writing you need to know about your target audience and their requirements. Instead of guessing their wants and needs, make a data-driven decision by conducting industry research and competitor analysis. 

It may sound complicated for beginners but it is really not. There are tons of resources that can make your life easier such as 

Quora: It is a great platform to find out which question is being asked by the audiences

KeywordTool.io: It is a free tool to see some of the most popular keywords being searched by the users.

Twitter Advanced Search: All you have to do is type your keyword and select the filter “questions” and it will provide all the questions being asked by the target group. 

SEMRush: It’s a paid tool to spy on your competitors and steal their best idea. It is best to use your ideas to write a compelling social media essay for any purpose because your creativity is what defines you, and it will always be there with you. Stealing and copying others’ works do not work for long. So use your brain for creative writing. Experts at My Assignment Services will include every such resource in your essay writing help. 

Compelling Headlines for a Compelling Essay

If you do not come up with a compelling headline for your social media essay, chances are that it will not be read or shared. We, human beings, are shallow and always judge a book by its cover or an essay by its headline. Moreover, we are always looking for something new because our lives are busy and mundane. The headline should catch one’s attention, and that’s why it is crucial for the success of that essay. 

It is recommended that you run your headline through EMV headline analyser to seek the emotional marketing value of your headline. Furthermore, there are more resources such as IsItWP’s headline analyser tool that provides great tips on the methods to improve your headline, it will make certain that you are providing the most clickable and SEO-friendly headlines to bring in more traffic. 

Even if you can’t come up with a catchy headline, do not worry because our experts will provide every essay writing help you need. Just visit My Assignment Services. 

Significance of Subheadings and Short Paragraphs to Break- up the Essay

Do not forget the significance of proper formatting for social media essays. There is nothing worse than reading an essay that’s just one big and lengthy paragraph. Most people have the habit of skimming through the content to get a jest before they actually decide to read it. So, it is always recommended to break up your essay with subheadings. 

Always make it easy for the readers to go through your essay by using shorter paragraphs. You must have noticed, the leading websites tend to break up each paragraph every few lines or so. Stick to short lines of text because we lose interest soon if the same pattern continues for long. Do this to help your reader absorb all the information coming their way in a short amount of period as possible.

Remember, not all kinds of contents are equal for example, a book, if you are reading it, a lot of text is fine but when it comes to social media essays, it is different because they are designed to provide highly focused, high-brow information in a short amount of period. So concentrate on how to drive traffics, convert leads, and increase revenue. Visit My Assignment Services to avail of essay writing help from top experts to increase your reach on any social media platform. 

Bullet Points

As mentioned earlier, people skim through the post before they decide to read it. That means you need to provide highlights for your best information. That helps in deciding whether your essay is worth their time. Bullet points are very easy to skim through, and it is easy to spoon-feed information through this method easily, and your target audience will be coming back for more. 

tips to write bullet points

Add Captivating Images

Our brains process visual contents much faster than text-based content It can aid in boosting your engagement. For people searching for high-quality royalty-free images, there are tons of resources available online. 

Optimise for SEO

SEO can be tricky work. On one hand, you should not involve SEO with your user’s experience (UX) on the other hand; you can’t just ignore it, either. You should aim for a balance, look for organic reach, and optimise your post for important SEO ranking factors such as a secure and accessible website, user-friendly interface, links, user experience, technical SEO, etc. 

social media essay tips

Get an expert opinion on technical SEO or any element. Just visit My Assignment Services to avail of essay writing help from top experts. 

Provide a Clear Call-to-Action

This trick converts very efficiently. Whether it is to ask your readers to leave feedback, share your post, purchase your product, and mention what you would like them to do. A good call-to-action is easily distinguishable and stands out. 

You must have noticed that many posts available online ask their readers to share what they read. That’s how you do it. If your essay is stellar, your readers will be thrilled to share. But to get them to do it, you need to ask. 

Do Your Research

Mention relevant information in your essay to engage the audience. The more relevant your essay, the more success you will have. Start with the general information and then go deeper. 

  • Tip: To connect with your previously target audience on an emotional level, share success stories fro

  • m your previous satisfied customers. 

Know Their Lingo

Take your research further and know what language your ideal audience uses to communicate their needs or challenges. Use their lingo in your essays to ensure your content resonates with your audience. This helps in showing them that you truly understand them. 

Be Positive

Understand the difference between positive and happy. You want your target audience to be excited and inspired by your content, and that doesn’t always mean happy posts. Do not criticize anyone publicly. It can draw more negative people to your page and can hurt any trust or credibility you have built with your existing audience. 

So get on with your social media essay with the aforementioned tips, and get the desired success you want, and if you need any help, just visit My Assignment Services and ask for essay writing help from top experts round the clock.

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