A Guide to Write a Position Paper
January 04, 2024
Author : Bill Williams

Are you looking for impressive ideas to prepare position paper writing? If yes, this is the right place for you to stop.

As a student, you may be familiar with objective research papers, which consider both sides of the argument and present evidence supporting facts. However, are you aware of any other significant piece of academic writing known as the position paper?

Furthermore, one of the most helpful writing skills in academia and the professional world is the ability to present, express and support a position writing clearly. Therefore, when you write a position paper, it is the skills you are strengthening.

Moreover, similar to objective research papers, writing a position paper is still rooted in facts, proper evidence and statistics. They also enable authors and students to take a position on what these information and facts tell us. However, this write-up will discuss how to write a position paper that clearly states an argument or opinion.

What is a Position Paper Writing?

A position paper briefly shows a student's perspective on a specific issue or topic. Thus, it delivers well-reasoned arguments to support that viewpoint with appropriate evidence. Furthermore, position paper writing is typically used in academic, professional, or diplomatic settings to inform, persuade, or influence readers about a specific position or policy.

  • The structure of a position paper generally includes:
  • An introduction, where the issue is introduced.
  • A clear statement of the author's position.
  • A complete overview of supporting evidence and arguments.
  • A closing statement that summarises the primary points and supports the author's perspective.
  • Proper citation and referencing are essential in maintaining the paper's credibility.

A logical flow of ideas, coherence, and a balance of evidence and reasoning characterises effective position papers. Moreover, authors seek to expect counterarguments and address them to maintain their position. This form of writing position paper motivates essential thinking, deeper research skills, and the ability to express and defend one's perspective. Additionally, it makes position papers valuable in academic and professional discourse.

How to Write a Position Paper, with Examples!

Writing an informative position paper involves presenting a clear and well-researched stance on a particular issue. Therefore, here are some tips to help you write an effective position paper, along with examples.

1. Choose a Clear Position

Selecting a clear position at the outset is fundamental in setting the trajectory for a persuasive position paper. Therefore, before opting for any professional paper writing service, ensure that your position paper articulates your stance on the issue exactly. For example, if the topic is renewable energy, you might assert, "I firmly believe that renewable energy is crucial for addressing climate change." It establishes the central theme and provides a roadmap for the next development of arguments and evidence.

2. Conduct Research

The core of an impactful position paper lies in the depth and breadth of research undertaken. Furthermore, a comprehensive investigation into the chosen topic involves consulting various reliable sources. Therefore, these sources include scientific studies, reports from reputable organisations, and expert opinions in your position paper writing. For instance, when advocating for renewable energy, it is imperative to include statistics detailing its current impact and potential environmental benefits. Likewise, citing such credible information strengthens your arguments and lends authority to your position.

3. Understand Your Audience

Outlining the position paper to resonate with the knowledge level and perspectives of the audience is paramount. Hence, focusing on policy implications and practical considerations becomes essential if the intended readership includes policymakers. For example, employing language position paper topics and examples that align with the experiences and concerns of those with the authority to bring about change enhances the relevance and impact of the position paper.

4. Present Clear Arguments

A well-organised structure is imperative for presenting a compelling position. Commence with a concise introduction that outlines the issue, followed by a logically structured body presenting key arguments. In conclusion, summarising your position and supporting point’s ties the paper together. This clear organisation facilitates reader comprehension, allowing them to follow the logical advancement of your arguments effortlessly.

5. Cite Sou$rces Properly

Maintaining the integrity of your position paper involves meticulously including proper citations for every piece of information presented. It upholds academic standards and allows readers to verify the information provided independently without taking any help from a paper writing service. For example, citing specific reports, such as "According to the International Energy Agency in 2020, feasible energy accounted for 29% of global electricity generation," adds credibility to your assertions.

6. Address Counterarguments

Acknowledging opposing viewpoints adds a layer of sophistication to your position paper. You showcase a nuanced understanding of the issue by presenting counterarguments, strengthening your position. For instance, if critics argue that renewable energy is expensive, addressing this concern by highlighting the long-term benefits that outweigh initial costs adds depth to your stance, making it more persuasive.

7. Use Concise and Clear Language

Effective communication necessitates the use of clear and concise language. Therefore, while preparing position paper writing, avoiding unnecessary slang and complex terminology ensures your audience can readily grasp your ideas. For instance, opting for "clean energy" over more technical phrases such as "sustainable energy derived from non-depleting resources" prioritise clarity and accessibility.

8. Include Real-world Examples

Grounding your arguments in real-world examples adds a tangible and relatable dimension to your position paper. However, when advocating for renewable energy, showcasing successful implementations of related policies in countries like Germany or Denmark provides concrete evidence supporting your position. Thus, to write a position paper, these examples highlight your stance's practical feasibility and effectiveness.

9. Be Solution-Oriented

A persuasive position paper proposes practical solutions moving beyond the identification of issues. For instance, if advocating for renewable energy, suggesting specific policies or initiatives governments could implement demonstrates a proactive approach. Furthermore, it enriches your position and conveys a commitment to actively addressing the challenges.

10. Revise and Edit

The revision and editing process is pivotal for refining your position paper. Therefore, a meticulous review for clarity, coherence, and grammatical accuracy conveys your message effectively. Likewise, position paper writing eliminates redundant phrases, ensures a seamless transition between paragraphs, and rectifies grammatical errors. Also, it contributes to a polished and professional final product.

In Final Words!

In numerous ways, a position paper is equal to an argumentative essay, with the primary difference being their goals. Therefore, an argumentative position paper aims to sway the audience's opinion on its topic by directing them through a subtle, balanced look at numerous positions. Thus, it leads them to the position the author supports. Position paper is a short piece of writing that consumes less time exploring opposing positions and instead presents the primary reasons the author holds their position.

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