How to Cite Dissertation in Apa Style of Referencing?

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June 27, 2021
Author : Jessy

Dissertations are helpful assets for academic writing, which suggests that they are significant for you to learn and gain knowledge about American Psychological Association (APA) style standards for a dissertation citation. Are you looking for a guide on how to cite a dissertation in APA? What to gain understanding about different types of dissertations? Well, then here’s the good news! Dissertation writing services in the UK helps students to gain insight into guidelines for dissertation sources and the unpublished thesis which implies the ideal citation format. In this dissertation APA guide, you will learn about dissertations, how to reference and cite different types of dissertations in APA latest edition.

It is a piece of an academic unit, which is the outcome of research that you at varying levels of tertiary education must finish receiving a degree. On contrary to a typical research task, a dissertation is an enlarged research assignment where you actively engage in research to develop the discourse on a particular concept via an original benefaction to the existing literature. There are five main sections of a dissertation. These include an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, followed by discussion. Subsections under these categories vary heavily due to variation in the complexity of the research.

Basic Understanding of Different Types of Dissertations

There are three common types of dissertations as mentioned below:

  1. Undergraduate thesis: Wherein students write a thesis to receive their post-high school degree
  2. Master's thesis: A postgraduate scholar write a thesis while chasing for a master’s degree
  3. Doctoral dissertation: Help students to gain a doctorate in philosophy degree. The complexity and length of a dissertation extend as the level of tertiary education increases.

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Guide to Cite an Unpublished Dissertation or Thesis with Title, Date, and Author


The first element of any dissertation citation is the author’s name. Usually, the name of the author goes inversion resulting in the surname appearing before the other names of the author. When citing an unpublished dissertation, a surname is the only section of the author’s name that appears in full while the other elements remain abbreviated. Additionally, a comma segregates the abbreviations of elements of the author’s name and its last name.

After this, a period promptly posts the initial that indicates any of the author's other names. Alongside, space segregates the initials of other elements. In cases, wherein the other names of the author contain hyphens, a period comes after the initials of the respective hyphenated names. Moreover, there is no space between the hyphen and the initials.


It is the second component when citing a thesis reference entry in APA. Commonly, the date component of the dissertation reference list implies the date of publication. While citing an unpublished dissertation and thesis, the publication date replaces the date of approval as it is the only method to develop a time-driven context for the content of the research study. Correspondingly, for citing a thesis or dissertation in APA the “date of publication” refers to the date of approval that takes form on the real manuscript.

Referencing structure

A period after the parentheses differentiates the data component from other components of the APA citation. Usually, the date appears in four structure, where a common segregates the respective measures of time such as:

  • Only year
  • Day, month, and year
  • Month and year
  • Year and season


The title of your dissertation should be readily approachable from the first page of both hard and soft copies of the document. Generally, citing a dissertation source in APA refers to using a standalone study which suggests that it practices formatting that is similar to the styling of a book’s title. However, sentence case italicization and capitalization are the only formatting needs for the title of a dissertation source. The user of the title source develops an accurate duplication of the thesis’s title to certify ease of identification.


This component of the dissertation or thesis refers to the “location” researcher received the file. While using an unpublished dissertation or thesis, any individual can gain access to the thesis via visiting the university library where a hard copy of the source is accessible. Hence, the name of the university that awards the degree on finishing and approval of the dissertation is the source. However, the name of the institutions takes shape as the final component of the reference when citing an unpublished thesis in APA and sustains the university name capitalization preferences.

APA style of referencing

Quick Guide to Cite a Thesis or Dissertation from a Database

  • Publication number: A researcher places the publication number between the square bracketed descriptions and title of the source while using spaces as segregation after and before the publication number. Parentheses are used to enclose publication numbers.
  • Source element: It incorporates the name of the databases. Usually, this data implies the audience of the particular databases where they can access the published thesis work. While using database work, researchers must properly present the database name in full to meet the guidelines on how to cite a thesis in APA.
  • Date of publication: This component of citation in APA does not acknowledge the database publication data rather a researcher utilizes the approval date. However, while using a database the date of publication is not proper for dating the source as the approval of a dissertation may take place years ago before the work finds its way to a database.
  • Name of institution: A database is an online asset for a published thesis which suggests that the database name occupies the source component and displaces the name of the university. The name of the institution follows the details of the nature of the dissertation source in the square brackets.

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The specific guidelines on how to cite a thesis or dissertation in APA style depend on several factors. You all must have seen them in the section above. Moreover, irrespective of the guidelines you must be struggling with the title of the dissertation, year of publication¸ URL, and so on. An incomplete or poor-quality dissertation without proper referencing, and in-text citation leads to failed cases in academic writing. Well, do not panic! You can get the finest quality dissertation writing service from My Assignment Services and score top-notch grades!

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