how to make an impressive research poster
September 23, 2022
Author : Charlie Harris

Research posters are huge in the academic research community. I bet you’ve witnessed a number through the discipline workshops. Such visual representation is a way of presenting information in an alluring way.

Moreover, it summarises data or the entire research concisely and easily tangible to help publicise it and initiate discussion among the viewers. 

Did you know that “Human brains decode information through patterns”? Research by ScienceDaily proves.

Generally, such a poster includes texts, charts, tables, pictures, and other visual formats. At the workshop/conference, the researcher displays the poster and interacts with the viewers about their research - aim and methods.

So, if you seek how to develop one such poster or wish to know the accurate “research poster format,” this blog is a must-read.

what are the parts of a research poster

What Is a Research Poster?

First, as previously mentioned, a research poster presents vast data in visual formats. Often, poster sessions are held in universities and conferences for the researchers to display their findings in front of their peers.

In short, it is like an exhibition but exclusively academic. Similar to the science fair at school, many of you might be familiar with it. But, the topics and data represented in such posters are extensive and compiled through a lengthy research period.

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The research conference is held for all the students to present their research to a panel of field experts. It is a way to communicate the research concisely in a visually appealing format. Moreover, the researcher must prepare to explain their poster verbally.

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What Does a Good Research Paper Poster Look Like?

Research poster designing is a complex task as it involves multiple sections of the brain. It is creative yet informative, detailed yet concise. So, fitting all such things into a single paper is a challenge for you to conquer. The key pointers to consider in a research poster format are:

  1. Important information should be readable from about 10 feet away

    Try the squirting technique to check your poster’s visibility. Squint your eyes to see if the format seems neat. It must seem so from a few feet of distance.

  2. The title is short and draws interest

    Pick the most intriguing and catchy title you can think of. Ensure that your title makes the on-lookers can’t help but approach your poster.

  3. Word count is about 300 to 800 words

    A research poster aims to offer all the key information about the research. You must present all the important information. But, ensure that you are concise and clear.

  4. The text is clear and to the point

    Use the right typography for your poster that is easy to read and matches the aesthetics. Avoid using flashy fonts so that the reader can easily access the writing. 

  5. Using bullets, numbering, and headlines makes it easy to read

    Format your research poster neatly. So, using numbering or bullet points is advised to ensure good readability.

  6. Effective use of graphics, colour and fonts

    “The human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text.” - 

    Lastly, pictures are very much, if not more important, than text in your poster. The prospective viewers judge your poster in different ways. But, it is no lie that most will be attracted to moving images/graphics, so ensure you deliver that. 

    Hence, these are the things that you must add to your research poster. All sections are necessary and effective in their own way. You never know what catches the reader’s attention.

What Is an Ideal Research Poster Format?

Typically, the research display comprises several elements important for visual and oral representation. You, the visuals, coerce the reader to visit your event, and the rest of the oral representation is something you must shoulder. So, ensure you prepare well. A research poster includes:


It is a brief of an entire thesis or research paper. It is an original work, not an excerpted passage. An abstract must be self-contained. Ensure that the abstract is self-sustained. It must not have any missing context yet lead to the actual research portion.

Research questions

It is similar to a thesis statement but in a question format in the research poster. Generally, it is a question that clearly defines the research process. Simply put, it describes your research in a line or two. So, it must be powerful enough to capture the reader’s attention.

Tip: When you write a research report, be concise. A good research paper is thorough and detailed but fairly to the point. 


Describe the investigation process and the issues in the research process that you overcame. It includes the techniques used in the research to collect and analyse data. This section is important because the readers must know the limitations of the study to appreciate the researcher’s efforts.


Include the research findings and ONLY your findings. Do not add a previous finding that you referred to in your research or mention clearly if you did. Plagiarism is deeply frowned upon in research pedagogy. You may use tables, graphs, charts, and other visual representations.


Lastly, summarise the key ideas and crucial issues raised through the research paper. It aids the viewer in understanding an extensive topic. You may also add recommendations and research prospects for industry peers to follow in the future.

Thus, all these sections must be added to the research poster. Also, the research question is more or less fit to be your poster’s title. So, ensure you brainstorm all such ideas for 

creativity and concisely interrupt your entire research into a poster.

What makes a good poster

How Do I Format My Research Poster to Make it Stand Out?

In conclusion, the most important part of a research poster is the visual representation. The images and the headlines must snag people’s attention. Moreover, make it effective to intrigue them enough to stop and read all about your research. 

Often, researchers go with simple Research Paper Topics like “Infectious disease, Nutritional immunology or Music therapy”. But, ensure that you make it more captivating in a questioning format or as a headline.

Insert a few short, snappy words like “Is music therapy Real?” or “ ‘This’ infectious disease already caused six million deaths globally.”

Such topics make the readers wonder, and they’d remember to return to your event even if they passed it by. You may as well keep it simple and ensure that the title is not misleading. So, as long as your title attracts readers without a lie, you’re good to go.

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