How to Start an Essay?
September 29, 2022
Author : Kristy Gardner

Essay writing is a task that one must complete even after school, college and postgraduate. Students are taught the most fundamental form of writing when they are young. No matter how dextrous or poor you are at writing, you can’t skip easy writing.

Moreover, as does the introduction section, your writing style changes with age and intellectual maturity. You can witness your writing being more factual and descriptive yet concise. Still, the introduction is a challenging section for any written piece. 

Additionally, many are advised to write it last. I bet that doesn’t help, either. Most people write it first but are still not satisfied with the introduction. Are you one such person? Read forth to get insight on writing a well-versed eloquent introduction.

How to write an Essay introduction

What Are the Different Parts of an Introduction for an Essay?

Firstly, the key point of an essay is how you present your argument. Moreover, the structure is very important, even structuring the introduction. The introduction structure of the essay is quite different from the body paragraphs. 

You present a hook, a claim/counterclaim and a thesis statement. Also, all three must be versed in limited words, so it gets complicated, but here's how to start an essay: 

Did you know that French philosopher and writer Montaigne first introduced essays in 1571? He would write short philosophical moments and name them 'assai', the French word for an attempt. Now, it has turned into the 'essay' we know today.

The hook

The purpose of a hook is to grab the reader's attention at the beginning of the essay. It is only a sentence or two, yet it must be effective. 

Usually, a hook can start with a question, but you shall avoid asking a question for an argumentative essay. Rather use a quote or a statement that's relevant to the topic. 

Background information

After the hook comes the relevant information that the audience must know before reading your content. So, it is important to present the information to ease the reader into your argument. 

Thus, offer the necessary information and present your claim. Avoid adding information in the introduction.

Thesis Statement

The introduction is only worded in a paragraph or two. You presented your claim/counterclaim. Next, briefly introduce the argument you are presenting in your essay. Unless necessary, don't add facts or information in this paragraph; save it for the body section. 

Lastly, these are the three main parts of an introduction for an essay. You may add any relevant information or fact to the introduction. But save all the evidence for the body section, as those are what the essay is based around.

Essay writing is a task that almost every student comes across regardless of the course they're pursuing. You may have a few incomplete ones waiting to be completed as well. 

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What Is a Topic Sentence and How to Use It Essay Introduction?

Now, the next important element you use is a topic sentence. You may wonder, “What exactly is a topic sentence?” So, it is the first sentence of a paragraph that introduces its elements. Here are three checks to compose the best topic sentences:

1. Make it catchy

So, how to start an essay with a hook? Hook sentences are highly effective. It can be a quote or a fact, but it intrigues you to read further. Pick a suitable hook. Remember, every paragraph cannot begin with a hook. Just add it in the introductory paragraph for effect. 

2. Be neutral

Everybody hates spoilers. A first sentence that bears it all is a spoiler per se. Avoid that. Also, only a little information gives way to disinterest. So, find a middle ground or a lukewarm topic sentence that captures the reader but keeps them anticipating.

3. Be concise and Avoid being wordy

Lastly, when you start an essay with a topic sentence. It must be clear and concise. Do not write, “He was taking the car to his friend's parent’s house”; instead, try “He took the car to his friend’s; why?” Wouldn't you like to know why? That’s exactly what a topic sentence must do to make the reader want to continue reading.

Did you know that academic writing is based on features like conventions, word choice, presentation, ideas, voice, organisation, and sentence fluency?

So, if your topic sentence meets all such requirements, you got this. So, go through some examples online to learn more. Topic sentences are a small but important part of your essay. The next section discusses thesis statement composition. 

intriguing ways to start an essay

How to Develop a Thesis Statement For Essay Introduction?

Additionally, if you understand what exactly is a thesis statement you know how effective it is to start an essay. Moreover, it is a very important element in academic writing. Thus, here are five things you can do to improve your thesis statement:

Be specific

The thesis statements are only a sentence or a few long. Hence, these few sentences mean a lot to introduce the theme and excite the reader, so use them wisely. 

Use a range of data

You can always base your thesis statement on a broader idea from the content than a specific subheading. A wider topic gives readers an idea about the topics you might explore in the body section. 

Be concise

Understandably, it is more of writing hygiene advice. Still, writing short and less complicated sentences is helpful for readers who have no idea about the theme. 

Be firm but not authoritarian

You ought to write in an assertive way for your thesis statement. Besides, the idea is to inform. But, one must ensure their tone suits the audience. You wouldn’t want your professor telling you to watch your tone. 

Input data

Lastly, thesis statements are most important in delivering new ideas to the reader. Whatever information or other elements you use in your thesis statement, make sure it’s context specific. Also, it must support the reader’s perception.

Did you know that world-renowned novelist Agatha Christie couldn’t write properly due to dysgraphia? 

If your thesis statement meets all these requirements, you are good at starting an essay effectively. Moreover, the writing style, tone, amount of information, and more details depending on the type of paper. 

Also, the university guidelines are to abide by; ensure you follow those and unleash your creativity. Let’s learn through some examples.

Final Takeaways

Finally, if you still wonder, “how to start an essay?” But, using all of these elements at once can be messy. So, avoid it. On the other hand, you are benefitted from such knowledge as you gradually write better introductions in your essays. 

Differentiating your paragraphs is important to make it easier for the reader to understand. Moreover, the reader’s perspective should be considered when developing your essay. The start is what makes or breaks it for a majority of readers. 

So, if you need help with your projects or get your work done independently. Keep writing and keep striving to get better each day. Getting help is easy and quick; it ensures good grades. Also, we can help you with drafting, writing, and proofreading through our experts. Fill out the form to hire our essay writing services today.

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