10000 word dissertation structure
May 06, 2024
Author : Jess Healy

Creating a 10000 word dissertation structure is a complex process for any student. A dissertation comprises sections and information that take up a lot of time and consideration. It is an academic writing piece that requires long and descriptive information to be presented. The presentation of a dissertation needs to be thought out well and in advance. This is so because of the lengthy nature of the writing process. If you make any error in the initial stages of the dissertation, it messes up your whole process.

What goes behind the process of thinking about its structure is something a lot of students struggle with. Do you struggle with planning the structure of a 10000 word dissertation? If so, then this is the right module for you to check out. Keep reading further to learn about how to structure your dissertation. We will also provide you with the quantitative information on the word count. How much weightage does each section require? How are you supposed to divide the 10000 word count into these sections? Without further ado, let us dive into this process.

1000 Words Dissertation

How Should You Structure A 10000 Words Dissertation?

The dissertation consists of different sections, and each section's weightage differs. But before diving into the word count, we should know what contents go into each section. The 10000 word dissertation structure requires careful planning and consideration. It will depend on the kind of subject you have chosen. It is believed that it also differs from one university to another. You should get in touch with your authorities and share your concerns to be mindful of what you are going to write.

The basic structure of the dissertation is:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract (Pre-Introduction)
  • Table Of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results (Final Findings)
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendices

The subdivision of each section will reveal that there is more to include in your dissertation. Before doing the dissertation word count breakdown, we will learn to include the information relevant to the section. There should be no confusion regarding the input of each section and how it should be presented. That is first why we will show you what information will be included in each section. Then, we will proceed further with the word count breakdown of your dissertation.

What Content Should Go Into Each Section?

Now, we will dive into the in-depth section analysis of what each section should include. Let us understand the substantial ingredients of your 10000 word dissertation structure. The kind of information you have to put in each section depends on the section's requirements. If you are writing an introduction, what information should it include? What will your methodology look like? Does your dissertation require graphical representations along with the theories?

These are very few of the questions students generally ask when they opt for our dissertation writing services. This has provided us with an edge to understand the confusion of students and their concerns. We know that students struggle with this particular information on what each section should include. Let us spill the beans on what kind of information each section reflects. Be mindful of some contents that your university does not need as per the given guidelines.

Title Page

The title page of your dissertation with 10000 words should include this information:

  • Title of the dissertation (chosen topic)
  • The name of the author (your or different names in affiliation)
  • The name of your university
  • Date (of the submission)

Abstract (Pre-Introduction)

The abstract of your 10000 word dissertation structure should consist of the following information:

  • Provide a summary of the dissertation's title
  • Write about the question related to your research
  • Include the kind of methodology you will use
  • Mention the findings of the dissertation
  • Talk about the conclusions provided

Table Of Contents

The table of contents section of your dissertation of 10000 words must:

  • Include all the headings and subheadings with their page numbers


The introduction of your 10k words dissertation includes all the following information:

  • Provide an introduction to the topic
  • Talk about the background of the topic
  • Discuss your thesis statement
  • State the scope of your research
  • Explain the methodology used

Literature Review

The literature review of your dissertation 10000 words structure should include the following:

  • Give the literature review of an already existing literature
  • Share the key insights on the previous literature and research
  • Identify the key theories of your research
  • Talk about the concepts that you included in your literature review
  • Analyse the literature and share the approach you took
  • Disintegrate the literature and highlight any gaps you found


The methodology of the dissertation, which is 10000 words, should include the following:

  • Talk briefly about the research work and how you approached it 

    • Include any qualitative and quantitative aspects of the research
    • Mention if there were any combination of methods you deployed

  • Describe the methods of data collection with details

    • Include any surveys, interviews, and experiments you did

  • Explain the methodology you chose for the 10000 word dissertation structure

Results (Final Findings)

The result section of your dissertation with 10000 words should include the following:

  • Represent your final findings clearly and concisely
  • Use graphical representations to show the results
  • Provide perspectives and interpretations on your findings
  • Create correlations between the interpretations and the question at the beginning


This section of the 10000 words of dissertation should include the following:

Provide an analysis of the final findings and share interpretations

  • Relate the interpretations to the research question
  • Talk about the consequences of your findings
  • Mention if there are any limitations to your interpretation
  • Recommendations for any further research


This section from the dissertation 10000 words structure should include the following:

  • Summarise the information in your dissertation and all that you have written
  • Represent the significance of the information and the research work done
  • Talk about the further scope of the final findings and interpretation
  • Give any recommendations on further research of the dissertation


In this section of the dissertation, which is 10000 words, you should include the following:

  • List all the sources of information cited in the dissertation
  • Follow the specific citation style as per the guidelines


The section of appendices should include the following in your dissertation of 1000 words:

  • Add any other study material to your dissertation, such as questionnaires, etc.

Amount Of Word Count In Each Section

You understand the information you are going to put into your dissertation. If there is still any confusion, take dissertation writing services. Our team of academic experts will guide you through the whole dissertation. They will make sure that you understand the process well. They will allow you to present your dissertation in a professional manner and create an impression. The more you make it presentable, the more your readers will find it engaging. This will make your dissertation up for a full score and improve your overall grades.

You have understood what kind of information you have to put into each section of your dissertation. Look at the table below to learn about the dissertation word count breakdown. The breakdown is provided with the overall percentage of that section. This means that the percentage shows the overall percentage of the total word count of the dissertation.

Remember that this is just an idea of how you should manage the word count in each section. We suggest that you should align your word count in between or near to the mentioned ones. Else, in all other cases, you must follow the guidelines provided by your university.

 The table does not include a Title Page, Table Of Contents, References or Appendices. We have done so because, generally, their word count is not included in the 10000 word dissertation structure. Again, refer to your university's official guidelines.


Word Count























We Are All Done Here

You are equipped with insights into what kind of structure you have to create for a 10000-word dissertation. We have also given you a detailed breakdown of the 10000 words dissertation's word count. Now, it is time for you to start working on your dissertation!

A bonus tip from us - make sure that you have reviewed your dissertation before submitting it. Proofread and make the necessary corrections to make it look professional and presentable. If you ever need professional assistance, then we have special dissertations proofreader services for you. Good luck!

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