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How to Write an Academic Short Essay
January 11, 2022
Author : Kristy

What makes a good essay? Well, that was your question, wasn't it? We don't think there is anyone who can answer that because different people will have different ideas of what makes a good essay. When writing about something, whether it's fiction or nonfiction, you can go into so much detail and so many perspectives, but when trying to condense something down into small amounts of words, you want to make sure that everything is included in the essay that helps towards supporting your main idea.

Hence, this means not including things that would detract from the overall message of the work as well as not including new information as this can often be pointless filler. When starting out, it is often a good idea to come up with an outline or a plan of what you want to say. This will help to make sure that your essay flows smoothly and does not meander off-topic. Here is your simple guide on how to write a short essay.

How to Write an Academic Short Essay

Overview of Short Essay Writing

A short essay is a name given to a variety of different forms, including definition essays, descriptive essays, persuasive essays, narrative essays and so on. The length of these essays is shorter than standard papers because they are intended to be brief expositions on one or more subjects rather than being comprehensive reports. The short essay often differs from longer forms of writing in that it tends to focus on one main idea while also supporting it with examples. It may also focus on the writer's personal feelings about the subject or present arguments instead of simply explaining information.

How To Write Short Essays? Some Helpful Tips For Beginners

As mentioned before, it is important when starting out not to write too much - make an outline first if needed, and make sure that every sentence contributes to prove your main point. You may also want to focus on writing interestingly or engagingly to keep the reader's attention. Some other things to remember include:

  • Treat the short essay like an introduction - it should be able to introduce the topic, provide some background information and state the thesis or main point of the essay
  • Make sure your thesis is clear and concise
  • Use strong evidence that supports your argument
  • Write in a fluid and easy-to-read style
  • Avoid including irrelevant information or digressing from the topic
  • Use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

The final step is editing and proofreading. After you have finished writing your essay, take some time to go over it and fix any errors. Have someone else read it over as well and get their feedback. This will help to ensure that your essay is polished and ready for submission.

Now Let's Start Effective Ways To Write A Short Essay

Make an Outline: Your first step is to make sure that you have a clear idea of what your essay will be about. This means determining who your audience is, deciding on the central argument and identifying the examples you will use to prove your point. If you are having trouble coming up with an argument or focusing on one main idea, it may help to brainstorm by writing down every thought that comes to mind when thinking about your topic. Once you have decided on your outline, it's time to move on to the next step.

Write Clearly and Concisely: The short essay form uses concise prose in order to establish a hierarchy of information. The goal here is not simply to end up with something that sounds clever but rather something that is informative and easy for the reader to understand. In this case, shorter sentences are often better than long, complicated ones as they help to break up any monotony that could result from a longer piece of writing.

Use Precise Language: The language you use in your short essay should be precise - avoid using vagueness or generalisations as these can make it harder for readers to follow along and also make it less likely that you will be able to provide concrete evidence to support your argument. Parsing out key information and presenting it clearly means avoiding jargon and keeping simple concepts straightforward. This way, it will be easier for the point of your paper to shine through without getting lost in details.

Make It Engaging: A short essay usually has a more personal tone than its longer counterparts which may mean sharing your opinions or experiences on the topic. However, this does not mean that you should be too informal - there is still a need for standard academic conventions to be followed so as not to alienate your readers.

Effective Ways To Write A Short Essay

Your Essay Meets Expectations: Moreover,essay writing help expertssay that it is crucial that before you submit any work, it is proofread several times and preferably by someone else if possible, just to make sure that everything That You Need To Know About Short Essays includes proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. The last thing you want is for your professor to give back an assignment with red marks all over it! While short essays are easier to write than their larger counterparts, this does not mean that they should be taken lightly.

Short Essay Format

If you are writing a short essay, make sure to follow the following guidelines:

1.Title page:- Follow the same guidelines for title pages as outlined in the MLA Format.

2.Heading and subheading:- The heading of your essay should be centred on the page and should include your name, instructor's name, course number, and date. The subheading should be flush left and should include the title of your essay.

3.Essay body:- The essay body should be double-spaced and should have a margin of 1 inch on all sides.

4.Indentation:- The first line of each paragraph should be indented one-half inch.

5.Pagination:- Paginate your essay using lowercase Roman numerals starting with ii at the top of the title page.

6.Citations:- You should use the MLA citation style throughout your essay. A model research paper in MLA is available at Research Paper Guidelines.

7.Works Cited Page:- Follow the same guidelines for works cited pages as outlined in the MLA Format.

8.Appendix:- If you have any appendixes, they should be included after your works cited page on a separate page with no header or footer information.

9.Title Page & Headings:- A title page and heading must be used for all essays of five pages or more, both long and short forms. The following are examples of headings on five-page essays:

i)Henry Fielding's "The Era of Good Feelings" (1817) (short form)

a)Henry Fielding's "The Era of Good Feelings" (1817) (long form).

10.Essays over five pages long may contain one or more subheadings to break up the essay into manageable chunks. The following are examples of heading for essays over five pages:

i)"A Glance at Radical Literature in America." (short form)

a)"A Glance at Radical Literature in America" (long form).

11.There should be no other header except for page numbers on any page, including titles and headers/footers. For instance, if your paper includes a title page, there should not also be a title running across each page.

Short Essays Become Easy With Our Academic Guidance!

In conclusion, an effective way to write a short essay is by keeping it simple and short while sticking to the points that actually matter. Just because you do not have a lot of pages does not mean that your paper does not need an introduction or a conclusion. In writing any type of essay, the most important thing is making sure that every word counts. If you want to ensure that you get a high mark on your assignment, be sure to follow all of these guidelines!

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