How to Write the Insurance Law Research Essay
February 15, 2022
Author : Kristy Gardner

Insurance can be defined as the first part or individual paying the premium or a sum of money to the second party or the insurer receiving the money to reimburse it in the future in case of sickness, accidents or death.

Insurance lawyers are profoundly
marketable and can take up testing
new situations with top businesses
without hardly lifting a finger.

Insurance law has three categories, which are:

  1. The insurance company will provide legal support and lawyers to the insured if they get sued due to any insurance contract clause. Such lawyers are known as insurance defence attorneys.
  2. Insurance law helps the insured individual decide the circumstances and period for the insurance company to pay the claims.
  3. Every insurance company hires in-house attorneys to comply with the legal laws and regulations in their services.

why you must know insurance laws

Why is it Important?

An insurance policy covers many risk factors that include various laws from different fields such as employment, export-import, establishment and other services. A contract compiled by including the body of insurance and the concerned laws and regulations scaled an insurance contract.

Insurance policies depend mainly on the type of insurance that the customer is buying and the applicable laws and regulations. For example, suppose a person is met with an accident due to driving under the influence. In that case, they may get their insurance claim rejected due to traffic safety laws. Our experts, who provide law assignment help in the UK, will explain this concept to you in detail and with examples.

Large businesses generally take actions in place of insurance and reinsurance companies for many activities, ranging from teaching companies on the policy claims filed against them for transferring revenue between insurers due to merger or takeover. Insurance attorneys help their clients comprehend and strengthen their case against the legal claims made by or opposite them. They help their clients for settlement or represent them in court.

General and wellbeing safety
insurance providers have gotten
practically 1.4 times the quantity of
Covid-related insurance claims in
FY22 than what they had gotten in
whole FY21.

What is the Insurance Law in the UK?

The insurance law of the UK is a com[ilation of various monetary and general laws and statutes. Several early insurance ideas, such as the requirement of "good faith and fair dealing," were formalised in the Uniform Commercial Code. The Marine Insurance Act 1906 influences the insurance laws in the UK, the US and other commonwealth countries. Even though this act specifically covers marine insurance, several parts and ideas apply to non-marine insurers. It was the most crucialregulation in UK insurance law before the Insurance Act 2015 took effect on 12th August 2016. Rest of the important laws regulate risk-specific insurance policies. The establishment of life insurance under Life Assurance Act 1774 and fire insurance contracts under Fire Insurance Duty Act 1782, both of which are still in effect today. Consumer insurance contracts are governed by common consumer laws, such as the Consumer Rights Act of 2015.

What is the Insurance Law in the UK

Some Important Insurance Law Acts, and Legal Bodies Are:

  • The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 authorises insurance and reinsurance firms.
  • The Prudential Regulation Authority or PRA is the legal body that governs the authorisation of insurance firms.
  • The selling of health and protection insurance products, laying down required insurer standards such as maintaining proper customer data, ensuring proper product disclosure, and processing claims fairly is managed by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The UK insurance sector is the fourth
biggest globally, and the biggest in
Europe, with an expected all out
premium volume of just shy of $220
billion solely in 2017.

Four Recent Regulations Under Insurance Law UK are:

  1. Under the Enterprise Act 2016, First-time policyholders are given the right to claim legal actions against policyholders in case of late repayment. Before this act, the policyholders were not allowed to claim additional damages faced by late payment of the policy.
  2. The Third-Party Act 2010 states under the revised and enhanced rules that a third party holding a legal claim against a bankrupt policyholder can follow such a claim directly against the insolvent insured following the insolvency.
  3. According to the Consumer Insurance Act 2012, it applies only to the consumer insurance contract, demonstrating that an insurance provider must request all the important questions to which the insured must honestly respond.
  4. Insurance Act of 2015 is applicable for the customer contract and trade insurance contract. Before this act, the insured party was obligated to reveal all facts and risks regarding the insured materials. Failure in disclosing any material fact allowed the insurer to deny claims from the insured. Due to this, many non-disclosure cases arose in England before 2015. Under the Insurance Act 2015, the insurer must disclose all the risks and material facts that the insurer must know. It allows further inquiries if required and prohibits the insurer from denying policy claims due to disclosure claims.

These four new Acts have greatly reformed the insurance laws in the UK. Insurance claims and insurance policies are more effective and fairly in practice due to these four regulations. Such status allows fair practice and fair trade policies to be in effect for both parties, the insured and insurer. If you have been looking for essay samples or examples, then do check out the research essay sample question given below presented by our experts of law assignment help in the UK.

The Covid-19 flare-up that started in
China towards the finish of last year
has now turned into a worldwide
pandemic. The spread of the infection
is speeding up somewhere else, with
the World Health Organisation as of
late depicting Europe as its current
'focal point'.

How Did the Insurance Law Change Due to the Pandemic?

The business insurance covers all the damage, non-damage claims, financial losses due to the financial risks in the financial market. The losses due to diseases and natural calamities are also covered but depend on the government's response to such occurrences. But the uncertain period of lockdown in the UK due to covid also puts such policy claims at undecided outcomes. Under the Civil Procedure Rules, the CPR, a first-ever finance market test case, was addressed by the United Kingdom Supreme Court. During the UK's first lockdown, the Legal Challenge began in June 2020 and was addressed remotely by the court for two weeks in late July 2020. The non-damage insurance policy coverage clauses in question were of two types:

The disease clauses are covered by insurance damages caused by a rise in covid cases within a selected region around the insured's company. The hybrid clauses covered loss caused by specific consequences of a covid or other such notifiable disease. Inability to use, forced closure and prevention of access to their business is included in the policy clause.

Concluding Lines: High Court Judgement Day

The High Court judgement came out on September 15 2020. It included the 'jump' methodology, which empowers the insurer to sidestep the Court of Appeal in uncertain conditions. The High Court and the Supreme Court withheld major policy sections responsible for providing coverage for losses and forced enclosure faced by business owners due to covid. The court ordered exceptional illness, transmissible disease', incapacity to function, 'interruption of business' and 'restrictions forced by a public authority' added as an issue in the policy clauses.

The test case addressed in the supreme court of the UK was the first amongst many similar legal cases around the world. It allowed to shine light upon the uncertain circumstances and the financial disparity it causes among the businesses, insurance providers and insured individuals. As the world went through a lot due to the uncertainty of the disease, more faults and inelasticity of insurance policy were made clear.

An insurance policy provides support to the insured in times of need. In case of such desperate circumstances when businesses were forced to shut down overnight, the insurance companies had no means to deal with such a big number of claims. The insurance law provides a supporting net to both the insured and insurance provider in case of exceptional circumstances and determines the best settlement for both parties.

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