IGCSE English Exam Tips From Experts

IGCSE English Exam Tips
November 18, 2020
Author : Jessica

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a highly renowned certificate offered by the University of Cambridge. It is just like a trademark requisite that is required by students before getting themselves into pre-university study choices. 

You can study one of the 70 courses that fall under this international certification course. Not only this, but you also get various flexible study options wherein, you can choose a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 14 subjects. However, amongst them, there are three subjects that remain indispensable -- Science, English and Mathematics.

Students like you face a lot of trials and tribulations in coping up with English. Owing to this, they get apprehensive on how to get A+ grades in the IGCSE English exam. 

Cambridge Assessment International Education in the United Kingdom is the largest educational programs provider that has introduced more than 10,000 schools, in different parts of the world that includes over 160 countries around the globe. IGCSE is popularly the most extensive international qualification for students all over the world that attracts over a million students every year. 

This speaks of the significance of an academic degree in IGCSE, isn’t it? Now that you have a brief knowledge about this exam, it’s time to get yourselves acquainted with some easy tips and tricks of cracking IGCSE English exam with A+ Grades. Don’t worry, it is possible; over the years, our coursework writing help experts have worked upon these tricks to help students come out with flying colours in their IGCSE examinations. So, let’s get started. 

Excell Your IGCSE English Exam — Tips Straight From Our Expert’s Desk

Our coursework writers have got accustomed to the strategies that are deployed by Cambridge university while designing these study programs for students all across the world. Having a continuous and comprehensive practice of over ten years, our coursework writing help experts have curated a list of some tips to secure A+ in the IGCSE English exam that would help you channelise your efforts and time before the examinations. Make sure you stick to these tips if you wish to triumph in these complex exams. 

Adhering to a long-term strategy

Yes, it works! When it comes to approaching an IGCSE English exam, you need to give away all the classic sayings of your professors, “work consistently”. As only the board’s matter, you just have to focus on deploying some effective long-term strategies without working your butts off for other examinations. For this, if you strive hard and complete your assignments on time, it will be more than enough for you can refer to them at the time of revising for the exam. 

Read voraciously

The most straightforward answer to how to get A+ grades in the IGCSE English exam lies in being an avid reader! For securing A+ grades in your English examination, you need to have a strong vocabulary so that you can simply use different words in your answers, without wasting much of your time pondering over it later. The more you read, the better chances you get to score desirable grades in IGCSE English exams. 

Review historical academic papers

Enough of studying! When it comes to securing A+ grades in an IGCSE English exam, the best way is to rely upon those papers that have already been attempted by students in the past. When you are thorough with the question papers of at least the last ten years, there would hardly be anything that you don’t know, isn’t it? 

After completing them, review them as per the set marking scheme to get clarity about your performance. 

Rely on useful study tools to save time

Being an IGCSE student yourself, you already know about the heap of the syllabus that has already been knocking your doors, don’t you? You cannot have a whale of a time slowly cherishing the subjects! So, buckle up your shoes and make use of useful study tools like mind maps, note-taking, etc., to save time for revision. 

Exam Preparation tips

Understand your own learning style

Each student has a different and unique style of learning. Try to identify it and then device out some techniques that suit you the best. This process might be a little tedious for you and take many trials, but once done, it won’t be a problem for you to secure A+ in IGCSE English examination. The reason behind this is that you will have your style once you figure what kind of learner you are. 

Some of the most common ones include the kinaesthetic, visual, reading/writer and auditory learners. 

How to get A+ grades in the IGCSE English exam? Just adhere to the tips that we have recently discussed and make a note of these tricks that we will share with you now. 

  • Be ready with all the concepts at least three months before your examinations. 

  • Stick to the marks for each of the questions to know how much to write for each question

  • Make sure that all the answers are thoroughly backed up with tables, graphs and diagrams, wherever necessary.

  • Pay attention to the grammatical and syntactical errors and revise to avoid them in your answers.

  • Give answers to only what has been asked in the question and do not beat around the bush.

These are a few of those tips that have always been successful in bringing fruitful results for students. In these last ten years, our coursework writing help experts have been engaged in bringing out ideal products for students with high-quality academic guidance, whenever they needed us. 

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will aid you as well in walking through your doubts and reach A+ grades in IGCSE exams. If you are still left with any questions, then you are more than welcome to attend the live one-on-one sessions that we regularly hold with our experts to get instant feedback from us! 

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