Linear Dissertation Plans Things You Need to Know

Linear Dissertation Plans Things You Need to Know
October 14, 2021
Author : Jess Healy

Writing a linear dissertation plan is not what you must focus on when you get started with writing a dissertation. Rather, you must pay more attention to the information that you will be using in your work. This is because our dissertation experts see linear dissertation plans to be silly for most of the dissertations that perform well are written in a step-by-step manner. 

It is a general belief that every dissertation must be centered around a plan. Well, it should have a plan but not necessarily the one that dictates the linear progression of your dissertation. Creating a plan is essential for you to be on track, but it is not a roadmap that will guide you through your dissertation. In fact, it will be like setting limits for yourself, and a dissertation must not do that! 

“Can you help write my dissertation for me”? My Assignment Services is the perfect destination for getting your hands on each of your queries related to dissertation writing. In this blog, we will deal with a few of the Linear Dissertation examples to make it a little clearer for you. 

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Why Do Our Experts Not Advise About Linear Dissertation Plans? 

  1. In anyways, the dissertation won’t be like a story. Though it is possible for you to have a fixed narrative behind your dissertation, that would fall into place organically when all the sections of the dissertation will get into place. Thus, it is impossible to plan it like a story. 
  2. Also, there will a number of twists and turns in the work that will eventually take their course when you will learn more about the topic. So, you can plan about the ideas that you will be infused into your dissertation, and the evidence that you will refer to back up the arguments, however, you will not be able to knit them together to form a single coherent work. 

Unlearn the Habit of Establishing Connections Between the Different Dissertation Paragraphs

A majority of the students try to build their dissertation just like a story that proceeds ahead gracefully from one part to the next. However, it does no good to their work; rather, they end up writing overly wordy dissertations. 

Our dissertation help experts guide students through the entire process of dissertation writing that often has different points that have no connection with each other. While some of them might have a connection with each other, it is not something that happens every time. So, don’t worry if you’re not able to create a linear dissertation plan. Our dissertation help experts will assist you in this venture and eventually, you will realise how following a non-linear dissertation plan is what is the need of the hour for you right now. 

Linear Dissertation Examples: How To Plan? 

Over the years, our dissertation writers have done all that they could do to make the task of dissertation writing a bit simpler for students in the UK and all over the world. With the help of this linear dissertation example, you will get an idea of what one of our clients intended to write and how the plan looks to be. With this, you will come to know how a dissertation automatically takes its form. 

For instance, imagine you are writing a dissertation on Cryptocurrency. If you want to plan a linear dissertation, then it would be something like this. 

  • When and where did Cryptocurrency originate? 
  • The working of Cryptocurrency
  • Importance of Cryptocurrency in our economy
  • Pros and cons of Cryptocurrency
  • The future scope of Cryptocurrency

Just like any other student, even you might think this Linear Dissertation plan to be the best for you. However, when you will begin writing the dissertation, you will notice that this trajectory will not get followed. Rather, your dissertation will unfold in this way. 

  • The origin of Cryptocurrency
  • Need influences the development of Cryptocurrency
  • Which needs?
  • Coming up with Cryptocurrency was an accident
  • Whether or not it was secure
  • Did the accident secure the wealth of Africa?
  • The working of Cryptocurrency
  • Benefits of the work that Cryptocurrency does
  • Reasons which signal the security of Cryptocurrency

When you begin working on your dissertation, you will see how broad each of the pointers is. Naturally, there will be a lot of factors associated with them. This is how our dissertation help experts explain the difference between linear and non-linear dissertation plans to students. 

These are a few excerpts from one of the dissertations that we have covered a few weeks ago for one of our clients. 

Linear Dissertation Examples

We follow a non-linear approach for all the reference dissertation samples, wherein, we follow a fixed structure, however, often there are new ideas explained in each of the sections of our work. As you can see in the above image, our dissertation help experts have mentioned the main points here. 

Examples of Linear Dissertation

As you can see from the above image, we do not go for a linear dissertation plan. We take up different ideas, and arguments and explain them separately under different headings. However, this is not the complete solution. Get in touch with our dissertation help experts today to get an instant dissertation sample from our end. You can even reach out to us via live sessions 24*7 whenever you need our guidance on any of your doubts. 

“Who Will Do My Dissertation For Me”? 

Our hand-picked team of bonafide writers makes no mistakes in providing you with excellent reference solutions as per your requirements within the given deadlines. My Assignment Services is no less than a boon in the lives of students in the United Kingdom who face difficulties in coping up with their lengthy dissertations. 

We are all ears to your queries and promise to never let you go without getting the answers to your doubts. These are several other benefits that you will get from our dissertation help experts. To know more about our value-added services, get in touch with us. All you need to do is fill up the order form right away and we will get back to you at the earliest. 

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